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  • 02-19-2009, 01:34 AM

    I bought a set of Michelin......

    Pilot Sport AS Plus from Costco. Bought my 03 3.0 new. I had the original runflats on with about 38,000 miles on them. I live in an area of Washington state that gets occasional snow and I need to be prepared for the bad weather. I have about 3,000 miles on them and am happy. I like to drive sporty but I am not one of those who drive on the edge. The tires are better than the runflats. Much better ride, much safer in the rain--even when comparing them to when the runflats were new. The runflats were OK when new but the "tramling" (I guess that is what they call it) got worse and worse with the car to the point where I didn't want my wife to drive it (not that she ever would). These tires solved a number of problems for me and I am happy with them. I have bought tires at Costco before and have a great deal of respect for them. They basically carry two tire ranges 1). Good (Bridgestone) and 2). Best (Michelin)
    I know others feel differently but over the years I have found out that with tires you usually get what you pay for. I wanted handling with peace of mind and got it.
    PS--Michelin also threw in an emergency kit in a nice duffle bag and it includes a nice foot pump. I added a can of slime and feel safe. Just my 2 cents worth
    Regards--JoelMerlot/Black/Black 3.0 6sp
  • 02-16-2009, 11:03 PM

    Re: Tires

    I agonized over this decision for almost a year, as my ride got worse and worse. At 26,000 miles, I finally bought some non-RFT Yokohama Avids (great price) and boy what an improvement in ride! Unbelievable! I am the nervous type so I also bought a Slime Safety Spair (like the M mobility kit but cheaper), a flat tire repair kit (plugs and glue), a pair of pliers, a can of "fix a flat" (just in case), a second air pump, and a AAA membership. Am I paranoid or what! Trust me, you will not regret ditching those darn runflats!
  • 02-13-2009, 09:42 AM


    Looking for some advice and have read some archives, I need to replace tires on my '03 Z4.
    Bought it used 2 yrs ago with about 4k mi on it and the original RFT's. Now have 16k and think I need to replace? How long do you think tires will last even if tread still is ok? I have read 5yrs, 7yrs, I am confused. Car is always garaged or in covered parking. Also, what experiences have some people had going from RFT to non RFT. Would like a bit of all-season since I live in an unpredictable climate, and if the urge to take the car out is stronger than an iffy weather report, I want to be covered. Any advice is greatly appreciated!!

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