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  • 01-15-2011, 10:06 PM

    Re: Brake pads and rotors

    i agree with Ches....i used the axis pads on my e39 and it just wasnt the same, the less dust part was nice but the feel of the oem pads just wasnt sticking to stock on the e53, even though ive gotten 2 warped rotors from my supplier...........once its right, there is nothing better than the stock dustmakers!
  • 12-14-2010, 01:41 PM

    Re: Brake pads and rotors

    Recently I replaced my fronts (rears use Balo with Textar)and tried to use Centric rotors with Akebono EUR681... I think it was a mistake. Car brakes work but it is not he same "bite" as BMW OEM or similar. Also I feel that now rear brabs harder and it feels weird.
    I used Balo with Jurid before on front and they worked great. Jurids produce dust but they behave much better in their job of braking...
    I think I will buy Jurids and replace Akebono hoping that it is primarly pads... Akebono's which dust much less but ...that is not or should not be the #1 reason to use them.
  • 12-09-2010, 12:09 PM

    Cool. Dave Z is a good guy.

  • 12-09-2010, 12:24 AM

    Re: Brake pads and rotors

    Thanks a bunch BC - I have Balos on their way and David Zeckhausen emailed the following:

    Axxis Deluxe Advanced pads for the X5 are no longer imported by Centric from Australia. However, the Centric Posi Quiet Ceramic pads have the same low-dust, rotor friendly characteristics and offer slightly higher bite and friction, as well as better fade resistance. They also have composite anti-squeal shims to make them even less prone to low speed squeaks and squeals than the Axxis pads were. If you liked Deluxe Plus, you'll like these better.

    So I have these on the way. He also sent me a link on painting the calipers and that has now become a definite possibility. I am painting my valve covers on my 740iL so they all may end up wrinkle gold color.

  • 12-08-2010, 12:03 PM

    Re: Brake pads and rotors

    Probably Balo or Zimmerman for OEM rotors. I recetnly ordered Zimmerman Coat-Z rotors and Textar pads from Pelican Parts. They're a good source for OE and OEM products.

    The Textar pads will be dusty but I like that good initial bite in an OEM pad. Plus I am limited on front pads for the 4.8.

    Your combo should work fine.
  • 12-05-2010, 12:57 AM

    Brake pads and rotors

    Recent to E53 but years in E32 and E39. Question on brakes. Per E32 forum - Balo (OEM) rotors and Axxis Deluxe Plus pads. These are now known as Axxis Deluxe Advanced. No dust - rotor friendly and after 30,000 miles, pads and rotors looked barely worn. So did the same on the E39 and same results.

    E53 fronts are about to wear sensor and have the stock dusty Jurids so wife is expecting me to fix as I did her E39.

    Anyone done this combination? Are OEM rotors Balo? or who.

    Other suggestions?


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