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  • 07-29-2008, 10:04 PM
    the pads/calipers, but ----> ADS

    I agree you likely need to re-grease the backs

    with regards to the "glazing, but plenty of pad left", before I did anything I'd try re-bedding the pads.
    FIRST, since you don't know the history and bedding requires some hard near stops, bleed the brakes, using DOT4 fluid (NOT dot5).
    To re-bed, see:

    Step 4, cool-down, is critical. If you stop all the way or get stuck in traffic, especially after the last effort, you'll likely warp the rotors.

    If you're not comfortable doing this procedure, DON'T! Find a track guy to do it for you.

    Good luck,

  • 07-29-2008, 08:01 PM

    Go with the anti-sqeal goo

  • 07-29-2008, 03:44 PM

    No noise first 4000 miles

    I have no idea if the rotors were changed. For the first 4000 miles there was no noise--so I cannot imagine that it is a compatibility question.
  • 07-29-2008, 02:23 PM

    Squealing Like a Pig

    Do you know if the rear rotors were replaced when the pads were? If not, then the new pads amy not be compatible with the deposits left by the original pads. I have read that you can clean the rotors with a scotch-brite pad and sand the surface off of the pads to attempt a fix for this. Never tried it myself...

    I have had good luck with disk brake quiet goo. I believe I use a CRC product, bright orange. It dries in place and dampens the vibrations that make the squeal.
  • 07-29-2008, 01:05 AM

    Rear Brakes Squealing Like a Pig

    So--I bought my M3 with 104k miles on it. It now has 109k. The previous owner definitely neglected the car. When I got it, the brake light was on--it turns out that the PO had gotten a brake job and not had the sensors changed. My guess is that it was a Midas brake job or something.

    Anyway, they replaced the wear sensors and said the pads and rotors were fine. At 107k my brakes started squealing fairly loudly. I do not ride my brakes, and did not race the car or anything. I took it into a BMW dealer and they have told me the pads and rotors are glazed and I need to replace them. The rear alone were quoted at $370 (employee price as I work for the company that owns the dealership).

    Can I just replace the pads myself? They said there was plenty of life left on them. Should I try sanding the pads and rotors?


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