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  • 08-14-2007, 01:10 PM

    Hope you don't leave us, stan!

    Congrats on the e60 M5, but here's to hoping you stick around to help us DIYers as we do pile onto these boards!

    I know I've been neglecting the regular e39 board since I jumped up from a 528i and started browsing here.

    Any estimate for diy man-hours on the clutch changeout?
  • 07-18-2007, 08:19 PM

    Err..........394hp (not 400hp) (14 hp-wow!) and

    the V12-CSi has much more torque than the V8.....The CSi ("stock") clutch will perform well and you will not have the same issues as with the M5 clutch...(I know, I own/drive both of these cars)

    03 M5 CB/Carmel CF93687
    94 850 CSi Hellrot/Blk-Lotus White RCD0149
    06 750i TitanGray/Beige
  • 06-15-2007, 01:15 PM

    Errrr........wrong, the CSi clutch DOES NOT fit on

    the M5 flywheel. It is over 1.5" bigger. To fit this you must change the flywheel also for a single mass aluminum purpose built item.
    Also, bear in mind the CSi "only" had 380bhp whereas the M5 has 400bhp so no upgrade there unless you use a performance CSi clutch.
    For the road use a stage 2 or 2 plus for agressive drivers, a stage 1 if you just want an improvement over stock.
  • 06-15-2007, 09:46 AM

    These are excellent...............

    Have got a stage 3 paddle in mine and I can recommend them thoroughly.
  • 05-30-2007, 11:21 AM

    Re: After market clutch

    I do not have the part numbers for the V10 pressure plate and clutch plate that is used by UUC. If I was going to guess, I think they are the ones that are stock to the 850. The throw out bearing and the slave cylinder are the same as the M5's. The trick is to find someone to provide the special flywheel to mate up the V10 parts to the V8 crank. There are a couple of companys that sell this conversion with UUC being one of them.

    If you were going to just replace, on a DIY basis, the stock M5 clutch plate and pressure plate, and resurface the flywheel, I don't think you would have more than $500 in parts.

    Most people believe the E39 M5 was originally designed to receive the V10 Clutch. At the last minute BMW changed from the 11 inch clutch to the present 9 inch clutch to protect the down stream components. They new that the 9 inch clutch would not overload any parts, because it was the weak link in the drive train. This is why the clutch was not covered under their warranty. If you really hammer a new stock clutch off the line a lot, you can go thru it in 5000 miles.

    The problem you have is there are not enough DIY's owning the E39 yet. As this list starts to grow, there will be plenty of people out their to give you advise on almost every repair. I owned an 840 several years ago and on that board you could get help on almost every thing. When the car get in the 10 year old range the demographics of the owners will change dramatically.

    As for me, I just traded my 2000 M5 for a 2006 M5, so I know I will not get much help on that board for eight years.
  • 05-29-2007, 04:36 PM

    Re: After market clutch

    Really appreciate your reply.

    Would you have a list of part #'s that I can pass to my mechanic that I am considering for the job? What was the cost fro parts and is it less expensive than the $US 1500 that the BMW service.

  • 05-29-2007, 08:53 AM

    Re: After market clutch

    I put a UUC clutch in my 2000 M5 last year. They have a special flywheel made for them that bolts up to the M5 V8 crank. With this flywheel they use a V10 BMW pressure plate, clutch place, throw out bearing and slave cylinder.

    I am a DIY, so I put the parts in myself. It is not tricky but there is a lot of parts to remove and re-install to do the job. My first problem was the BMW pressure plate they sent me was defective. I burnt up the clutch plate and friction surface on the flywheel in 10 miles, because the stack up was wrong and I was driving with the clutch partially disengaged. When I dis-assembled the clutch and measure the stack up, they did not have any measurements themselves to determine what was wrong. They then sent me new components with a special pressure plate that was suppose to solve the problem of having the clutch partial dis-engaged. I installed that and then learned that now I could not release the clutch. They then recommend that I buy a new slave cylinder from a E46 ($100). Which I did and having installed it I could just get the clutch released, but I needed to be a superman to hold the pedal down. I then disassembled the car again and measured and drew up a set for drawing of the whole system and sent it to them. Having reviewed them, they thought maybe the orginal pressure plate was bad so they sent me a new V10 pressure plate that I installed and everything worked well except for the V10 slave cylinder which did not have a long enough stroke and since I no longer had my original V8 slave cylinder I went out and bought a new one. ($100)

    Everything works well!!
  • 05-29-2007, 02:50 AM

    Re: After market clutch

    The UUC "Heavy Duty"upgrade is a BMW 850csi clutch & should be good.
  • 05-27-2007, 10:45 PM

    After market clutch

    I am experencing slipage so I am considering a new clutch. Does anyone have experience using other than the OEM parts and service from BMW? I use my vehicle for mostly standard road use and occasional track days (3 times per year).

    I would appreciate your advice.


    John 02' M5

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