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  • 12-15-2008, 08:44 PM

    Re: Lack of Power

    On my '88 it was one bad MAF that put me in limp mode (little power and slam bang shifts).
  • 12-13-2008, 11:37 AM

    Re: Rough idle/no power M70 -basics to check

    Thanks, I will give that a try.

  • 12-13-2008, 12:22 AM

    Rough idle/no power M70 -basics to check

    see the link
    In addition go to my new website (above link is the old one which will disappear soon) and click on
    fixes>engine>intake system

    also read this:

    1 bank down.....
    Subject: 750 bank 2 down and why.....
    Author: shogun

    Q: I got a 91 750il where bank two is down with no eml light on. Both fuel pumps runs. Fuel is flowing to both regulators ok. Checked the spark on bank 2 and all wires have ok spark. A fault code is stored saying that there's a problem with the ignition on bank 2. Viewed the fuel injector pulsewidth and it's at .4 ms and shows the load being at 0 on bank 2. other side has normal readings. Also the scan tool says the the ignition fault would cut off fuel injector pulse width. Tried swapping coils, dme and maf, nothing's changed. Any ideas?

    A: ask here http://www.[Oops!].com/forums/e32/
    there are the experts for the E32. Add the complete production month and year as your signature there so that you get more answers from people in the know which look into wiring diagrams then.

    One trial you can make before: switch the MOTRONIC modules in the E-Box from one side to the other to see if the fault goes to the other side.
    Test the CPS for both sides. test data I have posted on [Oops!], search with "CPS shogun" there.
    A: found that the spark plug on # 12 was fouled causing the cylinder identification 2(bank 2)signal to be skewed because it runs off of cyl. number 12 spark plug wire for info to the DME. It thought that it had a dead cylinder and the engine management would cut off fuel pulsewidth to that bank.

    Then check the crankshaft position sensors

    Shogun E32 Tech Tips:
  • 12-12-2008, 09:57 PM

    Lack of Power

    My 90 750 seem to be running on only six cylinders. I just replaced the alternator because the alternator would not charge until after I reved it up to 2500 rpms. The new alternator has the same problem. The car is sluggish to get up to speed and shifts hard and MPG gage seems to be running half of what it is actually doing. I tested the Modules and they seem to be fine. Any suggestions



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