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  • 08-28-2010, 08:17 AM

    Re: Second E23 , some problems though

    Hey there microcat36,

    That's a nice RHD e23 you've managed to get your hands on..

    I have an e23 as well, a 728i with a similar ZF 4 Speed auto. Just wondering if you would be able to advise me where I can source some bits and pieces, looking for the wiper arm linkage mechanism and possibly the drivers door with all the bits...

    Boon Han
  • 05-30-2010, 03:59 AM


    I have got a replacement battery pack and will try that this week, failing that i know where a E24 is that is being scrapped and will get the instruments from that to try.

    i had a weird one last night, wipers and washers work ok, but when i use the washers the wipers slow down for about 10 sec and then speed up again, the alt light very dimly glows for the same time as the wipers slow.

    It has new belts and the alt voltage is 13.8 and does not drop when the light dimly glows, i can put all the lights/fog lights and heated rear window on an it does not glow then, a relay or earth fault maybe.

    The only rust on the car is a couple of spots on the leading edge, i will either take it out and get the sorted or i heard a Saab 9000 glass sunroof is the same, so i might replace it, as Saabs i have plenty off
  • 05-25-2010, 05:05 PM

    Yes and Yes.

  • 05-24-2010, 01:55 PM

    Second E23 , some problems though

    I have picked up my second E23 735i SE, but i have some problems, speedo, cruise control and economy gauge don't work and i have no airflow to the fresh air vents.
    The speedo/cruise and economy problems, are they likely to be the batteries on the SI board or the sender and the air vents are they likely to be an air leak or a servo on the HVAC.
    Apart from the problems the car runs brilliantly and the body work is remarkably good, with only a couple of rust spots on the sun roof, it is in Alpine White, i will get some better pictures once it has had a wash.

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