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  • 11-27-2008, 12:56 PM

    Re: A guess ? Hmmm, not very good

    I wonder. Every time I read posts like this it makes me wonder if I should be selling my 2004 745 Li. It is a beautiful car, but I beleive long term this car will kill me financially. Also, I wonder if BMW as a car company and the service departments really know what they are doing. I tell you living in NJ, I feel very comfortable with the place in Long Branch (Circle BMW). This car should be very reliable for the money paid. BMW should actually fess up to problems like this and take care of the customer. If I run into problems long term, I will never buy another car like this and make sure I tell everybody I know about these problems. Come on, you could buy 4 cars for the price of a BMW or hire a driver to drive you around for the same price. What a joke. Luckily I have not had any problems, although I do have a 2004 with 52K miles in which I heard they are better cars.

    BMW needs to start doing the right thing by customers and making sure they do the right thing. Half the electronics in that car is not even really necessary and never used.

    Good Luck.

  • 11-26-2008, 09:47 PM

    Probably needs a drain shelf.

    And whatever got wet.
  • 11-19-2008, 12:58 AM
    Geez Tech

    Check your e-mail

  • 11-14-2008, 03:17 PM


    I am sure there will bew doubters on this but here is how I fixed it.

    -Removed the Amp - actually to get the exact part number which in view when installed

    -Removed the 5 clips at the bottom of the amp that hold the board inside in place

    - gave it three light taps just to jar things around

    - replaced clips

    - TIghtly Plugged in bothe connectors

  • 11-14-2008, 11:01 AM

    Re: A guess ? Hmmm, not very good

    Thank you again for your input on this board, I very much appreciate your expertise.

    No, the system is permanently down. My servise advisor is celebrating his second month on the job with BMW after transferring over from a closed down VW store. I have asked all the right questions, but he is a yes talking deer in the headlights. I was too late in picking the car back up yesterday to catch the tech. I dont have another dealer in town to take it to, so I have an appointment with another, non BMW shop next week.

    This car was a PUMA case for three months last year, which wound up in a new torque converter. I still have tranny problems, clunking into first gear and reverse, but I have been told everything from that is normal to they cant detect wife causes me the most grief over that defect :-)

    I am in the US, and the car has 52k on it, partly because of all tthe time it has spent in the shop! If anyone could forward me the proper number to call about the warranty extension, that would make my day.
  • 11-14-2008, 12:14 AM
    Geez Tech

    A "guess" ? Hmmm, not very good

    I take it the audio system is up and running right now?

    If the system is still "down" then they should be able to give you a firm diagnosis as this is the best scenario for problems like this, but it is very difficult if the problem has "disappeared".
    Did they do any testing? They should have at least tried a luminous light reduction test to see if the problem would re-appear if it was gone when you brought it into the shop.

    Their shoot from the hip diagnosis is very expensive, it may be best to wait until it goes down permanantly to be diagnosed properly.

    There are about 8 different components on the MOST bus ring, anyone of them can cause this issue, all are expensive and all will require some sort of programming.

    I take it the car is out of warranty? If you are in the States a 2002 has a full 6 year 100,000 mile warranty that BMW extended because of issues like this.
  • 11-13-2008, 01:48 PM

    Re: MOST bus went down :(

    Ugh, First of all thank you for your service here.

    I took it to the dealer and they took a guess that it might be the amplifier, and gave me a $2000 estimate to replace that part with no guarantee it will fix the problem. Also said the entire car will need to be reprogrammed when they put it in. Does that sound like a logical response...Im not feeling real comfortable with the diagnosis.

  • 11-08-2008, 12:39 AM
    Geez Tech

    MOST bus went down :(

    This is the fiber optic system that runs your sound system, when it quits this is the result with no audio and sometimes no screen in the center dislay.
    If your "lucky" it will work again after sitting an hour or over night.
    If your not lucky then you will have to take it in to the dealer to see which module has quit working.
    Since you just went through a car was it possible a module in the left rear trunk area has gotten wet and has shorted out causing your problem.
    Typically it is the voice module that gets wet ifrst and craps out.
    If water intrusion is the problem then they need to find the source of the leak and also install the updated drip tray above the voice module.

  • 11-07-2008, 12:50 PM

    2002 745i radio / Navigation

    I went through a car wash, and the navigation and radio quick working on my 2002 745i....preceded by crackling static, the speakers thumping and constant shuffling og the CD changer. Any ideas???


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