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  • 11-15-2010, 10:37 AM

    Re: 83 320i 5 Speed Question About The Clutch

    I guess there are no hard and fast rules. at 200, 000 miles my 83 320 was getting a noise from the thro out bearing, so I replaced clutch pressure plate and thro out. after taking it all apart, there was still some life left on the disk, hard to say how much. the pressure plate was still fine. the thro out, as expected was toast. I guess I could have changed just the disk and thro out, but I only wanted to do it once.
  • 11-14-2010, 11:48 AM

    Question About The Clutch - mine only 75,000

    My original clutch only last about 75,000 miles. I suppose that is the curse of town driving. Then the rear seal failed and put oil all over this second clutch, so I had to have another one installed. So I have not had too much luck.

    As an aside, I just drove a 128 at the dealer but with Steptronic transmission. There was something fundamentally flawed with that "performance driver's" slushbox. It felt numb, and when you pressed on the accelerator, there was a lag before something happened to the wheels. Then if you pressed a bit harder, it jerked into a lower gear. Why do suburbanites buy nonsense like a Steptronic?
  • 11-13-2010, 05:18 PM

    83 320i 5 Speed Question About The Clutch

    Hello To All,
    1st and foremost thanks to all who helped me with previous questions and posts you guys are the best. I am back once again with yet another question about the clutch in a 83 320i how long typically (estimate of course) do they last? I have 145K originally miles on mine now and a lot of parts are originally so I am wondering here when have you other 320i owners seen the clutch going bad please advise me here? I know it is now displacing signs of wear i.e. the clutch pedal having to go up higher in the air before you let out gear another forums said this was a sure sign of the clutch disc plate becoming too thin. However my question is this how do I know when to change it as everything is okay and fine as far as driving and shifting the car/clutch. So I don't want to pay someone to put a new clutch when the old one is still working okay/fine hence why I need some help/advice on here as to when you guys (previous/current 320i owners) have seen the clutches go bad and wear out what mileage. Please advise with any info or help on this topic I appreciate it much.

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