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  • 02-05-2009, 09:04 AM

    not exactly, but some pics

    and copied:
    Oil Pump Replacement for M30 Motor


    Hey 5er guys. I will be starting on my xmas present for my boyfriend, hopefully on Friday.

    I am going to replace the oil pump on his '90 535im. I talked briefly with my mechanic last week, and he said that in order to remove the oil pan, you need to either drop the front subframe or jack up the motor. I think that it would be easier to jack up the motor, especially since I have an engine hoist to use.

    But what I wanted to know, is if anyone on here has done one to this car or a similar one, and what I should expect to encounter. Like what tools (special tools, if any) will I need, etc. Is there anything I should check for while I'm in there, etc. Any advice and input would be appreciated. Thanks.
    did this on the M30 I put in my E9.

    Now, for the e34, it may get tricky. I'd go for lifting the engine, as using a spring compressor and unbolting the front subframe is a royal PITA. Even after you get it off, you still have to lift the engine off the subframe, anyway. What you can do, however, is unbolt the pan and slide it foreward. When you look at the pan, it has a huge bulge in the front, but since the rest of it is over the subframe, it is flat. If you can work a small 10mm wrench in the space between the subframe and oil pan, you can get that pan out. Then, the other tricky part is actually getting the pan off, as the pump caches the rear lip of the pan. For something like that, I would just loosen the motor mounts and jack up the engine, or use the hoist. Then, it is just a matter of undoing those 4 (If I remember right) bolts and switching the gear over. The chain makes it kinda inflexible, so you may have to give it a good yank.
    oil pump removal and repair

    huhhh, now I found it

    scroll down thereShogun E32 Tech Tips:
  • 02-04-2009, 04:15 PM

    Re: engine must be raised slightly to get oil pan off

    It may just be the chain is a little longer due to normal wear for almost 300k . It sounds about like what could be slack side of chain getting a little sloopy on it's return. I'm going to do an oil change and see if it has a different sound first. If anyone has a picture of what the later M30 bottom end / oil pump area looks like I would appreciate a post or link. Thanks Ken Ken

    92-BMW 735iL
    74-Widebody Porsche 911S
    81-VW Caddy
    <img src="">
  • 01-31-2009, 11:32 PM

    engine must be raised slightly to get oil pan off

    But first of all use a pipe, long screw driver or something else as a stethoscope to get a more clear info.
    Use the online parts catalog, there you can see all parts in detail
    On the M60 engine it is known that the oil pan bolts get lose. There are many instruction on the internet to retighten them.
    See my website blow the DIY linksShogun E32 Tech Tips:
  • 01-31-2009, 07:01 PM

    Rhythmic light ticking in oil pan area

    RE 92 E32 735Il M30 290Kmi, Noticing a light but anoying ticking sound from what seems to be the oil pan. It cycles about like as if it was a bely but I have checked them. I originally though it might have been the fan clutch since it seemed to have a slight bit of wobble but proper operation. Well new fan clutch and no change seems to have gotten a little noiser since last week. It can only he heard from outside not while driving. When I go near Ft bumper under the car near the pan when it's running its aparent there is a light rattle type noise. Not like a connecting rod. I suspect something relating to oil pump chain ? I'm lacking resources for information. Is there is a tensioner or the pump is shimmed to tension. (I've been using my old e28 bently to reference parts of the M30 but it falls short after 88 vintage ) I guess it could just be a loose chain but can't afford to risk major issue if something fails. It sounded like the block needed to be raised to remove the pan and am curious If pump or chain area may be observed with the sender out fo a quick inspection ? Thanks Ken

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