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  • 03-10-2010, 01:26 PM

    Did you reset the CE light?

    Many times, like a windows computer, the engine management computer gets a flakey error and cries wolf.

    The first step I always take is to reset the check engine light and see if the code comes back. Oftentimes it does not.

    If it does, then you know you may have a real problem, and not just some voltage spike.

    The evap emissions system condenses the fumes in the gas tank and burns them in the engine. A leaky gas cap may generate some EVAP errors - "EVAP Emissions, large leak", usually.

    The purge valve, as the name implies, is actuated to vent the tank fumes into the intake. On a six cylinder car, this may be near the intake manifold.

    The valve could be faulty, or merely disconnected, or the connection corroded.

    A service manual and a code reader are really essential to doing your own repairs. BMW specific code readers are usually more detailed in their explanations, too. P-code readers are generic to all cars.

    I have not done this specific repair, so I can't help you further. I know about the evap purge valve because on the E36, they tend to "tick" annoyingly and sound like valve noise. This is normal, but there is a TSB to replace the mounts with a rubber mount to quiet the ticking.

    The valve should not be that expensive ($50?) and it should not take more than one shop hour to replace, if needed - if that indeed is the problem.

    Good luck.
  • 03-10-2010, 12:04 AM

    Any good independent repair shop to recommend ?

    Hi there,

    The service engine soon warning turns on in my 2003 X5 recently. I took the car to Autozone, there is only one error code - P0440

    The information I get from autozone is:

    The code is "P0440"
    EVAP purge function plausibility

    Open or short circuit condition

    Probable cause:
    1: Poor electrical connection
    2: Faulty purge solenoid

    Do you meet the similar problem before?

    Also Can anyboy recommends a good independent repair shop in the vicinity region of Batavia IL?


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