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  • 05-12-2008, 10:50 AM

    Re: 235's sound a bit wide for this car

    I forgot to mention that Bavarian Auto had the tire sizes listed as 235x40x17. So maybe they know something we don't???? Seems big to me too. See
  • 05-11-2008, 09:27 PM

    Re: 235's sound a bit wide for this car

    Richard, I thought that might be the case also. I think I remember seeing that sizing when I searched TireRack also. It's a bit early for tires so I will do some research on the subject for sure. Thanks for catching this; causes me to re-think the tire sizing.
  • 05-11-2008, 09:44 AM

    235's sound a bit wide for this car

    If I remember correctly, 225 and over is where you need to start worrying about interference issues. I'm not saying they won't work, but you may end up tweaking the offset, rolling the lips, etc. A better choice might be 215/45-17 on 17x7 or 17x8 with a ~20mm offset. BTW, I was looking at the 17" selections on TireRack and they are showing a bunch of choices with 40mm offsets. I'm pretty sure those will NOT work.
    Richard O.
    1986 528e
    1989 325iX
    1998 328iC
  • 05-09-2008, 07:31 AM

    Re: What is the production date?

    TJ, thanks for the insight. I know this is not very typical of a BMW conversion to something great. But to me, it means a lot b/c of sentimental reasons. I've located wheels on and tires 235x40x17. I will be upgrading the brakes as well. Bavarian auto has some neat things too i.e. chip, performance exhaust, etc. Body kits seem a little harder to find, esp the Euro versions. Guess I will keep searching around or someone on this forum will have a link for me. I actually drove it yesterday, first time in over a year, and it still is a great car. I like the idea of Euro short bumpers as I don't "have" to keep the car totally original. I also plan on replacing the stereo with a new one w/cd player. I guess Crutchfield will be the route to go on this one.
    Thanks to all who are helping me make this a reality and keep a family legacy going.
  • 05-09-2008, 03:32 AM

    Re: What is the production date?

    Since you mentioned wheels and paint, you might also consider installing euro bumpers, 535iS style spoilers, or an M535i style body kit. Take a look around at what other e28 owners have done and at the different models that were available.

    I've owned my 528e for seven years and during that time I have swapped the wheels, put in a CD player, upgraded the suspension, upgraded the engine, changed to a 5-speed transmission and limitted-slip differential, and more. Some details at my website

  • 05-08-2008, 10:13 PM

    Re: What is the production date?

    O.K., finally got the info on the VIN and production date.
    The last numbers of the VIN: H9708465
    Production date: 9/86

    So I am looking for ANYthing I can upgrade this car with simply b/c it was my late father's car, I inherited it and want to make it a very special car that I can keep for years to come. So any help from anyone out there will be greatly appreciated. The car will need paint as it is just plain tired, but no rust anywhere and the leather interior etc is just really nice. I feel the car is worth upgrading. Any thoughts???? Thanks again.
  • 05-05-2008, 07:38 PM

    Re: What is the production date?

    Well, apparently, I am not too smart. The car is actually a 1987 model. It has been in my dad's garage a while and I just forgot what year it really was. I looked at the door post and if I remember correctly, hopefully, it was either 6/86 or 9/86. I will re-check the date AND get the last number of the VIN too. Sorry about the mix up. And these dates may be wrong too, I should have written the date down but will get it on this post in the next couple of days. Thanks much and I hope there are some goodies out there I can use. (:
  • 05-05-2008, 03:16 AM
    Matt Hernandez

    What is the production date?

    or post the last 7 of your VIN :)

    There isnt a big aftermarket but you have a few good options. Engine, suspension, drivetrain. Relatively inexpensive too.

  • 05-04-2008, 11:49 PM

    1988 528e UPGRADES

    O.K., so I own a 1988 528e with 80K original miles, two owners. I am looking to upgrade just about everything on this car including performance upgrades and body kit upgrades. This was my late father's car and I want to keep it in the family. I've owned several BMW's and this car, while not fast or super sleek looking, I am wanting to make it that way. Any advice, vendors for performance parts etc.? The car is in absolute pristine condition and very worthy of a make-over. Any help will be appreciated. I am also looking for wheel upgrades up to 17". It's just a family thing I guess, but the car needs some help in the performace department.

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