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  • 12-23-2010, 11:04 PM

    I have a set of brand new Eibach springs for sale

    which would help your quest for replacing your shocks:

    signed a sweet e30 327i & e32 735i + 750iL
  • 12-07-2010, 12:02 AM

    Re: 1993 740iL shocks

    I recently replaced the two acumulators - with over 190,000 miles, there was no springing or dampening in the rear as the bombs had lost all their gas. Easy job as I had the exhaust off for driveshaft change.

    Works great now and the ride is like it should be.
  • 09-11-2010, 11:30 AM

    possible to replace LAD, see here
    Rear Self-Leveling Suspension Elimination Kit
    Installation Instructions
    SLELIM KIT-E32 5 Ser. '89 thru '96
    SLELIM KIT-E34M 735i/il 9/87 thru '94
    740i/il & 750il '88 thru '94

    *Rear springs for a NON self-leveling version of the application OR a set of sport springs (Eibach, R/D, etc.) for a NON self-leveling
    version of the application.
    *Rear shocks for a NON self-leveling version of the application

    In preparation for performing this job, the vehicle must be raised and properly supported so that the rear suspension has all vehicle weight removed and is hanging freely.
    1. Disconnect the hydraulic hose, at each side,running between the rear shock and the accumulator (mounted to the rear inner fender
    well), at the accumulator. (See Figure 1)
    2. Remove the rear shock and spring assemblies including the upper mounts.
    3. Use the included plugs to plug the accumulators where the hose was previously installed.
    Wrap the plug threads with teflon thread sealing tape before installing. (See Figure 1)
    4. Disconnect the attaching lever and connecting link from the swaybar and the hydraulic regulator valve. (See Figure 2)
    NOTE: Plugging the accumulators as described above, is the easiest method of capping off the hydraulic system. If you wish to
    remove more of the, now non-functional, hydraulic components there are a couple of options, as follows:
    a) Remove the accumulators, hoses and hardware up to the regulator, leaving the regulator attached to the supply and return
    hoses (from the engine driven pump). Plug the outlet of the regulator. (See Figure 3)
    b) Connect the supply and return hoses together in the engine compartment near the pump and remove all other hardware.
    5. Assemble the new spring and shock assembly using the new hardware from the Elimination Kit. (See Figure 4)
    6. Install new spring & shock assembly into the car.Shogun E32 Tech Tips:
  • 08-27-2010, 09:00 PM

    1993 740iL shocks

    Is there really a way around replacing shocks without using OEM parts - very expensive!

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