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  • 03-06-2007, 05:12 PM

    Re: Goddam spoke to soon...............

    Uno I almost mentioned two issues to follow up on CIP upgrades (well at least recent ones anyway) MP3 and the parking lamps. Seems like several folks have had loss of either or both in some recent CIP updates. The MP3 could be due to not re-coding after upgrade - process issue with techs.

    In any case see if you can get them to give you a copy of either the Measures Plan or Final Report, either of which would give you the software "Target data Status". We can then convert to CIP jargon.

    I just went through a episode of less than stellar performance in the service arena with my dealer. Took written complaint of driver and passenger door sills not being completely lit. Repair Order clearly states door "sills" - plural. But when parts came in and I travelled 90 miles for service - only got driver side replaced. Huh was the comment "both sides?" So after stewing about this for a few days I wrote a very calm, composed, factual letter to the Service Manager detailing the process and how I would be unable to give them "5"s on the service survey. Got a call a few days later wondering if they came to my home and made the proper repairs if that would get then earn them the high makes they so desire. I told them that yes I would favorably consider that in my evaluation. Supposed to happen Thursday - we shall see how this goes. I will have my dogs poised to eat said serviceman should he fail to satisfactorly make repairs;o)
    US '05 645 Coupe, Silver Grey, Chateau, Sport, Logic 7, HUD, Cold Pkg, SIRIUS Sat Radio, Aux, BT w/ snap-in adapter, V1, CIP 21.03 w/MP3 enabled
  • 03-06-2007, 08:06 AM

    Goddam spoke to soon...............

    ........... things went pear shaped last night??

    The tracker security system went beserk last night as it's standby battery was dying - supposed to last 48 hours in the event of theft disconnection. Got phone calls saying my car was being "stolen" even while I was staring at it in the garage, always amusing. Turns out our friendly BMW engineer thought this was the source of the power drain during testing and disconnected it, but then forgot to reconnect it, never mind. Took it back and got it sorted this morning.

    On the way home I thought I would listen to some music - It was then I discovered the car has lost its ability to play MP3 discs in either the the CD slot or the DVD slot? It was fine last week.

    Car is booked back in this Saturday as they would like to have a little look at the software history that was uploaded to make it work in the first place. I could spit some days.

    COBRADAV - No idea what the CIP number was they uploaded but I guess I will be getting abit more on Saturday - The car gets more software than my laptop, they will be fitting a firewall next. Onwards and forwards as they say.

    TAHEEMR - How are you my friend? The beautiful 19" mirrored alloys (mine now, not yours :-) complete with good tyres are still sitting on the shelf in my garage. All valeted up and in 'bling' condition but with all the house building activities (moved in a few months ago) and running a rapidly growing 'succesful' business, I have just not had a minute to fit them. That is going to be my spring job if I ever finish the house automation stuff. Trust you are well. Speak soon.

    I still love my car (vain) but I don't always love BMW's services??

    Bye for now.................

    English spec Titanium Silver Coupe, Auto Gears, Dynamic Drive (Sports Pack in USA?), Adaptive Steering, Adaptive Headlights, Sat Nav Professional, Comms Pack With Business Phone, Lights Package, Folding Mirrors, 120 Style Alloys, Tints, Service Inclusive 5 Years/60,000 Miles.
  • 03-06-2007, 06:27 AM

    Re: Final update.....................

    Hello there,

    I thought that you would have got shot of it by now. Also why did you buy new tyres - whats wrong with my wheels oops ex wheels !!.

    Also had my 6, MOT`d and serviced over the year end holidays no issues to report other than screen washers packed up, Rydale suggested that I am using the wrong type of washer fluid and kindly presented me with a bill for 80quid to clean and refill the washer bottle.
  • 03-05-2007, 07:37 PM

    Re: Final update.....................

    Or the anti-theft tilt angle sensor if not the same as the driving sensors you mentioned. Good report. Did u happen to come away with the Target Data Status info on the CIP upgrade? My guess is it will translate to CIP 24.02.xx.

    Getting ready for the Sharkfest meet in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina in April. Will also drive our famous Tail of the Dragon (318 curves in 11 miles) to kinda "test" car and driver. Almost had one of your "blokes" over to join me last year but his wife beat on him so much he had to skip the fun. If you ever consider holidays in the colonies let us know and we might find some fun drives for you. I also enjoyed a beautiful 8-series meet weekend before last. 30 + 8 series my new 6er and one e24 shark. Fantastic event.

    Hate to say what our Central Florida weather is like - the top is nearly stuck in the down position on my wifes Audi cabrio;o)

    US '05 645 Coupe, Silver Grey, Chateau, Sport, Logic 7, HUD, Cold Pkg, SIRIUS Sat Radio, Aux, BT w/ snap-in adapter, V1, CIP 21.03 w/MP3 enabled
  • 03-05-2007, 05:58 PM

    Final update.....................

    ......... having got the car back today, a final update for those who might be interested?

    The car has been in the workshop for 4 days!!

    New brake pads under warranty to cure the squealing brakes at low speed - and that seems to work just fine.

    3 year service at just 24,900 miles plus a 3 year statutory government inspection. No problems.

