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  • 08-24-2006, 10:01 PM

    Beauty, as they say, ...

    Grease Monkey
  • 08-24-2006, 06:45 PM

    So, Daimler wouldn't have been a good paring

    A Daimler won Best of Show
  • 08-23-2006, 09:53 AM

    Re: Let's try the PIC again

    Gorgeous car! The details are exquisite. I see a little Renault F1 in there, too. Grease Monkey
  • 08-23-2006, 12:53 AM

    Made it!

    So the Flying Star pic came through. California is addictive sports car country. The Z8 and ALFA are new additions. I brought a Z8 -- 1.9 supercharged with Schnitzer suspension -- on really tight roads it's quicker then the 8, and a 1954 MG TF - with center-mounted gauges and a three spoke banjo wheel - sound familiar?
  • 08-23-2006, 12:48 AM

    Let's try the PIC again

  • 08-22-2006, 06:06 PM

    Re: Should have been there last year if you like ALFAs

    I am not familiar with the "Flying Star" but am in love with the roundtail Spider Veloce. Unfortunately, your picture did not come through. Perhaps you will try again? I believe the Alfa I saw at Pebble was the 1967 Stradale 33/2 Stadale Scaglione Coupe with its gull-wing doors and slip-stream body. One of the most exciting designs I've ever seen. And get this folks, it is powered by a 2-liter V8 which revved to 8800 rpms and went 0-60 in 4.9 seconds in street trim. Remember, we're talking about 1967! Grease Monkey
  • 08-22-2006, 04:36 PM

    Should have been there last year if you like ALFAs

    I used to live in the car starved northeast. My friends can't believe the fist Lamborghini Miura I ever saw was last year.

    I am a committed Alfista, and last year Pebble was like getting into heaven without having to die (not to mention that I was less than 10 feet away from Stirling Moss driving <i>the</i> 300 SLR. I digress. The all-time, most beautiful ALFA is the 6C1750 Flying Star. The picture is from Pebble last year. I have a round tail Spider Veloce - it is in this month's Hemmings Sports and Exotics. I wanted the '69 instead of a '67 Duetto specifically because when ALFA enlarged the engine to 1779cc's they gave the models the 1750 designnation to pay homage to the 6C1750.

    If the Z8 you saw at Pebble was black/black crema, it probably was mine.
  • 08-22-2006, 03:36 PM

    Re: I got Fisker's Autograph

    Glad to hear you got to meet Henrik. He is such a gentleman and his enthusiasm is boundless. I also got to meet Z8Bob, Z8Mania, and GregJ. It was such a treat to shake hands with the people behind the postings and to share the Monterey experience in such delightful company. One of my fondest memories! I did see a Z8 cruise by on the road near Pebble Beach and it looked right at home among the spectacular scenery and automobiles. I have no doubt they will be sitting on the lawn some day.

    I must differ with you on the pairings of automobiles at the concours. Too much "swoop" is not enough for me so I really liked having so many differing examples to lovingly caress with my eyes. Daimlers might have provided an interesting contrast but do you really need a bag of chips to appreciate your strawberry parfait? No, give me all the curves and inlaid door handles and raked windshields and slanted grills and flying scarves my poor senses can handle and I'll still beg for more. I also loved the Duesies and Bugattis and there was an incredible Alfa and a lovely Ferrari Superamerica and, well, you get the idea. Perhaps it's living in Montana where all we have are pickups and SUVs, but I could have "danced all night"!Grease Monkey
  • 08-22-2006, 01:45 PM

    I got Fisker's Autograph

    Henrik Fisker was nice enough to autograph my Z8's owners manual. The new cars are beautiful, but I still prefer the more subtle styling and more sparse ornamentation of the Z8. As I was working for the Blackhawk, I got to park at the Peter Hay course, and drive Seventeen Mile Drive. This took me to the road just outside the Lodge. It is intreestng to see the response a Z8 still elicits. I saw at least four flashes go off as I drove past the crowd.

    The featured marques - Voisin and Delahaye provided an overabundance of extravagance. The organizers would have better paired each with a less flamboyant marque, say Voisin and Daimler.

    I go tto Retromobile after the judging and found the original R&Ts with tests of the ALFA Duetto and my 1750 Spider. I'm waiting for time travel, and I'm going back. How about a brand new 275 GTS for $14,500? "Market Place" in 1966 and 1969 was enough to bring tears toyour eyes. How about a 300SL Gullwing for $5,000 or a 250 GTO for $8,900 obo (just in case asking almost $9,000 was to cheeky?)
  • 08-22-2006, 11:05 AM
    Grease Monkey

    Monterey report

    Monterey was incredible! While driving from the airport to our hotel, I saw 6 Lamborghini Murcielagos chasing each other and followed a Bugatti Veyron (one of 5 I saw during the wekend) for many blocks. Upon arrival at the hotel, I walked the parking lot and saw Ferrari 360s, 430s, 375, 612, another Murcielago and a Gallardo, Aston DB9, Maybach, McLaren SLR, Ford GT, all manner of Porsches including the latest Turbo, Audi RS4, various Maseratis, about 20 of the new GP Mini Coopers, and a bevy of Henrik Fisker's newest creations, the Latigo and Tramonto. The Latigo had just been breathed on by Dinan and they are working on an engine upgrade for these cars which will stroke the M6's V-10 to 5.5 liter and produce at least 600 HP! Oh my!

