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  • 02-12-2008, 12:53 AM

    Re: Last days with my '04 645 - Thanks Board

    It has been a great ride, hasn't it. I've totally enjoyed my '05 645 (delivered 11/04) which now has 51K. Having had some superb automobiles (MGB, XKE 4.2, 560SL, Acura, Lexus SC400, Audi 4.2, BMW 840, etc.) I can truly say this is the best driving machine EVER. I hate to say this but I love the active steering, handling, power, and styling. It kind of deflates the thought of buying anything else.
    I agree, the board has been invaluable, particularly early on when we were struggling with the various glitches, which, after all was said and done, turned out to be no big deal in the end. Had my center strut replaced a couple of times and that's it. The car it great, I plan on driving it for a few more years. I just hope something comes along that inspires the imagination like this does. I love this car.
  • 02-11-2008, 12:50 AM

    Re: Last days with my '04 645 - Thanks Board

    I'm with you! I got my car in March 04 also, but I have 92,000 miles on it. Best car I ever owned too. My main complaint (besides the lack of buttons) is the very occasional transmission jerk when downshifting from 2 to 1st when coming to a stop and then accelerating. Software updates didn't fix this. The car handles fantastic and I love the look. I loved the minimalism when I first got the car, but being a techy type, I'm ready for a more busy dash with lots of buttons to push.

    Enough complaining! It's a great car, but after 4 years and the with the new model looking very much the same inside and out, I'm looking to change(even with the "6" new buttons). I plan on looking at a SL550 on Tuesday. The Mercedes isn't perfect, but I like the hardtop convertible and the smooth ride..I'm on the highway a lot. Unfortunatly, the model has been around a long time, but it's new to me.

  • 02-07-2008, 11:48 AM

    I love the new transmission & the facelift.

    Very happy with my decision.
    '08 BMW 650i Sport -- TitaniumSilver/Black
    '07 BMW X5 4.8i Sport -- SpaceGray/Black
    '06 BMW 325xiT -- SparklingGraphite/Beige
  • 02-05-2008, 01:09 PM

    Re: Last days with my '04 645 - Thanks Board

    Had (have) the SMG...bit of an odyssey in the beginning, but software updates took care of the shifting delays. I'll post when I decide. I'm on the hunt now! Thanks again cobradav.
  • 02-05-2008, 09:22 AM

    Re: Last days with my '04 645 - Thanks Board

    Thanks for the kind words. They are great aren't they. I'm at 59K myself. I'm trying to hold out for the V8tt engine at least, whenever it comes. The LCI (refreshed) 6ers look good IMO, so if the TT shows up before the new model in 2011 appears I'll go for it. Don't remember which tranny you had but I hear good things about the SPORT STEP with paddle shifters. No more SMG and I hopw we eventually get the DCT (Dual clutch DSG look alike) in the next year or two. Post up some pics when you get the new one love seeing the different combos folks get.
    US '05 645 Coupe|Silver Grey|Chateau|Sport|Logic 7|HUD|Cold Pkg|SAT|AUX|BT w/ snap-in adapter|MP3|V1|CIP 25.02
  • 02-04-2008, 10:11 PM

    Last days with my '04 645 - Thanks Board

    What a great ride its '04 645CS. Took delivery in March '04 (Jan '04 build)and despite otherwise minor issues (price you pay when you're first on the block), best car I've owned. After nearly 60K miles, it still looks and rides great. But lease is up next month and its time to move on (probably to another 6 series). Haven't posted lately, but have been lurking occaisionally. In any event thanks to this board (esp. cobradav) for help with some of the gremlins early on (I wasn't supposed to be able to get SAT radio or Bluetooth -- but I did).



    2004 645 Ci
    56,000 miles, Blk/blk,
    Sport, SAT, BT, etc...

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