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  • 09-30-2010, 07:42 AM


    1) Probably not. I have done both, although I noticed my alignment stays true for extreamly long periods of time (2+ years) so I have not needed one for awhile, but have had the tires changed at a chain tire place with good results. I have Tire Rack drop ship to location of choice (BMW or indy). If my dealer was closer I probably would have them do it more often. They charged $35 per tire while Tire Kingdom was $25. BTW I came off the rear negative camber spec of 2 degrees to negative 1.3. Wear is more even and don't miss the less understeer response.

    2) No alerts. Just reset FTM or TPM whichever you have once new tires are on car.

    3) Sorry, only know Brevard (FL) county

    I have 400 miles on my new V12s and happy so far. I think you will like them. They are directional so they do have a specific rotation that must be adheared to but no tire place should miss that.
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  • 09-29-2010, 05:35 PM


    Based on several forum contributions, i am switching out my RFTS for Hankook V12's.My present tires Bridgestone Potenza RFTS have extreme negative camber wear and require replacement. I have three questions 1. Is there any benefit to have my tires replaced and realigned at the dealership Vs. an independent tire shop? 2. are there any computer alert mods when switching from RFTS TO NRFTS.3.Can anyone suggest a reliable independent shop for 6 series in the Northwest Florida region. THANKS

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