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  • 12-31-2010, 12:33 PM

    Re: You have an air leak, lean issue

    I agree, the probable cause is an intake leak. The only reliable method of locating intake leaks is to have a smoke test run on the intake and crank case and to test the brake booster with a gage and vacuum pump. The complete list of possible causes of an intake leak is:

    Intake boot
    Throttle body gasket
    ICV hoses & connections
    Brake booster, hoses, and connections
    Crank case breather hose
    Evaporative control hoses, valve, and expansion tank
    Fuel pressure regulator & hose
    Injector seals
    Valve cover gaskets & bungs
    Oil filler cap
    Dip stick o-rings
    Oil return tube o-rings

    While leaks in some of those can be found by inspection or by spraying carb cleaner on suspect areas, not finding leaks that way doesn't eliminate the possibility. Only a smoke test will really work.
    Jim Levie, Huntsville, AL
    BMWCCA 335857
  • 12-30-2010, 11:11 PM
    Geez Tech

    You have an air leak, lean issue

    Check small hose directly under the throttle housing, it connects to a charcoal cannister. It usuaaly splits close to the fitting under the throttle body causing a air leak and a lean fuel mixture.

  • 12-30-2010, 03:57 PM

    E30 - M20 Check Engine Light

    Can anyone tell me something specific for why my engine light might come on after idling for a minute or so, even while driving? It goes off when I push the gas, then comes on after I let off of the gas. I have read the DME code (1222 - Air/Fuel Mix), which gives me several different things to try, such as Mass Air Flow Meter, Valve Adjustment, New plugs, wires, etc., and maybe the car has run out of gas (Which it hasn't).

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