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  • 09-03-2006, 05:46 PM

    Re: Just Got 2005 645!!!!! Now haveMajor questio

    Never let other dealer manufactures not authorized to service BMW's touch your Bimmer, even if you bought it from them.

    Then again, this could be the very reason you are having an issue. Bring it to BMW and save us all another horry story.

    GMANEnjoy the drive...
  • 08-26-2006, 10:50 PM

    Re: Just Got 2005 645!!!!! Now haveMajor questions!!

    Well congrats and welcome.

    From top to bottom.

    #1) Have them check struts under the hood. Sometimes these work loose and manifest as noise from window/dash

    SI B 24 03 05
    Automatic Transmission June 2005
    Technical Service
    Harsh 2-1 Downshift
    E60 (545i); E63/64 645(Ci/Cic) with 6HP26 up to 04/05
    Customer may complain of the following:
    An excessively harsh 2-1 downshift when decelerating to a stop, or
    Transmission "bangs" into gear when accelerating from a full or a "rolling" stop (vehicle did not come to a complete stop).

    EGS software.

    On a customer complaint basis only, reprogram/recode complete vehicle using SSS with CIP on-line update 17.01, or higher.

    Transmission temperature must remain below 50 deg C and trans shifter must be placed in P position prior to the start of CIP programming.

    Covered under the terms of the BMW New Vehicle Limited Warranty.

    For the appropriate defect code and labor operation refer to the KSD system.

    #3)Only BMW dealer: You are no older than PROGMAN 9formerly CIP) 19.xx. We are now up to v22.xx with v23 due in September. V20 and higher give you MP3 capability on your single slot CD and Nav DVD slots. Most dealers only know Target Data Status which translates to the more common CIP or PROGMAN usage.

    June-06......CIP 22.00.00 (Target data Status E060-06-06-510).
    March-06.....CIP 21.01.00 (Target data Status E060-06-03-515).
    March-06.....CIP 21.00.00 (Target data Status E060-06-03-510).
    January-06...CIP 20.02.00 Online Update (Target data Status E060-05-12-510).
    January-06...CIP 20.01.00 (Target data Status E060-05-12-510).
    December-05..CIP 20.00.00 (Target data Status E060-05-12-500).
    November-05..CIP 19.02.03 (Target data Status E060-05-09-535).
    October-05...CIP 19.02.00 (Target data Status E060-05-09-530).
    September-05.CIP 19.01.00 (Target data Status E060-05-09-530).
    September-05.CIP 19.00 (Target data Status E060-05-09-510).

    As chaplehillchuck said, ONLY your BMW dealer is qualified or even capable of doing software upgrades an dI would not do harware anywhere else either.

    Fabic moulding falling down sounds like hot/humid area in the South.
    US '05 645 Coupe, Silver Grey, Chateau, Sport, Premuim Audio (Logic 7), HUD, Cold Wx Pkg, SIRIUS Sat Radio, Delivered w/CIP 15.2, Aux Input, using Cingular Motorola v551 (v557 as of 1/7/06) Bluetooth implementation w/ snap in adapter, V1 - not hardwired. Status Born on 1/25/05, baby delivered 2/25/05, broken in 3/25/05 Upgrade to CIP 16.2 on 3/15/05, upgrade to CIP 20.02 on 3/17/06 w/MP3 enabled - Great, great BMW!!
  • 08-26-2006, 09:25 AM

    Re: Just Got 2005 645!!!!! Now haveMajor questio

    Welcome to ownership of a find driving car. Regarding the software I would take it to a BMW dealership as the have the dignostics tools to tell you the software version and get you an update. They should also be able to check the other problems that you describe.
  • 08-26-2006, 07:43 AM

    Re: Just Got 2005 645!!!!! Now haveMajor questio

    One more thing... when putting my window up... 1/2 way up it suddenly went back down on it's own.

  • 08-26-2006, 07:33 AM

    Just Got 2005 645!!!!! Now haveMajor questions!!

    Hey guys i did it.. i got a black/black 2005 645 Production date 2004 / 10... the Caddy dealership that i got it from is going to replace some damaged panels (ripped lether from baby seats) and the fabric molding around the window is completely falling down (they say BMW warranty will fix that)....

    OK now 3 questions

    1. when i pull into a driveway/7-11 / most places with a slight slope.. there is a VERY noticable "rubbing/creek" noise coming from the windshield/dashboard area. Any ideas?

    2. On my first drive my transmission "Banged" pulling out of an ice cream place i had started the car.. put it in reverse just fine.. then drive then i coasted to the street... then when i slowly got on the gas... "BANG". What should i have them check for? This has happened once so far. but i've had it one day.

    3.How do I check software version? since i know the salesman and a very good his close friend is a GM at a BMW dealership near Philadelphia he is going to get the panels replaced and the car looked over. Can they upgrade the software?

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