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  • 10-01-2007, 04:21 PM

    Re: Got the 6...a few questions please

    Also forgot to mention that you can change map format in the right screen by pressing down on the knob while in the screen. You can then adjust the map the same way as on the left side (distance, arrow display, etc)
  • 10-01-2007, 04:19 PM

    Re: Got the 6...a few questions please

    Enjoy your new wheels!! You just hold down the i-drive knob when looking at the map on the left side. Quickly "flick" it to the right to move the map to show on BOTH left and right screens. You can then hit menu to go back to your original screen on the left (entertainment, climate, communications, etc). Remember you have to click back from the right screen to resume control of the left screen. Enjoy!!
  • 10-01-2007, 12:10 PM

    Re: Got the 6...a few questions please

    Thanks...very helpful - - I was able to find the POI data. Next question. I've noticed that (randomally) the map will appear on both sides of the idrive screen (rather than, for example, having entertainment on the left and the small map on the right). Is there a menu setting to change the content for the left and right side of the screen.

  • 09-30-2007, 09:26 AM

    Re: Got the 6...a few questions please

    Congratulations and welcome to the 6er club.

    I don't use POI data often so not well versed in this. Yes it is from the Nav DVD. That is probably the major item that does get updated in NAV DVD updates by NavTeq.

    On left side of map display are a series of icons. Short motion of puck to right to get onto that section and select the "i". Of course with a slash (/) thru the "i" means te icons are off. That will toggle icons on or off. You can select categories you want displayed and with PROGMAN versions newer than 24.xx you can do search ny name.

    You can try bumper plugs from Some do not like the little protrusion and still prefer to do the body shop thing to really do a true hole fill.
    US '05 645 Coupe|Silver Grey|Chateau|Sport|Logic 7|HUD|Cold Pkg|SAT|AUX|BT w/ snap-in adapter|MP3|V1|CIP 25.02
  • 09-30-2007, 01:38 AM

    Got the 6...a few questions please

    I bought an '06 6 series convertible this weekend. Silver gray, sport, cold weather, and sound (as well as a few extras). Love the car..under 8k miles!

    A few questions. I've surfed around the nav system but cannot locate POI data - restaurants, gas stations, etc. Is this info included in the nav data set?

    Second question is about the front license plate bracket. I removed it but now there are two small holes in the bumper. Does anyone have any experience with a body shop filling these holes? Is it worth it or are there any other suggestions? I think the car looks much better without the bracket and I want to remove it.

    Thanks in advance.

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