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  • 10-16-2006, 12:57 PM

    2nd test - too rich now but NOx still too high

    So I had my 2nd test done after richening it up a click across the board on the MAF controller. Now both HC and CO too high, and NOx even worse than when CO and HC were in range. I am wondering if it really is the Cat now. It is a DEC I think about 6yrs old. I hate to get another buzzy DEC but iirc the OEM cats are about 3x as expensive? @#%$**!
  • 09-25-2006, 09:56 AM

    Re: Safeway in Bristol is good for state inspectio

    Hey SW-

    Shoot me an email at the address on my website and I'll reply - we oughta take all this RI banter off the M5 board ;-) !
  • 09-24-2006, 12:36 PM

    Re: Safeway in Bristol is good for state inspectio

    Send me an email if you need any RI info, or whatever. wrko at yahoo dot com. I also still maintain my RI phone number on cell, because I can't give that piece of me up. I don't know about Blue and White. I drove by, didn't like the looks or the area and stuck with MM. MM is also 5 minutes from Boringtown.

    Getty on county road is evil. My then GF took her subaru there and they did the whole unauthorized work deal. I am not sure about 2nd inspections, but call safeway for info. I am sure you are realizing that as nice as Barrington is (Bristol is cool too), but there are something’s in RI that, um, well--don't function like they should. Those things usually involve state licenses and so on. There are also some rock heads in RI, but I turn a blind eye to them, because they are my people.

    Where in Barrington are you? What is your new business? Since I grew up in Barrington, and Barrington is Barrington-- I am now a huge fan of Bristol (school systems excepted and I would still raise a family is Barrington).

    Roberto’s in Bristol is good for Italian food.
    My favorite pizza is Barrington House, where George still says, "hey buddy, how is school going..."
    If in Providence, check out Geoff’s sandwich shop. The one near RISD retains more of the real feel.
    If you like PHO there is a really good whole in the wall one...but I can't remember the name of the street.
    Salvation Cafe in Newport is cool. The views from Fort Adams are pure New England summer when you hit it right.
    An Italian grinder from D'angleo's with o/v letuce, tomatoes and hot sauce...yeah. Not the greatest, but still the best.

    I love RI and my friends started to call me the unofficial ambassador of it. It is a place that won't come to you necessarily (in good New Englander fashion), but if you dig just a little bit, it is full of gold.

    There is another M5 in Wakefield that is done up. South County in the fall is a great place to bum around. My favorite bike shop is Stedman’s in Wakefield, where my good friend Jim works. He has set up all my bicycles.

    Colt State park in Bristol is a nice place to ride to, and Coggeshall Farm is neat for kids.

    Well-- I guess I could go on, but now I am pretty homesick.

    Must go re-check the valve lash on the M5.
  • 09-24-2006, 07:58 AM

    Re: Safeway in Bristol is good for state inspectio

    Thanks for the metric motors rec. Some VW guys stopped me in the Lowes parking lot last night ("is that a real M5") and they also recommended MM. I was wondering about blue and white motors up in N. Attleboro Mass - kindof far but...

    I did the smog at the Getty station right there in town. Wasn't impressed - supposed to do it right away and it sat there for 90 mins - said their computer was down - i think delay was caused by them trying to weld the exhaust on a pos pickup. They were sure anxious to slap a new cat on the car tho. Question is, do I have to bring it back there for the 2nd free test?

    I've only been here 5 weeks, so you didn't see me a year ago. I saw a guy in a very nice 535is (dk. blue) on County Road a couple weeks ago - gave each other the thumbs up.

    Let me know when you're back in town. I moved here to start my own business so who knows how long I'll last!
  • 09-23-2006, 12:34 PM

    Safeway in Bristol is good for state inspection

    I have had really good luck at Safeway. I never had them do any BMW work, but they have maintained my brothers fleet (he is less picky than I). Joe can be a bit surely, but Celest is the best. They are a great, no non sense place for stuff that you need to do in RI (inspection)-- Everything else go to Metric Motors in Mass. They also maintained my then GF, now wife's - subaru. No BS in dealing with women either. I did have them do some emergency work on my 86 16v VW and I am forever in debt to them for the great customer service they demonstrated.

