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  • 08-06-2009, 04:56 PM

    Wow. I would have bet the farm on Steve. He and

    his wife have always been there for me. This may or may not help but it's my understanding that when he ordered parts for special orders that the order was sent direct from THAT supplier and if they hung him up he was stuck in the middle. I'm not defending him. I just know that I've gotten a lot of bouned checks lately from businesses that have clsed the doors and walked away. I hope he sends you your money back or bethe parts mysteriously appear. Sorry for your delema.
  • 06-06-2009, 01:09 AM

    Or maybe not...

    Looks like Steve-o's down and out now. I have no official info, but his number and site are down. No replies to email...

    <Sigh> I will miss his service/help/20-40% discount.
  • 05-31-2009, 02:46 AM

    It seems to me...

    ...that Steve and his business are going through tough times, of a sort. I hope it all works out! He has been my main supplier of affordable BMW parts. I will continue to give him my business, though I will almost certainly ask about this debacle.

    '87 <b>528e</b> "is" RIP
    '88 <b>M5</b> 193k (Head rebuilt, Custom Pistons, bored, will be reassembled slowly...)
    Dinan gen.1
    OEM Front & Rear Fuzz-buster
  • 05-14-2009, 09:25 PM

    What an ordeal !

    Thanks for sharing your frustrations. You are a patient fellow indeed. I think it's time for you to ask (or sue) Steve for the ammount of $$ he owes you and get the parts somewhere else. He may be out of business; his web site is offline. It sucks to get taken advantage of.

    And thanks for waking this board up. It's been very very quiet for many months.

    Good luck with your M5 and internship.

    e28 M5, e28 535is, e38 740iL, e39 525i, e36 318ti
    total miles on all of the above: 597,000.
  • 05-14-2009, 03:18 AM

    My Unfortunate Experience With Steve Haygood

    Hey guys,
    I would like to start off this post by noting that I am a 20 year old straight A college student who is double majoring in petroleum and mechanical engineering. I am generally very open minded, and usually make every attempt to support the forums and their vendors (whatever forum I may be using).

    On February 3, 2009 I placed an order with Steve Haygood for $4336.54. This order included the following parts:

    -All components involved in the timing chain replacement including an M3 evo cam gear and S52 tensioner
    -All new suspension arms and bushings
    -All new steering components
    -Mtech Springs
    -Bilstein HD shocks
    -Shock Mounts
    -Hardened Crank Hub
    -Eat Chip
    -oil pump and all parts involved in it's replacement
    -In tank fuel pump assembly
    -Motor Mounts
    -Transmission Mounts
    -Rear Sub Frame Bushings
    -Swaybar Bushings
    -Diff Mount
    -All heater/radiator hoses

    The weekend after placing the order, I put my M5 on blocks in the garage and began to remove all of the accessories from the front of the engine (Radiator, Thermostat, ac pump, ps pump, water pump, alt, etc.) in preparation for the timing chain replacement. After getting to the point where the oil pan and timing cover were ready to be removed, I stopped, thinking it wise to leave these covers on until I was ready to complete the job.

    About two weeks went by and having not yet received any parts, I began to remove the intake plenum and the fuel injectors so that I could go ahead and send the injectors out to be cleaned and flow tested/replace the the gaskets and intake boots on the plenum. As I got deeper into this second job I found several parts that gasket and misc. items that needed to be replaced. Seemingly having had a good experience (ordering) with Steve on my first order, I called up Mr. Haygood and placed order #2. After spending a fair amount of time on the phone, Steve and I agreed on a list of parts, and he said that he would email me an invoice asap. This took place on Feb 18th 2009.

    On Feb 25 I had not received an invoice or any parts, so I sent Steve the following email:

    Were you able to get a second invoice together?
    Craig Rhyne

    No Reply

    On March 3rd I sent the following email:
    I just took a rather large financial hit, and I'm trying to get all of my finances in order. How soon could you get me an invoice with total so I can figure out exactly where I stand?
    Craig Rhyne

    I received the following response the same day:

    Work on it right now, I sent a large order for you just now from the BMW
    center ( looks to be all of the original order)

    Steve Haygood
    BMW CCA 6 Series Register Director
    Sharkfest Sponsor 2003-2008
    5er Fest Sponsor 2003-2007
    Jer 29:11

    On March 6 I still had no invoice so I sent the following email:
    I really need a total for that last order.
    Craig Rhyne

    On March 8th I received this:
    Dealing with the death of a grandson, will let you know asap, probably
    My apologies

    To which I replied:
    Iím very sorry to hear that. Please take your time.

