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  • 10-11-2007, 04:25 PM

    Re: Trunk and Radio Question

    #1) Truck control acting normal. Forewarned of this I have only screwed up once setting off alarm. It is a little tricky, I admit. My operation is to press down, count one slowly and release. Do not try to WAIT for a reaction from the trunk lid, just assume it will pop open ( and mine has 99% of the time- only too short a press rarely.)

    #2) No ipod here so cannot help.

    #3) RDY or RDS? The RDS is Radio Data System which is designed to do what you described. Not familiar with the term RDY. In any case, RDS was lost to us in PROGMAN upgrade v12.xx (if you had a car that predated PROGMAN v12 and did not upgrade you were ok). It then was restored in v19 as set to on in the software. It is selectable in iDrive and can be key dependant (you may have selected it on on one key and then used a different key which may have had RDS set to off.)
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  • 10-11-2007, 12:49 PM

    Trunk and Radio Question

    I am a recent owner of a 2005 6 series. I have two (more) newbie questions.

    First, in all other previous bimmers I've owned, I would simply touch the trunk unlock button on the key one time and the truck would open. With the 645 it seems that you have to hold down the trunk button for a second or two to get it to release. However, the challenge is that holding it down a bit too long causes the alarm to go off. I've done this a few times at 5:30 AM when putting things in my trunk to workout. Wife/neighbors aren't happy. Is this key behavior normal or is there another way to code it? Can it be changed to work like previous bimmers?

    Second question. I had the iPod integration kit installed yesterday...overall, I love it! Two questions. First, is there a way to change the name of the "root" so that it displays something else when the iPod is connected? Not a big deal but seems odd to me to display the word "root".

    Second question: When I got the car back from the dealer, it seems that I now have any "RDY" option for FM stations meaning that I get additional broadcast information. I don't recall seeing this previously...perhaps it was a software upgrade with the iPod.

    Thanks in advance.

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