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  • 06-22-2010, 11:14 AM

    Re: fuel pump flumox-- fixed it updtate

    I had an intank pump that had failed on my 87 325is. Again, car ran fine for years. It only had issues while racing, on hard, long, right handers. Then it starved for fuel.


    87 325is (modded for race, Pole mod has been removed)
    87 325ic (5spd conversion complete) For sale!
    87 325ic (the project)
    88 325ix (new winter toy for her)
    89 325is (parts donor)
    93 325ic (yes it's an E30)
    01 M3 Cab (her toy)
    98 Ford Exploder (Inherited from my sister. RIP)
  • 06-21-2010, 09:45 PM

    Re: fuel pump flumox-- fixed it updtate

    turnss out, yes the car can run for yearss and years without an intank transfer pump. I put a new transfer pummp in and now the main pummp is silent. The intank is humming quietly away! No real change in drivability.
  • 06-13-2010, 02:14 PM

    fuel pump flumox

    84 318i 100k miles.

    I have an insanifying intermitant buzz that has been on going for the last 8 years with this car, the buzz seems to be coming from the main fuel pump. Years ago, I changed the main fuel pump and the buzz persisted. I have driven with the buzz for years.

    So I finally decided to try to get serious about finding the buzz, as the car drives flawlessly, I figured lets take care of this nuisance.

    main suspect is/was the in tank transfer pump. So I dug it out, put my stethescope on it and it is silent. So I figure it is working fine. I unplugged it. It is still silent and the car is running exactly the same. Just friggen fine with the intermittant buzz. Unfortunately my multimeter will not range to this amperage to test the harness and I don't have jumper to test the relay.

    Is it possible that this car has been running at 35 mpg for nearly a decade without a functioning in tank transfer pump???

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