    I am pretty excited to see another M5 owner in RI, especially one with such a nice site! I have used your info as a ref on more than one occasion. I hope to be back in Barrington soon and really want to relocate back to RI, if I could only find a job that paid anything at all...
  • 09-23-2006, 10:09 AM

    I am from Barrington!

    I must have seen you in your M5 a year or so on county road. I live in DC, but did my growing up in Barrington and still have a place in Bristol (where my S14 2002 conversion waits for the M5 to settle down). I try to get back there as much as possible.
    The only place to have your M5 looked at is by Tom at Metric Motors in Seekonk, Ma. He is a little hard to find, but worth it. To quote someone else--

    I HIGHLY recommend Metric Motors in Seekonk, Mass on Route 6 next to the Seekonk Speedway. The owner's name is Tom Mayo and he knows European cars very well. I would not take my 2001 740i to anyone else in the area. He is very professional and fair on price. He diagnoses and explains very clearly what needs to be done to keep my car operating at peak performance. Good luck and happy motoring.

    I can add to this, that he took care of my buds dads mid 70s TR-4a. He did minimal work on my M5, as it ran very well while I was in RI. It only started the troubles here in DC.
  • 09-22-2006, 10:16 AM

    Yeah, you overdid it. Nox means too lean... :-)

    Scottie Sharpe
    Provider of Mass Air Flow Conversion Kits for BMWs

    88 Dinan-badged M5, M88 motor with mass air flow conversion, Laptop Dynamic Tuning, 02 Sensor feedback, Dinan Stage 4 suspention, Dinan 17x9.5 3pc wheels, 255/40 Conti Sport X 4, e34 rear brakes, B&B Stainless steel Exhaust, F&R LaDue stainless steel strut bars.
    91 318iC
    68 2002 Ireland coil overs, e12 brakes, Mikuni 40s, Stahl, Hoosiers
    67 1600 Stock - "Cutie"
    Do you ??

  • 09-22-2006, 09:53 AM

    Re: Here is an article that should help you out

    Thanks- Confirms that I should richen the mixture before I try anything else. Goons at the gas station that did the test said "that's not due to lean running, you need new cat - we'll do some tests for you". Yeah right.
  • 09-21-2006, 05:29 PM

    Here is an article that should help you out

    emission analysis

    page 5 covers excessive NOx reading.

    Good luck.


    BMWCCA National Capital Chapter
    '88 M5 black/tan 5-spd 145k
    '91 325i white/black 5-spd 224k
    '91 318is red/black 5-spd 148k
    '95 525i gray/tan auto/vanos 130k
  • 09-21-2006, 12:28 PM

    NOx too high, rest fine w/ MAF kit

    Hello - I've been off the list for a while since I just moved from KY to RI. M5 still running great, approaching 120k. Problem is it just flunked emissions, NOx too high. KY didn't require inspection.

    Readings were (GPM = gram per minute I think) HC 1.14 vs 2.25 limit, CO 12.99 vs 23.74 limit, NOx 4.61 vs 3.25 limit (FAIL), CO2 495.09 (no limit listed?).

    Engine is stock except it has a SS MAF. I actually leaned it out a notch across the range before the test, maybe I overdid it even tho A/F meter shows that car is in closed loop and dithering across the range. They give you a speed vs emission plot for all three. Looks like they accelerate the car from 0-30mph and back down over a 30 sec period, and I see that the NOx spikes during the accel at about 8secs.

    So it seems like I ought to richen it back up a click and try again - the CO and HC were well below limits. I have no idea if they warmed it up before the test - it sat there for more than an hour before they got to it, so I highly doubt the cat was very hot. CAT is a DEC, about 6 yrs old.

    Anyone have any addiional ideas? I am going to be pissed if it fails the 2nd free test, and I don't have a mechanic around here I can trust.

    BTW, anyone know a good mech in the Barrington (East Provicence) area?

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