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  • 10-17-2010, 12:51 PM

    Re: Changing Transmission Pan Gasket

    Thank CobraDAV!!, its an automatic transmission. Now with your instructions I will do this MYSELF! Your the best!
  • 09-23-2010, 01:59 PM

    Some info for you

    I am assuming DIY

    Shell M-1375.4 (do a search online and should find at reasonable price)
    BMW P/N 83 22 0 142 516 is same thing only sold at much higher price.

    9-10 liters including torque converter. HOWEVER, when you drain and drop pan you will only get about 5.5 liters as fluid will remain in torque converter. Be careful and use a catch pan that you are able to subsequently get a pretty accurate measure of what came out. Do not overfill when replacing fluid.

    1) run tranny to get warm
    2) refill at refill plug using pump (obtainable from autoparts stores.
    3) replace plug and run again to get warm (run through gears and turn on AC to help warm up. Turn off and recheck to ensure you have not over filled
    4) A lot of stuff needs to be removed from around that area to be able to get access to all locations to drain/remove pan and refill. Make sure you know you can add fluid through fill plug before you drain or prop pan.

    Torques specs:
    Fill plug to transmission housing = 35Nm (26 ft-lb)
    Drain plug to plastic sump = 8 Nm (6 ft-lb)
    If replacing ATF Sump
    Approximately 21 M6 x 28.5 mm Torx 40 bolts
    Torque is 10 Nm (7 ft-lb)

    Sockets: 8mm, 10mm, 16mm, Torx T-40, 8mm L-shaped hex, Torx E10, 10mm hex head, 13mm ratcheting wrench, 3/8 Ratchet, Phillips screw driver, floor jack, 4 jack stands, ramps, oil catch can, fluid pump(available at any auto store).

    Good Luck.

    US '05 645 Coupe|Silver Grey|Chateau|Sport|Logic 7|HUD|Cold Pkg|SAT|AUX|BT w/ snap-in adapter|MP3|V1|CIP 31.00.00
  • 09-20-2010, 09:47 PM

    Re: Changing Transmission Pan Gasket

    Hey cobra, Yes its Auto, ok so will change the fluid, Please specify the fluid and quantity, Thanks so much for your help.
  • 09-20-2010, 08:15 AM

    Re: Changing Transmission Pan Gasket

    If I were in it already I would change fluid. Normal maintenance recommendation (NOT current BMW "lifetime" recommendation) would be at 60k miles for an AUTO and probably less for a manual tranny. I will have to check my manual when I get home for type and quantity, but you need to tell me if it is AUTO or manual first (SMG is also "manual").

    Edit. After re-reading I will assume by "Pan Gasket" this is the AUTO tranny.
    US '05 645 Coupe|Silver Grey|Chateau|Sport|Logic 7|HUD|Cold Pkg|SAT|AUX|BT w/ snap-in adapter|MP3|V1|CIP 31.00.00
  • 09-18-2010, 12:24 AM

    Changing Transmission Pan Gasket

    Hey guys, one more thing on my 04 645ci, i have about 47k miles, and i put it on the lift and saw a lil tranny fluid around the gasket area, looks like its needs a gasket change, Should i reuse the same oil? or put new oil? I heard the stories of changing the tranny fluid and ruining the tranny? Please let me know and what fluid it takes? how many quarts? thanks

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