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  • 08-18-2009, 12:27 AM

    Re: And now the text...

    I think 15K is too high for this car, although it looks nice. I bought my highline edition interior (ecru and blue glove leather) for 12k about a year and a half ago with 71k miles. There is a buyers market for this car, as most folks are scared away from the V12 so use that to your advantage. I'd expect you should be able to get the car for between 11,700 and 12,800 if the seller is being realistic about wanting to move the car.

    Also upon further thought, look at these other electrical components that come standard with the 750:
    PDC - parking distance control - back up towards something and make sure the tones increase when getting closer
    Active seat - not a massage, but there is fluid that transfers between two cavities in the seat
    Heated seats front and rear
    Electronic damping control
    rear shade
    rear recline seats, lumbar and headrest control

    The pretty much worthless cup holders also break pretty easily as well, the one in the back seat in the middle of the cushion is notorious for breaking.
  • 08-17-2009, 10:21 PM

    Re: And now the text...

    Appreciate the advice will look at those items when i look at the car
    here is the link fyi. for the dealer
  • 08-17-2009, 02:15 PM

    And now the text...

    Here are the things I've had to do to my 750il (all dyi's):

    1) Replace radiator
    2) Replace OSV's (puff of white smoke upon start)
    3) Just did valve body job. Really this was preventative maintenance, since the car has 80k on it and "lifetime" fluid really means 100k. Hell, 100k on these cars is just starting to break it in. I have 270k on my '94 e32 - and that car runs like new and people can't believe the car is that old.
    4) Suspension. If you are looking at 7's you have already come to terms with replacing suspension components. Luckily, these components are relatively cheap - but do not take it one step further and try to cheap these components (like Groton on eBay). Make sure to buy good components from BMA Parts out in California - or other good sources for suspension components that a search on here will turn up.
    5) Pixels - seems to be rampant in the e38's... I have yet to repair mine, as it is a nuisance and I'll get to it someday
    6) Gas tank - this isn't a standard issue, but make sure you fill the tank up and make sure there is no hint of a gas smell. I have to replace my tank, and while I have the tank already - the job of taking off the exhaust (I know I'll have broken/rusted bolts on the downpipe connection) and the driveshaft is not a fun one. I had to replace a driveshaft on one of the e32's, and that's probably the most cursing I've ever done in my life drilling out rusted bolts, etc.!!! (oh what I would give for a lift in my garage - anyone in KC want to let me rent some time on theirs??)

    Even though I do all of my own work, I'll say that I've gotten much more accustomed to working on the 750. I was scared to death that some major issue would happen with the V12 and I'd be stuck with a dead car - but just like anything else as you become accustomed to working on it and it becomes much less mysterious as you get into it.

    The v12 runs silky smooth - I love the 750 and at 81k, I expect to have a very long relationship with the car. One of my 740's has 270k on it - and it runs very smooth. I'd have no hesitation running that car at 120 mph+ for extended periods of time. BTW 120 mph on the 750 is like 90 on any other car - you get there instantly and it's very easy to be lulled into not knowing/believing how fast you're going..
  • 08-17-2009, 01:53 PM

    Re: Looking to by 2000 750il

  • 08-16-2009, 10:42 PM

    Looking to by 2000 750il

    hello everyone
    new to this forum. What should i look for in a 2000 750il with 78k miles? any tips would be appreciated.

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