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  • 10-28-2010, 03:13 PM

    Re: 1989 E34 Will not start after changing water pump

    If you have a leaking head gasket and want to just get
    the water out of a cylinder -

    Remove the spark plugs.

    Drain the radiator (or it will fill the cyl back up).

    In neutral, Use a jumper wire to the starter selenoid to
    turn the engine over - do not use the ignition switch
    or it may damage the DME with the spark plugs out.

    After cranking it for a while, most of the water will
    be blown out the spark plug hole.

    I replaced the head gasket on my '90 535i about 3 years and 60k mi.
    ago using the Chilton's repair manual. In addition
    to the head gasket, installed new head bolts, it is not
    recommended they be used more than once, plus other
    gaskets. Used a small engine hoist to lift the head
    with the intake and exhaust manifolds still attached.

    Cleaned both head and block with single edged razor blades
    and light emory paper, vacumed all shavings particals out, put it
    back together. Careful with the timing chain, I used wire
    to hold it and the cam sproket in place - also the head
    bolts not only require torqing, but require an added twist
    of 30-40 degrees after setting for a while.

    She stills rums great at 230k miles. I had the same
    overheating symptoms you did before because the exhaust
    gas is forced into the coolant through the gasket leak.

    I think the total parts cost was about $300 for a shade
    tree mechanic - and a long day's work - good luck

  • 10-28-2010, 09:39 AM

    Re: 1989 E34 Will not start after changing water pump

    Well, thats not the news I wanted to hear. If I decide to change it out, how do I remove the water from the cylinder?
  • 10-28-2010, 05:50 AM

    Re: 1989 E34 Will not start after changing water pump

    Sounds like a leaking head gasket.

    If it is, water may fill one or more cylinders and lock
    the engine.

    You can check this by removing the spark plugs and check
    for water.

    If you have a 535i, installing a new head gasket is not
    too hard, if you have the tools, but a dealer will
    charge for a day's labor.

    Good luck
  • 10-27-2010, 11:15 PM

    1989 E34 Will not start after changing water pump

    Hello everyone. Thank you for all of your help in the past, it has helped me keep my '89 manual w/265k running beautifully.

    At the end of the summer after driving in high heat, my car overheated and then would continually overheat after driving only a short distance. I decided to not beat around the bush and replace the entire cooling system (Radiator, water pump and thermostat). After I installed everything it will not start. It gets ready to flip over and then I hear pronounced clunk coming from the engine and then everything cuts off before it tries again. I cannot figure out what is causing this. Can someone with the knowledge please attempt to help me? I am extremely frustrated at the moment.

    Thank you,

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