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  • 12-30-2005, 03:43 PM
    Michael Shiffer

    Re: what DEGREE is best to install eccentric?

    I assume you mean the front LCA bushings. The eccentric bushing's effect on camber is very slight. It will increase caster when installed with the hole outboard. I have no experience with installing it any other way, and can't imagine what you'd improve by orienting it differently. (However, I'd be happy to hear from anybody who has tried the bushings in different positions.) If you want less camber, the easy way to do this is with camber correction plates (p/n 31 33 1 127 515). As far as the work involved in changing the bushings, you will need a press. The holders with the old bushings can be removed from the lower control arms without removing the arms from the car, but it can be a struggle involving lots of lubrication, an air chisel (deftly wielded to avoid gouging the LCA) and possibly a torch. Once the holders are off, the old bushings can be pressed out and the new ones installed. Be careful- BMW don't put too much chamfer on the hole so it is easy to damage the new bushings if you don't position them accurately before you apply pressure. Use lubricant to get them back on the LCAs, and don't mix them up or put them on backwards. Good luck!
  • 12-24-2005, 07:33 PM

    what DEGREE is best to install eccentric?

    i've heard that installing the eccentric CA bushing at a different degree can not only effect the caster, but also the camber.

    what is the most common installation degree for aggressive application?

    most stable at speed + best turn-in/cornering low and high speeds

    Personnal experiences?
  • 12-24-2005, 06:46 PM

    I'm changing Control Arm Bushings- advice?

    wondering if anyone here has changed their control arm bushings.

    my drivers side has developed a few cracks, it looks like an easy job, how would you all approach this? will i need to use a press or are there some other approached that would be better?

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