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  • 12-23-2006, 03:46 PM

    Re: BMW doesn't give a damn about US racing.....

    I agree with Hallen. BMW does care, but I think they're all ate-up with the Formula-1 operation. Still, they must stay in at least ALMS series and fight for the championship. It's not good for the BMW idea to get watered down to just luxury and image. Their product performance is what got them to the top, their engines are ceaslessly recognized as the among the best in the world but the US market buys on a presige image? Enthusiasts support BMW for all the right reasons - engineering excellence, front-line performance, solid build quality... and one more thing: ORIGINALITY. BMW takes the chance and originates the engineering that provides the performance. They have also stepped way out on a limb and originated the current styling that cuts a different path. I won't go into subjective observation on that, I'm just stating that BMW originates, with their ~90 year lineage, the engineering, styling and other aspects that we all see others - most notably Nissan ( what is a M45?!) - copy to jump into the market screaming "Me Too!". When you're buying a highly engineered top-line product like a performance-luxury car, BMW has ALL the aspects for excellence, not just some of them.

    I think I need to go for a drive in my E30 now : )
  • 12-18-2006, 05:26 PM

    Re: BMW doesn't give a damn about US racing.....

    lol, No, I don't suppose we will see Panoz tuner shops popping up all over the place.

    I agree with what you said. My views can be a bit polorized sometimes.

    However, I do think that if BMW were as committed as Porsche is to motorsports, they would be much better received by the sanctioning bodies. Just because BMW decides not to race, does not mean that a particular series is just going to shut down and eagerly await BMW's return. You can only do this sort of thing a few times before everybody expects you to just bail at any point in time. You just won't get the respect and therefore, things won't go as well for you.
  • 12-15-2006, 07:34 PM
    PTG Sport

    Re: BMW doesn't give a damn about US racing.....

    I agree mostly. The value of racing as a marketing avenue is intangible in many respects. BMW has always believed in the importance of passion and feeling in both their products and in those they target to purchase their products...otherwise there's no way a $35k sedan should be able to compete with a $22k Japanese sedan with similar performance and arguably better reliability. There's feeling involved and part of that feeling is the notion that BMW drivers know that A) Their car has been engineered with performance at heart and B) that their car carries a certain level of status recognition and luxury/quality. In BMW's case the first allowed the latter and Honda has still not succeeded in replicating that feeling although they inch ever closer.

    High profile racing ups the level of consideration in people for the brand and contributes to the ability to command a premium price. ITs not a case where its "bad" if a mfg doesn't race, it can just be better if they do and do so successfully.

    There's probably not a big market for Panoz aftermarket huh?
  • 12-14-2006, 02:08 PM

    Re: BMW doesn't give a damn about US racing.....

    I wouldn't agree completely with that. I think that they do care, but they don't have unlimited resources. They put in what they think is reasonable. They do (did) support PTG for... what?... 15 years. They support Turner Motorsports and I am sure they support a few other efforts too. Just because we don't see a Works team here does not mean that they don't care.

    I agree that it would be nice if we could see more effort here in the US, but lets face it, the US market is mostly high-end, status/comfort level customers, not enthusiasts. While racing can have an impact on those customers, it has its biggest impact on the enthusiast. For example, Roundel magazine frequently gets complaints that they cover too much BMW related racing stuff. I think this partially shows how a lot of BMW owners think. They only want to know about the newest cars and what kind of cool things it will have. Sure, they want power, but mostly for the status that comes with it.

    I am not happy with BMW for completely bailing out of the US market until the new M3 hits. I think it was a dumb decision. They should have a strong presence in ALMS with at least a P2 prototype and gaggles of GT2 cars and maybe even a GT1 6 series racer. They should be in SWC as well. I don't care that they constantly get hamstrung by the SCCA's unfavorable (and seemingly biased) rules. They should still be there in Touring and GT. Anybody who watches the sport know that the rules make the cars "equal". We still love to watch a 325 Sedan race, even if it has been weighed down with unnecessary penalties.

    GAC is another place where they should provide some support. Not all the race cars out there have to be M cars.

    So, I do think they care, they just don't open the purse strings quite as much as they should. And I think the decision to bail this year is really stupid. Not just because of the lack of exposure, but because none of the sanctioning bodies will take them seriously if they just come and go at random intervals. It hurts their ability to negotiate for a favorable environment like Audi and GM can in ALMS.

    And BTW, this board is slow because it is slow. If more people started reading and posting here, you would see more action. There are a ton of other racing related message boards that people use quite heavily. But, going back to what I said earlier, most BMW owners are here for the status, not for the love of racing the marque.

  • 11-06-2006, 04:12 AM

    Link to news/rumors of GT1 and GT2
  • 10-31-2006, 07:06 PM

    BMW doesn't give a damn about US racing.....

    and can't you tell that this board is nearly dead too. Go to Europe, South Africa, Australia etc and see how much money BMW spends on racing. I guess they figure that they already sell all the cars they can make to the US so why advertise. The Z cars are just niche cars and platforms for future designs so racing them seriously won't happen. Thanks to the grass roots guys who spend their own money or you wouldn't see very many BMW race cars at all in the US. The desire to go racing is alive but the powers that be say, hell no.
  • 10-24-2006, 08:10 PM

    can't imagine PTG running Lexus' (i). Shame.

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  • 10-23-2006, 07:59 PM

    Re: PTG racing a non-BMW in 2007 ALMS

    He didn't specify what they would have, but he did indicate that they would be back.

    The rumor floating around is that it will be the two Lexus race cars put together earlier this year in a deal that fell appart right near the end. This is a bit hard to beleive as there is still lots of problems with who actually owns those cars.

    I know that they are a going concern and they need to stay in racing, but to see Team PTG running anything other than BMW is sad.
    I don't understand the BMW "sports car" pull out at all. They have other cars that could use some factory backing, like the new 330i Twin Turbo Coupe. Hook up a couple of good teams like Turner Motorsports with that car in SWC and Grand Am Cup. But, I guess BMW only wants to back the M cars for racing.
  • 10-23-2006, 03:46 AM

    PTG racing a non-BMW in 2007 ALMS

    Was it not Tom Milner of PTG saying at the Laguna Seca race on Speed TV that they will be/might be back in 2007 ALMS, but with a non-BMW?

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