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  • 04-21-2010, 06:23 AM

    Re: ETK lists lots of brands but Dexron III should do.

    Take the oil pan (trans) off again, clean / replace the strauner, tighten all the 10mm head bolts you see inside holding the valve body. spray till clean the valve body with Brake Kleen / Carb / choke clean let drip dry, do not use any towel or rag to dry !!!!
    Refil with first 1 litre, then start motor, move gear lever stopping in each gear for few seconds, put in park and idle, continue to ad approv .6 - .7 litre of ATF till on full mark on stick. Total oil on oil change approx 1.6 (1.7 if oil cooler ) litre of DEXRON ATF, fluid B DEXRON, Mobil ATF 220 DEXRON, Texaco TEXAMATIC Fluid 6673 or equivelants.
    I can give additional tips after you try this. Auto trans oil should be changed routinlly just like all the other fluids in this car !. Green mold grows in the auto trans when not changed and this sticks / cloggs the valves and passeges in the valve body. So dropping the valve body and carefully disassembling and cleaning can revive a 'green ' trans.
  • 02-21-2010, 12:50 AM

    Re: 1974 BMW 2002

    This is the car I bought, posted some pics on Photobucket, been about 3 weeks now & I love it. No problems, clean inside out, engine very strong and everything works.
  • 02-05-2010, 05:35 PM

    Not good to change all the fluid at once, do a

    little at a time if you need a change, otherwise just top up. John Stein on the e23 board at bim merboa rd dot com has written about changing auto trans oil, dos and don'ts. Search there.
  • 02-05-2010, 05:29 PM

    ETK lists lots of brands but Dexron III should do.

  • 02-02-2010, 08:32 AM

    1974 BMW 2002

    I bought the car this past weekend, in great shape inside/out, it's automatic, need to know what type of transmission fluid it takes please? any maintenance advice. Thanks!

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