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  • 02-20-2008, 12:15 AM

    ED July 1st 1er - white, 6sp, Xenon, ipod, sport

    got a date of July 1st, 2008 to pickup the 128 from the factory in Munich. This is going to be the third time that i will do BMW ED. I expect the car to be back at VPC around B beginning of October... I ordered white, sport, xenon, ipod, speed and that's it. Plus as a BMWCCA member i am hoping for a nice check back for $500?

  • 02-13-2008, 12:12 PM
    Tom K.

    When did NAV become part of the premium pkg?

  • 02-13-2008, 02:44 AM

    didn't mean to be picky : )

    but I was getting confused reading 335i and 1335i.

    I was surprised at how little dealers make on any new BMW's. I think the salesman told me 6-7 percent. From what I have seen on stickers and invoices, I believe him. I recently ordered my. It's going to be 44k. With tax and license, This little car is going to cost me over 48k. I haven't asked how much off the sticker I will be getting it for. As long as I don't have to pay over sticker I will be happy. What's a thousand dollar off of an almost fifty thousand dollar car.
  • 02-12-2008, 08:57 PM

    skip the premium pkg. unless you need Nav and

    blue tooth....and the standard I-pod input jack is STANDARD and they
    are trying to sell an intergrated I-pod connection to read the input through the radio face....jeez....the i-pod screen is big enough unless a guy is half blind.
    ---otherwise...order it....I am getting a 6spd. stripper with leather
    and that's it. It will stay in the garage with my wife's 335 coupe and Z3 except for weekends. She just likes BMW's and thinks that
    a recession is when she can't buy a new BMW every year!!
  • 02-10-2008, 10:02 PM

    Re: Hold off until the smoke has cleared because

    To second that notion, I was told by the local indifferent dealer that there wouldn't be any off-allocation 1 series for Eurodelivery. Same deal for the 335d. Furthermore, he claims they've had pre-orders for all their 1 series allocation for 08, so if you haven't already ordered, too bad. The local economy is still cooking along, so that could be the case, but I took it more as positioning on his part than anything else.
  • 02-07-2008, 09:05 PM

    Good point re:09 coming soon after

    But I have been waiting long enough. I just ordered my. It should be here the first or second week of april.
  • 02-06-2008, 09:14 PM

    Hold off until the "smoke has cleared" because

    the market they were projecting for the first year is low and by the time the cars start showing up for the '08 year.....the '09's will be ready for delivery late Fall--'08.

    Most dealers i have talked to do not know how many they will get this summer and since this is a new model for the U.S. i don't think anyone knows a true projected number that can be sold for the first two or three years.

    By the time the pipeline fills, you can expect some price off of MSRP, but now, i really doubt that anyone is going to deal on what they are waiting on....for future orders.

    we're waiting until late summer for a Euro Delivery on a '08 or maybe just wait till Dec. for a '09 and pick it up in Munich like we did on the '07 335 coupe in Dec.-'06. (ordered Nov.1st.,built Nov.12th and we picked it up Dec.12th.)
    ------good luck!
  • 02-04-2008, 09:47 PM

    Re: I would guess most dealers are like that...

    Saga continues (& yes Carguy it is a 135i, old age here)

    Get the most "polite" e mail today from the sales guy today suggesting "snafu's" occured this weekend. That long term relationship is important and willingness to work this through.

    Being the trusting soul that I am, willing to give it another go and will see what results. Probably screwing myself by posting this, but don't hold out high hopes.

    Issue is have put deposit down to get priority on ordering / obtaining the 135i (did I get this right carguy?) and have been placed in the unenviable position of trading owned vehicle versus leased into the equation. Will reveal more details as this unfolds.

    What dissapoints me so much is that after some 10 years of purchasing / not haggling with the dealer, that it was basically just another transaction. My bad I guess for expecting more, and a lesson learned.

    Imagine folks are LOL on this. Caveat Emptor seems to be the operative condition.

  • 02-04-2008, 02:53 AM

    Is there something wrong with your keyboard?

    in everyone of your messages, you typed "1335i" instead of "135i".
  • 02-04-2008, 12:26 AM

    I would guess most dealers are like that...

    Dealer offered me around $22k for my '02 M Coupe. Sold it a few weeks later for around $10k more here on Roadfly. Sit tight and see if you can do better. No reason to rush.
    368S #33
    Ex '02 Steel Grey MC
  • 02-03-2008, 07:21 PM

    Re: The Time Has Come To Order - New Perspective

    Thanks for your view on this. Agree we need more posters here!

    My deal may be off due to an absurdly low value trade for the 07, pristine MCS. Owned / not leased. Confirms my view that dealers are "schmucks".

    After 6 cars with the same dealership, they spooled up a low ball offer that had slime all over it. Walked out, told them when reasonable would talk again.

    Standard puff ball response from sales rep, "What do you think a fair value offer would be?".....absolutely rediculous. Just goes to show that there is no relationship in these types of transactions.

    Looks like I'm going to do some shopping for a used CPO 335!

    Really wanted to go the one series route, but can just as easily walk away from what that. Sorry sound po'd, but expected more from the dealership based on a long term 10 year relationship.

  • 02-02-2008, 09:31 PM

    Re: The Time Has Come To Order

    I'd say it depends. The reason I was looking at the 1'r is because I don't really like the 3's or the 5's too much. I thought the look was a little more sporty and less "luxury sedan" and my plan (if I buy one) is to load it up with options. If the body style isn't what is calling you to the 1 series I would go with the CPO 3. If it is the cool look begging you to open the wallet then I'd add in as many desired options as budget allows and enjoy.

    To put perspective on my comments I am looking at going from a Z4 to a 135i with about everything except heated seats. Part of the reason is to get a back seat for my toddler to ride in, but the rest is my love of the design.

    Hopefully this board will pick up more when they start shipping to the States.
  • 02-01-2008, 11:07 PM

    The Time Has Come To Order

    Got the phone call & time to order the 1335. The 3rd Mini MCS is on it's way out (with some deep regrets) and returning back to the roots of my first BMW 2002 purchase many, many years ago.

    So need some input / advice. This is the last BMW I'm going to purchase (have said that before after 6 of them, but I'm an old geezer and this time I'm holding true to my word!)

    As such, want to option it out for long term enjoyment, but siren keeps going off in back of my head that I'm not going to keep my self induced promise.

    Suspect that this purchase is not going to be the last one and want to protect against the downside risk, when if the bug hits me again to purshcase the newest BMW arrival a few years out. BTW, plan to buy this one outright and not lease it.

    So here's where I need your help.

    Thinking of loading up the order form with the following options:

    > Premium
    > Sport Seats (to get the power option)
    > Cold Weather Package / Heated Front Seats
    > Comfort Access (have it on the Mini and it's great!)
    > Rear park distance
    > USB /iPod USB interface adaptor
    > Automatic (in deference to declining years & too much frustration with stop & do traffic) + Paddle Shifter

    Would like to add the factory installed NAV / i Drive, but debating whether it's worth the premium price versus the portable nav.

    Have the portable nav in the current Mini, it works, but the integrated factory Nav seems to offer a whole lot more. Is this just a waste of money to techno gadgets?

    With all of the above, the price point is going north of $45K? To do the same on a 335 is running in the range of $50K

    Seek advice / input if it may make better sense to go with a CPO 335i Coupe with low miles.

    Inclination is to with the one series & enjoy the ride.

    Would appreciate input from posters on this board. Thx.

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