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  • 03-23-2009, 07:01 PM
    Kung J Lee

    Re: I think all 7s have Nappa leather.

    Most 7 has added features, ventilated & active seats. However Nappa leather may still an option. Good to have it!
  • 03-22-2009, 11:54 PM

    I think all 7s have Nappa leather.

    The car I drove had the Luxury Seating Package, though, which added ventilated and active seats.<small>
    '08 BMW 650i | TitaniumSilver/Black
    '07 BMW X5 4.8i | SpaceGray/Black
    '09 BMW 328xiT | AlpineWhite/Saddle
  • 03-21-2009, 10:01 PM
    Kung J. LEE

    Re: A second opinion...

    Glad to hear that. Certainly, Sport Package would be a pleasure to be in.

    By the way, does the Sport Package includes the Nappa leather interior?

  • 03-21-2009, 09:59 AM

    A second opinion...

    Well, yesterday I was able to test-drive a new 750i SWB w/ the Sport Package. I have to say, it was so much better than my experience w/ the LWB non-Sport car that I drove a week prior. (It probably helped that it was a Black/Black as opposed to the Lexus-esque White/Oyster car w/ the ugly "standard" 19s, too.)

    The Sport Package is nice. I was concerned about the "Active Integral Steering" because I have never been a fan of the "Active Steering" option in cars like the 6-Series and X6. I'm glad to report that this was very different. You notice it at low speeds (parking lots, etc.), but you don't lose the "feel" on the highway that I always have thought was lacking in the traditional "Active Steering" packages.

    The power in the new car is, of course, amazing.

    The interior (especially in Black) is beautiful with great leather stitching everywhere. I like the clean dash design, the blacked out gauges, etc. The cupholder lid seems backwards to me, somehow, and looks a bit awkward, though. Seats are comfortable, of course, and everything (like the rear blinds and the ventilated seats) seems quieter than before.

    I'm still struggling with the exterior a bit. I hate that even on the Sport, you have that big strip of chrome across the a$s and I don't like the chrome around the side indicator, either. I like the front and the new big grill, but the back... well, it's going to have to seriously grow on me.

    This complicates my decision now. I was just about ready to order an X6 5.0i, but now think I may wait until closer to fall, even maybe until the '10s are out, then decide between the two. I have the 650i until December, so I am in no rush. <small>
    '08 BMW 650i | TitaniumSilver/Black
    '07 BMW X5 4.8i | SpaceGray/Black
    '09 BMW 328xiT | AlpineWhite/Saddle
  • 03-17-2009, 07:32 PM

    Re: I drove the SWB sport package today

    I owned four E65s and always loved the way the car handled, felt, etc. I agree with you that the power in the new 7 was amazing and a huge improvement, but I was just amazed at the complete lack of a "sporting" feel to the car that I drove. I still haven't driven the new SWB Sport, but I am hoping that it improves my opinion.

    I always liked the rather avantgarde nature of the E65. The new design is "cleaner," no question, but it just doesn't seem as "special" somehow to me, either.<small>
    '08 BMW 650i | TitaniumSilver/Black
    '07 BMW X5 4.8i | SpaceGray/Black
    '09 BMW 328xiT | AlpineWhite/Saddle
  • 03-16-2009, 05:51 PM
    JOE R

    I drove the SWB sport package today

    The car is phenomenal, the power, the handling, the steering, the comfort are all far superior to the e65...
    I owned both the short 745i and the long wheel base 750Li and found both of them to have very similar driving characteristics so I don't expect a dramatic difference between the new i and Li...

    Very interesting how BMW went back on their clean dashboard with no hard buttons philosophy.. this car is loaded with buttons just like Audi A8.. not sure if I like it yet but I'm sure don't mind the new "old style" shift lever..

    The car looks amazing in person, much more so then in pictures, the seats feel better then the old ones and the overall quality is very impressing.

    If you didn't like the Li don't expect the i sport to be whole lot different though... the sport wheels looks great though..

  • 03-15-2009, 09:29 PM

    Drove a LWB non-Sport this weekend...

    ... when we were taking delivery of my wife's new wagon. Hated it. I mean, hated it. Granted, it was a bad color with an even worse interior, not to mention it was a chromed-out non-Sport, but still... I think my mom's LS460 is sportier feeling. They want me to come out and drive the SWB Sport as soon as it arrives (should be in the next day or so) and swear it will be better.<small>
    '08 BMW 650i | TitaniumSilver/Black
    '07 BMW X5 4.8i | SpaceGray/Black
    '09 BMW 328xiT | AlpineWhite/Saddle
  • 03-10-2009, 11:20 PM
    steve o

    Re: I felt much the same way today.

    Thank you MBKiller - your advice is appreciated
  • 03-10-2009, 08:47 PM

    Re: I felt much the same way today.