    Air conditioning service and clean?? In winter, mmmmmmmmmmm??

    Two new front tyres as they decided that mine were very low (to be honest I have not looked in a while) so that cost me for two new Bridgestone RE050As (no time to consider changing them out altogether). So that smarts the bill a bit.

    And now for the big one. The battery going flat every two or three weeks depending on driving breaks between starts which was confirmed as the car not going to 'sleep' with the key removed from the ignition. After extensive testing (two days) it was found to be the body 'sensor' module (their words not mine) was staying awake at all times. I can only assume that this has something to do with the body yaw and pitch angle detector for the active suspension? But that's my guess.

    Anyway, several parts arrived from Germany over the weekend and they were fitted and a full CIP software upload (for some reason, perhaps because of the new yaw sensor)?

    The car runs well (really well) and the in-car screen works much faster, the characters are larger in the lower text lines and much clearer, and there are new menu items I have never seen before. Lots of new things to play with :-)

    What is amazing and very noticeable are the gear changes. I have had this car from new (almost 3 years) and this new software has made them smooooooth, I mean really smooth. Even high powered changes with the foot hard down in a Steptronic gearbox is almost seamless. Low power/speed gear changes are undetectable. It was never bad for a big V8 but this is quite a difference. Lord only knows what magic lies within the last upload.

    Anyway. Shes back home garaged and waiting for sunnier weather as that is the best way to enjoy this car. And living in Engalnd that may be some wait :-)

    I hope this was of some use or interest to someone. I trust the group is well.

    English spec Titanium Silver Coupe, Auto Gears, Dynamic Drive (Sports Pack in USA?), Adaptive Steering, Adaptive Headlights, Sat Nav Professional, Comms Pack With Business Phone, Lights Package, Folding Mirrors, 120 Style Alloys, Tints, Service Inclusive 5 Years/60,000 Miles.
  • 02-14-2007, 11:41 PM

    Hello Kilovolt

    Yes, it has been rather quiet around here for awhile. I stop and check by everyday, but also keep tabs on e31 board as I am shopping for an 8 series to help take some of the load off my 6er. Approaching 40k on my 2 year anniversary. Been too good to drive anything else so I need another bimmer to perhaps entice me to drive something else.

    Sounds like dealer should Perform Energy Diagnosis from SIB 611305. Also be sure no adapters are plugged in to a 12v socket as it can, in some cases, confuse the Micro Power Module (MPM) and not allow the car to enter sleep mode. I do not think you need to upgrade PROGMAN (CIP) but you might get one as a result of what the dealer finds. There is supposed to be a considerable upgrade in March - CIP 25.xx - that is supposed to fix a host of long standing issues. If you could wait that long that might be worth it. otherwise your car sounds pretty stable. Good to see you and car doing well, well I'll just assume you are doing well in absence of word otherwise;o)
  • 02-14-2007, 11:02 PM

    Re: Slightly poorly UK Specification 645 .........

    also check out w w w . b i m m e r f e s t . c o m cobra is also on there and it's MUCH more active these days.
  • 02-14-2007, 10:02 AM

    Slightly poorly UK Specification 645 .............

    Hello Guys and Gals,

    the old girl is feeling a bit poorly. I left the keys in the ignition whilst parked on the driveway a few months ago and that flattened the battery (seem to recall there is an issue with systems staying alive and active with the key in position 1), but anyway a recharge got it sorted.

    Since then the swine has done it twice more and this time with now keys inserted so I think the battery has given up the ghost? Or something is staying active on its own radio or the likes.

    The software was last updated 8 months ago and that took 22 hours so it is not far away from up-to-date. And I have a December 2003 build date and I readily play MP3s in the DVD drive I have seen a lot of comments that some cannot but as mine is one of the first ever production cars, you would have to believe that they all will with the right attention from BMW.

    I dont think any of this warrants a software update unless Cobradav can give me a good enough excuse to get them to do it within the existing warranty?

    She had a new windscreen (wind shield??) last week having chipped it big time on the way home from a 250 mile Sunday blast in the winter sunshine.

    Shes booked in for third annual service on 1st March including a statutory 3 year Government inspection (known as an MOT in the UK).

    At the same time the vehicle inspection reminder is showing on the Service screen. I cant work out if that is the UK MOT inspection or something BMWish the car also needs.

    The brake squeal is back as the wear sensors have come up proud of the brake material surface again. They have said they will look at the battery at the same time.

    Mileage 22,500 which is low for 3 years. Still got 2 years free servicing to go but I will renew the warranty with BMW UK at the end of March which will cost a whopping 800 sterling ($1,500 dollars??) but I dont fancy nursing a big repair bill without it.

    Enough waffle, I thought I would share a few thoughts with you as the boards have been quiet recently. I trust all are well.
    English spec Titanium Silver Coupe, Auto Gears, Dynamic Drive (Sports Pack in USA?), Adaptive Steering, Adaptive Headlights, Sat Nav Professional, Comms Pack With Business Phone, Lights Package, Folding Mirrors, 120 Style Alloys, Tints, Service Inclusive 5 Years/60,000 Miles.

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