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  • 01-08-2010, 03:19 AM

    Re: Traded the 01 330ci for 06 325 xi wagon

    Had my mechanic got through the car and do things that should be done that aren't done on the new BMW zero cost = zero maintenance program. They said the noise was from the Front Tires not the rears. Compared to my other car , a 96 Integra, the BMW is quiter even with the tires. Also I'm going to put those tire preasure sensing valve caps on the car so I can see if the preasure is low at a glance,since rftls don't sag under low preasure as much . I get them about 3 to 5 pounds higher rating as they don't start to show red till there 10 lbs down and yellow at 5
    Saw the thread about the 325 displacement actually being 3 liters in the US . I called up Dinan the guy I talked to seem to think this wasn't right that it was actualy 2.5
    I then looked at the manual and it says 2996 cc = 3 liters
  • 01-07-2010, 12:35 PM

    Re: Traded the 01 330ci for 06 325 xi wagon

    Although I'm not totally enamoured with runflats, I don't think they're as bad as many make them out to be. YMMV. Some of the noise may be inherent to the wagon - you may have noticed more noise in your E46 with the rear seat(s) down and open to the trunk; I certainly did.

    As for the TPMS vs. ABS-based system: it's at least $200 cheaper for the ABS-based system, per wheel-set. Seems to work quite well - my wife has such a system on her Toyota.
  • 01-07-2010, 03:34 AM

    Traded the 01 330ci for 06 325 xi wagon

    The 330ci was great but I couldn't take it to the Snow and didn't want to go surfing with it . The 325xi showed up on the lot next to the 24 hour nautilus where I work out. Standard transmission like my 01 330 but the shifter has nice short snappy throws. Lots of Bells and sport seat are better than the 33oci .It has 43k on it looks like the oil had only been changed twice from the records so I had my mechanic go through it an it seems good change the oil and the rest seems good.
    Unfortunatly is has the Turanza Runflats and although they have plenty of tread they are noisy . I read the horrors of RFT on the board first so I new what I was getting into . I plan on going non RFT as soon as possible. I have one of the 06's that use the antilock break rpm sensor rather than the true wheel mounted TPMS. Anybody think that is good thing? Also I could get more output out of the Old HK stereo than the 10 speaker system thats in the new 325xi. Its not terrible but its a little muddy on classical rock at moderate volumes . Looked at the BSW speakers but I think both and amplifier and speaker upgrade is in order. Anybody have suggestions for a moderate stereo upgrade?

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