    My car actually had high auction value because of very low miles, but I was still able to come in at $7K below the residual, and that included CPO. CPO extends the warranty to 6yr/100K. With average mileage, I could have done about $2K better. If you don't care about CPO, you can probably approach auction value.
  • 03-10-2009, 02:45 AM
    John C

    Re: I felt much the same way today.

    MB - can you give us an idea how much lower than residual you were able to purchase the 2006 7 for? I know the dealers and BMW look at the Manheim auction value and the stated residual or A/B rate structure. How negotiable is this - as I am thinking of buying my 2006 as well, like you.


  • 03-09-2009, 10:55 PM

    saw the f01 &f02 at dealer today

    MB - good move on the lease to purchase, I would have done the same if it was me today in this climate$$, and your car is a great set upÖ. I hear they are doing allot of lease to purchase deals lately.
    On the F01/F02 - Honestly, I like it. I saw a black spkg swb, I like the edges and the side view of the long beltline. The body looks strong and rigid .The interior was tops, I love the leather dash. I donít understand how the grill has no bumper protection, it appears as though if you tap the front your going to smash the grill.
    They also had a LWB silver, with small ugly wheels but it looked so looong. The only thing the F01/F02 car needs is a nice set of factory rims and the right colors. I want to see a LWB White spkg. I am not sure if it was do to the cars size but the big wheels on the sport pkg looked normal size, the tires did not look low profile.
    The dealer told me that swb leases are starting at $1500.00 a month (with taxes in the payment) and thatís with loyalty incentives.
    Thatís going to keep them off the streets for a while with a limited client base. The sticker prices were off the charts, 95k for a few options in the sport and 101k for the LWB, with a few options.
    You couldnít get an E66 past 92k if you checked off every option.
    If they ever make an M or a high performance model they will be in S63 price category.
    I hope to take one out for a ride when I get a chance.
    I donít think I will be the first, but sure I wonít be the last either.
  • 03-09-2009, 09:36 PM

    Now that's more like it!

    So who is going to be our first Guinea Pig????

    I'm out for now, as I purchased my '06 750Li. Attractive deal(well below residual), and 0.9% on a 36 month loan. Just made to much sense to pass up. My plan is to wait out the storm while you guys beta test. I may even wait until the midcycle "refresh"...if I can hold out that long. We'll see. That Alpina looks awesome.
  • 03-08-2009, 10:07 PM

    Re: Finally something NEW to discuss...

    I am looking forward to seeing the first one at the dealer and going for a test drive.
    The interior looks top shelf, especially the LWB.
    I agree that the colors and wheels out so far are bland, but from the looks of the new alpina shown at Geneva this week it has some potential with the right wheels and set up.
  • 03-08-2009, 09:58 PM

    Re: presence

  • 03-08-2009, 09:24 PM


  • 03-08-2009, 04:01 AM

    I felt much the same way today.

    I took a look at the first F02 arrivals at the dealership this afternoon. One was a charcoal colored "sold" LWB Sport (still has the chrome on the trunk!), while the other was a white LWB non-Sport. Neither had been prepped yet, so there was no test-driving. I plan to test-drive one when we pick up my wife's wagon on Friday. They hope to have a SWB Sport by then, too.

    As you said, the interior is very nice. Love the leather-wrapped dash, etc. The side view camera is cool. Very comfortable overall. But, aside from the big grill, which I love, I am just not feeling the exterior. Again, as you said, very Lexus-like. Too much so, in my opinion. I'm sure they'll probably sell more of them that way -- especially with the variable suspension settings -- but it left me missing the avantgarde nature of the E65. I felt too "young" to even be considering one, much like I do with the LS or the S-Class. Odd.

    I think I may order an X6 and skip the 7, actually.<small>
    '08 BMW 650i | TitaniumSilver/Black
    '07 BMW X5 4.8i | SpaceGray/Black
    '09 BMW 328xiT | AlpineWhite/Saddle [on order]
  • 03-07-2009, 11:56 PM

    Finally something NEW to discuss...

    F01/02 has hit the dealers. Looked myself today, but didn't have time to drive it yet. Accordingly, I can only comment on the styling for now.

    Interior is beautiful. My only real gripe with the E66 was that some of the interior materials could have been better (mainly the miles of plastic painted to look like aluminum). Well, BMW has certainly addressed this in the F02. Interior materials are much richer. Almost makes the E66 feel low rent inside. Very nice!

    Exterior left me a little flat. It's nice looking, and I didn't find any of the exterior elements offensive in any way. However, it seems a little bland. Very Lexus-like. I always liked the "presence" the E66 emanates. You won't mistake it for anything else. Not so much with the F02. It'll blend in with all the others in the parking lot. I walked away already looking forward to the infamous mid-cycle refresh. Lastly (but IMO very important), after seeing the different wheel choices in person...I still don't like any of them. They're all boring.

    Hope to make some time in the near future to go for a drive. I'm sure that won't disappoint.

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