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  • 11-12-2010, 03:22 PM

    Re: Oh, so these things are fairly universal?

    Pelican had OEM versions of them for about $15 each, whereas ebay had generic ones for about $30 for two. Needless to say, I ordered them from Pelican.

    Thanks for the pointers, guys.

  • 11-10-2010, 10:44 PM

    Re: any luck with the German shop?

    It's going to take some time. Fairly rare part. I'll let you know if he turns one up. Thanks again.
  • 11-10-2010, 07:44 PM

    Re: any luck with the German shop?

    I checked at napa today as mine need replacing.$47.00 each for the Z3
  • 11-10-2010, 02:34 PM

    Universal. Not necessarily ubiquitous.

    I wandered through the local Pep-Boys/Autozones a few years ago to see if I could get my hands on a replacement. In the gas-strut section, their leashed reference book listed the part number for the Z3, but it wasn't something normally stocked on the shelf. Special order. I think I ended up ordering BMW OEM.

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  • 11-09-2010, 10:28 PM

    Re: Oh, so these things are fairly universal?

    You can definitely get non-BMW replacements for cheaper. I replaced mine about in '06, they are still working fine, and I open my trunk 3 or 4 times a day (car (roof) cover).
  • 11-09-2010, 03:02 PM

    Oh, so these things are fairly universal?

    I'm so used to necessary parts being special-voodoo-BMW parts, but these struts are fairly generic, are they?

  • 11-09-2010, 12:52 AM


    Dealer will charge you more, of course. I got replacements from Pelican Parts for much cheaper. Local auto parts store may have them as well.
  • 11-08-2010, 05:29 PM

    any luck with the German shop?

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  • 11-08-2010, 03:36 PM

    Just pry off the metal clip

    with a flathead screwdriver and pull the shock to remove it. I would highly recommend having a helper to hold the trunk open while you remove the shock or the trunk might slam close. Not only that could hurt you, but, most importantly, the now loose shock might get stuck between the lid and the body causing a nasty ding...

    2003 Z4 2.5i
    2002 Ducati Monster S4

  • 11-08-2010, 03:32 PM

    Just a ball and socket joint held in place

    with a clip. Use a flat screwdriver, etc. to pry up the clip. Make sure you have the trunk supported if you plan on taking off both old shocks before putting on the new ones.
  • 11-08-2010, 02:35 PM

    Replacing the Trunk Lid's "shocks"?


    So today, I noticed it was much tougher than normal to open the trunk, like the trunk like was very heavy. Likewise, when I went to close it, it slammed shut on its own.

    I assume this means that one or more of the little gas pistons that look like shocks on the trunk lid hinges have failed.

    When I looked closely, it looks like one of the pistons leaked its fluid a bit.

    So, can someone point me to a write-up on replacing these? It looks like there's probably a simple trick to it.

    Also, is the dealer pretty much the only place to get replacements?


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