    The next day we attended the Concorso Italiano where I saw more exotic machinery in one place than I thought existed in the whole world. Italian cars were featured and there were hundreds of Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Maseratis, DeTomasos, Alfas, Lancias, and Fiats of every kind imaginable, from vintage to brand new. They also had displays of marques from other countries including Aston Martin Vanquish, DB9, Vantage V8 (outstanding work by Henrik), Bugatti Veyron, new Rolls Royce, Spyker, Saleen, Lotus, and on and on. Absolute overload and I loved every minute!

    Saturday we attended the Historic Races at Laguna Seca where we saw some very famous vintage race cars playing tag on that beautiful road course. Even more fun was wandering the paddock area where you could get up close and personal with the cars and their owners. I saw my first McLaren F1 just parked in one of the pits. Amazing! Then Toyota brought out one of their current F1 race cars with Ricardo Zonta driving and proceeded to set the fastest lap ever run at Laguna. The sound of that car "wailing" around the track was remarkable. I think my favorite race featured sports racing cars from the '50s and '60s including Birdcage Maseratis and Ferraris TRs. Not only potent race machines but works of art to behold.

    On Sunday we attended the Concours at Pebble Beach where I saw some of the most beautiful cars I have ever laid eyes on. Cars entered there are by invitation only and they seek out the finest examples from around the world. The styling, the craftsmanship, the quality of the restorations, and the rarity of the cars, made for an incredible display of automotive history. They also had a display of prototypes and show cars which included the new SAAB Aero X which is built like a jet fighter plane, the Maybach Exelero Vision which looks like something Green Hornet would drive, a Bentley Continental GTC, the Spyker D12 Peking-To-Paris off road vehicle, a 101EX Rolls Royce, and the stunning one off Ferrari P4/5 built to order for a customer by Pininfarina and based on a brand new Enzo chassis. Mercedes also had a display which featured a row of 300SL Gullwings juxtaposed with a row of McLaren SLRs. Parked next to them were 3 Bugatti Veyrons! I'm still not sure I believe what I saw! The setting at Pebble Beach is simply gorgeous being right on the golf course in front of the lodge with the Pacific ocean as a backdrop. The theme this year was Coachbuilt cars and it was fascinating to see the variety of design available as a result of this once common practice. Ordering a chassis and drivetrain from one manufacturer and having a custom body made for it by a design house of your choosing really made sense after viewing these cars. My particular favorites were the Figoni and Falaschi Delahayes which were sublime to behold in all of their wind-sculpted magnificence. Dovetailing perfectly with this theme was the hillside display of Fisker Coachbuild cars which was a powerful magnet for the throngs of people entering the grounds. Watching Henrik and his partner Bernhard Koehler field questions from the enthusiastic crowds surrounding their coachbuilt creations made me think this may be the beginning of a revival of the practice within the automotive industry. You really must see these cars to appreciate what Henrik has achieved and don't miss the chance to attend the Monterey weekend if you get a chance. It's as close to heaven on earth as any car nut will ever get!

    Finally, when shopping for your Healey, always buy the best car you can afford. Getting a tired one with the intention of restoring it later is a prescription for regret. Good Luck!

  • 08-21-2006, 06:08 PM

    Re: GM - non Z8 question

    GM, thanks for the info. Any good Monterey stories? Any Z8's on the 18th green? :)
  • 08-21-2006, 04:47 PM
    Grease Monkey

    Re: GM - non Z8 question

    Sorry for the delay in responding but I was in Monterey attending the Pebble Beach weekend. While I have never owned a Big Healey, I am very familiar with the cars. If you want a great cruising sports car from that era, the 3000 MKIIIs are some of the best driving cars available. The 100-4s are much lighter on their feet but much more primitive. The engines in the 3000s are very strong and reliable and the Phase 2 MKIIIs featured all of the factory updates and are very well sorted. I have always admired the looks of these cars and have no qualms about recommending them. Go for it!
  • 08-18-2006, 03:09 PM

    GM - non Z8 question

    GM, I've always been enamored with the 1964-1967 Austin Healey 3000 mkIII's and am thinking about purchasing one. Have you ever owned / driven one and if so do you have an opinion? Thanks...

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