    On March 10th I received a few parts and trying to help out I sent steve the following email:
    I am writing this in response to your email about the order you shipped out last Tuesday. There are still a lot of items from the first order that were not included in the second box. These are the missing items:

    11141726731 Gasket Timing Cover
    11141726733 Gasket Timing Cover
    11121312172 Valve Cover Gasket
    11141271415 Cam Seal
    12111252257 Camshaft Oring
    11311304258 S38 Needle Bearing
    11311304257 Idler Shaft Oring
    11311403081 S38 Timing Chain
    11311309945 Tensioner Rail
    11311308513 Intake Cam Gear --> There was an intake cam gear in this last order but the # was different
    11311311781 Cam Gear Evo Sport
    31121132353 Thrust Arm W/750 Bushing
    31121132354 Thrust Arm W/750 Bushing
    One of the 32211135666 Tie Rod Assem Lemforder
    The EAT Chip
    11311405081 S52 Tensioner
    07119963418 Seal
    11531306829 Bypass Hose M511531306828 Thermostat Hsgn Hose
    11531306851 Hose M5, M6
    11531306827 Bypass Hose M5, M6
    64211374636 Heater Hose
    64211368715 Heater Hose
    Eleven Injector Seals
    Oil Pump
    16141179425 In Tank Prepump
    Both 33521118480 Rear Mount Gasket

    I would really like to receive these as soon as possible as it has been a full month since the order was paid for, and I was really hoping to get the Timing chain/Oil pump job done during my spring break (next week). If there is anything I can do to help speed up the process please let me know. I would be happy to pay some extra shipping costs if it would help the rest of the first order get here sooner.

    On March 19th I received the following email:
    More parts going today

    On March 26th nothing showed up so I sent the following:
    What is in this new shipment? Did the rest of the parts involved in the timing chain job (inc. the oil pump) make it in the box?

    The same day, after going out to the garage to look at my half way disassembled M5, and wishing that I could take it out on the the road, I sent the following:
    In addition to my last email, I wanted to ask the following: What is the status of order number two? Are the parts we discussed readily available? If so, what kind of time frame are we looking at to get those shipped out? What exactly is on the list, and what was the total cost? Honestly, as much as I would like to support the E28 community, I cannot justify, and flat out do not have, the time to wait another 2-3 months for the second order to arrive. I leave for a summer internship in 28 days, and had planned to drive the M5 (finished) from Texas to Colorado. Now that that seems all but impossible, I am really pushing to have the car assembled and safely stored (maybe trailered to my parents house in south Texas?) for the summer. In order to accomplish this, I need to have received order one in itís entirety and many parts from order two in the very very near future. I recognize that some of the parts on the first order are probably difficult to come by and because of this I feel that I have been fairly understanding concerning the very long wait. However, all of the parts on the second order can be ordered through pelican parts or autohauz and on my doorstep in 5 days.
    Craig Rhyne

    Morning of March 30th; no response. I sent the following:
    Please respond to my previous two emails today. Please also send me a tracking number for the last box shipped. I recently had a package stolen from my front porch and would be more comfortable if I could confirm the day that this last shipment will arrive.
    Craig Rhyne

    Evening of March 30th; No call, no email. I sent the following:
    Please contact me. You said that you mailed me a package on Thursday the 19th; I have not yet received it. Previous packages have taken almost exactly a week to arrive. As I mentioned before, I recently had an issue with a package from another supplier being stolen. With absolutely no contact/tracking number from you, it is making it extremely difficult and exceptionally frustrating to do business with you.

    Craig Rhyne

    Steve Responded March 31st:
    Sorry, all the bad weather had us off line for the past several days. Will
    get tracking and contact

    Steve Haygood

    On April 2nd I still had not received the package which Steve claimed he shipped 2 weeks earlier so I sent the following:
    I still haven't received that package; how about that tracking number. Also, can you please shed some light on the second order? I need a lot of those parts in the very near future and I want to go ahead and get them ordered somewhere else if you can't get them to me.
    Craig Rhyne

    Steve April 3rd:
    There are 3 boxes on the way from various sources, some of the 2bd order is
    in there. Headed out the door, will get tracking info for you

    Steve Haygood

    Me April 7th:
    I received two of the three packages. If you get the chance please send me that tracking number. Also, are these parts in the remaining package:

    2 Camshaft Orings
    S38 Needle Bearing
    Idler Shaft Oring
    Evo Cam Gear
    Oil Pump

    These are the parts still missing from order 1:
    2 Camshaft Orings
    S38 Needle Bearing
    Idler Shaft Oring
    Evo Cam Gear
    1 Tie Rod Assem Lemforder
    Eat Chip
    2 different Bypass Hoses
    Thermostat Hsgn Hose
    Oil pump

    Craig Rhyne

    May 1st... No contact. I sent Steve the following:
    It would really help me out if you could get the following parts to me within the next 10 days:
    Oil pump
    Injector Clips
    6 intake bellows
    4 Intake Runner O-rings
    2 Bell Housing Position Sensors

    When we spoke on the phone the time before last, you mentioned that you probably had all of these parts in stock and could get them out the following day. However I have yet to receive any of them.

