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  • 03-21-2006, 04:49 PM

    Re: 2001 M5 vs 2002 540

    One of the great things about these boards is that each person's car is worth a lot yet everyone else always pays too much for the car he or she purchases.

    I think the next time I look for a car I will let all the genuises on the board who are world class negoiators sell the car I want to sell and buy the car I want to buy!!
  • 03-21-2006, 04:39 PM

    Re: 2001 M5 vs 2002 540

    Dunno but I just sold my 2000 M5 a week back and still own a 2000 530d.

    M5: Perfect drive, ride, handling, sport or laid back, abit expensive for maintenance definitely or if teh unexpected happened.

    I've kept both your saying, actually exact ones maybe twice over.
    Best bet for you is to test drive, or boorrow someones M5, as you might need to keep one now, or you'll go hysteric (after feeling one). I wouldn't say they are ideal for a household, definitely not for a wife, unless your wife is a better driver than you! doubt?

    You could buy a 540 and then swap for a M5 for a weekend or so with someone trustworthy. Thataway it works out, 2in1-you win.

    After missing on a M5, and borrowing one for the weekend, you'll soon have no regrets about the 540 purchase, although this particular one: 30000miles=$ me that don't fit.

    But I'm kinda used to good buys the M5 I just sold for 20000= approx.$32000 is driven 70000miles now on a full BMW service history, and sport package, with around 8-9 optional extra's.
    I purchased it, well my fiancee did, form her aunt at you see- I wouldn't be seeing what you are.

    M5: fast, clean smooth ride, feels protective and safe- expensive
    540: loses out on abit of power speed and handling to M5, but still a grunt for most cars, and equally impressive in most other aspects, as well as upgrades tht can fit equally, and cheaper in maintenance.

    Both give similar outlook, but depreciation is magna in both. I would say less in the M5, but depends on whats coming new in the BMW line ups.
    But if your hearts glued to the M5, then find a cheaper one, and it'll level out the depreciation, as you would still be better off than you would be with the 540 (in depreciation).

    But alot of it can depend on where you live! and yeah the people.

    Adam T. Darore
    E36 93 318i (sold), new 93 318i, 98 328is, 98 M3 Evo, 2000 530d
    (and a half broken 95 320i)

  • 03-20-2006, 11:14 AM

    hard to say

    The e39 540 is not an inexpensive car to own, and the price on the one you're looking at seems a bit high to me. Price on the M5 also seems a tad high for that mileage, and I'd pass on any M5 that hadn't been very well maintained. Both cars will depreciate significantly over the next three years.

    You should goto and familiarize yourself with the type of issues you can expect to see with an M5 in 64k miles. Then see what's been addressed on this particular car, and what has not. For the 540, the e39 board here seems to be very good for maintenance issues.

    Both cars are fine daily drivers. But I'd cringe if my wife were driving either car with (or without) the kids -- the floor in the movie theater is cleaner. I thought the M5 with stock suspension was very comfortable.

    If you're drawn to the M5, you'll probably regret not getting it. I've owned both cars, and my '01 540 had the same Dinan mods. The motor in the M5 really transforms the car. You'll appreciate the difference every time you drive it. On the other hand, if you drive a lot of miles and/or want something more sedate to haul the family, the lower mileage CPO 540 might be the more practical option.
    '01 M5
  • 03-19-2006, 01:55 AM
    Thad Markham

    2001 M5 vs 2002 540 Dinan purchase. Need advice

    I need the boards help. I'm trying to decide between the above cars. The 540 6 speed has 30,000 mi with Dinan cold air, chip, exhaust still 6 months under fact warrenty I think I can get it for around $34000. The M5 has 64000 mi, not quite as good of shape as the 540 for $38,000. I love the idea of owning an m5 but it felt a little brutal to drive daily (wife would also drive the kids around in it) over the 540.

    Concerned about maintenance with the M5( coming off of a terrible experience with an 8 series), no spare etc but still drawn to it. Also concerned about depreciation. Not worried about the money as much as the depreciation as I like to change every few years.

    Any thoughts..

    Thanks for any advice.

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