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  • 03-20-2009, 10:04 PM

    Re: 1987 535is

    BTW: gomamma, I see what you mean about the new Bimmers. They might as well be Hondas when it comes to servicing. Perhaps they're even worse because of all of the plastic used in the engine compartment. A plastic valve cover...come on now. What's next a plastic exhaust manifold?

  • 03-20-2009, 10:02 PM

    Re: 1987 535is

    Ha,ha,ha,ha.....the E39 has a plastic valve cover!!! My question has been answered, my decision has been made; I'm going to fix the E39's oil leak, etc. and sell it. I'll keep the E28. Plastic valve're killing me Heinrich. I haven't even mentioned the feature length movie just to remove the VC. Come on now...
  • 03-19-2009, 12:18 AM

    Re: 1987 535is

    I believe that you're right. I loved my '84 533i and now it's hard to part with the red "is". The mechanical problems are one thing that I can fix. It's just that the bumper got crushed and damaged the "frame-like" member the bumper shock mounts to. It needs that body work.
    Like I said, I'll just order the VCG for the E39, put it in better running condition and sell it. I don't want to have all of those expensive repairs with the economy being what it is. Good input, thanks.
  • 03-16-2009, 10:24 AM

    Re: 1987 535is

    even needing work these cars are worth money. fix whats wrong and its good for a long time
  • 03-12-2009, 08:09 PM

    Re: 1987 535is

    Funny, a guy just knocked on my door, asking if I wanted to sell "that old car in the driveway". He was referring to my 87 535is 5spd in Cinnabar Red. He pulled out a wad of cash, tried to get me to do it for his kid, etc. I told him that I might sell the E39 before I sold the e28. As much as I need to downsize, I just don't like shedding E28's.
    I already had feedback from many folks here who are of that same belief, that the older Bimmers rock more than the new ones will ever roll.

    BTW: He tried to get me to take $1,000 for her. Granted, she needs some work, but is probably worth at least twice that today.
    I guess I'll order a head gasket for the E39 and sell it. Maybe I'll use the money from its sale to make the E28 better? Hmm....still pondering. Too much crap to think about right now. Later.
  • 03-03-2009, 02:41 AM

    Re: 1987 535is

    Yep BMW made the 88 and up e32 7 series and 89 and up 535i for us E28 people. SO now we can update out management system with newer 5 and 7 parts for more power and MPG. I had a 88 and 89 735i and a il when the day the transmissions died I stripped out ONLY the next gen Motronic stuff and CRUSHED them the next day with all those new parts stil in them I HATE NEWER BMW J U N K. DEATH to any BMW after the 88 thru 90 change over. You people know what I mean.
  • 11-13-2008, 07:57 PM

    1987 535is

    Well I guess I am back. Most of you will have no idea who I am. But I let my E32 go. Just needed too much for a poor college student to fix. SO my cadillacs are gone and my loved Helga, 88 750il is gone. I just got a 87 535is. Normally I hype up a M20 for my E28s, so a big six in the E28 will be new for me, at least to own. This does not mean that I will be doing tech for this board, as I used to, ten years ago. Yes, 10. But I might check in from time to time and see what is going on. And if there is and event in SoCal, I would like to go and bring my BoyFriend (BF) with me.
    I must say, it was great fun to be back into a E28 again. But I miss my 750 for sure. And will get a newer one. But until, I will be glad to play 5er again. 88 750iL
    87 325ic

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