    I am still missing the following parts from order one:
    Oil Pump
    1 Lemforder Tie Rod
    EAT Chip
    4 Different Hoses

    I'm not trying to be rude, but today we are beginning our fourth month since I placed and paid for order number one. Quite honestly I am frustrated with the extreme delay in getting these parts shipped out as it is now causing me extreme inconvenience when it comes to moving for the summer. I know that this cannot be the way that you normally do business because everyone on the forums speaks VERY highly of you. Please do me a huge favor and at least get me the parts mentioned at the top of the page very quickly so that I can get my car back together and move it somewhere safe for the summer.

    For parts that will not make it to my house here in lubbock in the next 10 days, I guess you will need to ship them to my parents address:

    Craig Rhyne
    1104 Lois St.
    Kerrville, Tx 78028

    Craig Rhyne

    May 2nd.. No Contact. I sent the following:
    Will you be replying to my previous email?
    Craig Rhyne

    May 3rd.... No contact. I sent the following:
    Mr. Haygood,
    If I have not yet received a response from you by Monday which I deem helpful, then I will be posting a detailed account of our entire transaction on,, and Hopefully this will motivate you to stand behind your obligations to me as a customer, and ship the remaining parts to me immediately. If, however, you continue to ignore my phone calls and emails, and still refuse to ship me the parts for which I have already paid, I will be referring you to my family lawyer and you two can duke it out from there.

    Craig Rhyne

    A few hours later Steve replied saying the following:
    I worked until 11 pm at the other job Friday and was entirely too tired to
    answer that night.

    Another oil pump has been sent and I will call BMW on the remaining parts on
    Monday AM as they were of course closed Saturday and today

    Steve Haygood

    As my emails with Steve indicate, I am leaving my house here in Lubbock Texas and heading to Denver for my internship on Friday the 15 for the entire summer. After my internship I will be transferring from Texas Tech to the University of Texas in Austin, so my entire house must be cleaned out in preparation to go on the market in the next three days. So yesterday (Wed the 13th), still missing many of the parts, but having everything used in the timing chain job (except the oil pump) I begin to finish disassembling the engine in hopes that I could replace the timing chain and then get the car reassembled to the point where I would feel comfortable putting it in a storage unit for the summer. I had originally (four months ago) hoped to drive the car to Denver this summer, but at this point it was obvious that that would be impossible.

    By 10pm Wednesday evening I had the removed the crank hub nut, jacked up the engine, removed the oil pan and oil pump, removed the timing cover, removed the cam gears, the plastic chain guide, and all of the rails except the lower metal/rubber chain rail. After playing with it for several minutes and determining that it could not be removed without either a:removing the head, or b:trimming of the top quarter inch, I chose to cut off the top quarter inch of the rail. After cutting off the rail with a hack saw, I went to get the new rail and, low and behold it wasn't in my parts closet. Baffled, I went to get my invoice from Steve. There it was on the second page. Steve never shipped it, and I never received it.

    So here I am, four months after placing 2 very large (and costly) orders with Mr. Haygood (although he never did get around to sending me an invoice for the second order), writing this post with a completely disassembled M5 (Which I still have never had the opportunity to drive), and without many of the parts listed in the order for which I pre-payed. The car has to be removed from my garage and put into storage tomorrow, and I do not have the parts to put it back together again. Steve has known for quite some time that I have been pressed by this deadline, and has made no real effort to help me out or ship me the remaining missing parts. Instead he has chosen to ignore my emails, phone calls, and messages (unless threatened with the publication of his wrongdoings), and in short has wasted a huge amount of my time and money. Renting a storage unit alone is going to cost me $115/month, and I will have to run the risk of leaving a partially disassembled engine in Lubbock's windy and sandy climate. In the last two days I have called Steve twice and left him a message reiterating my urgent situation and asking for a response, but he hasn't bothered to call me back. Despite my many request, he has also never gotten around to sending me any of the promised tracking numbers.

    I closing I would like to point out that I, in Steve's interest, have delayed writing this post for as long as I felt possible. However, at this point I am not sure how to proceed. I would certainly like to avoid legal action at all cost, but if it proves to be necessary in order to get my parts shipped and my M5 running, then that is how we will proceed.

    Craig Rhyne

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