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  • 01-07-2011, 08:29 PM
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  • 02-19-2008, 03:04 PM


    Sorry if this info is old news to this board but I had to share. A few years ago my buddy was crucified on the Roadfly forums when he proudly showed the newly jet coated euro headers for his M6. The "experts" on the forum advised him he did not have the OEM Euro headers on his M6. Not being very knowledgable about headers he tried to defend his headers but could not after pics of the REAL OEM headers were posted. A side by side comparison showed he definitely did not have OEM headers.

    In his defense I tried to research what type of headers he actually had on the car. (he bought the car with them already installed) After days of research I was able to find out that Racing Dynamics actually sold an after market header for the S38 at a lower cost. We offered that out to the experts, who by the way had no clue what type of headers they were either, and it seemed to put the issues to rest.

    Fast forward to last summer when another buddy who bought a salvaged M6, donated the headers off the car to me. After looking at them carefully I realized they were the same mystery headers! After my rebuild, my mechanic test fitted them on my M5 and he was not happy with the fit because certain heat sheilds could not be used. He took them back off and scolded me in his think German accent. I eventually had them re-installed by my friends muffler shop. I couldn't source any OEM headers anywhere at the time so I figured I will just use the mystery headers since my other buddy was happy with their performance.

    A member from the Yahoo S38 board was finally able to identify the mystery headers! They are known to the BMW racing community as La Carrera headers. For those of you who did not know, local BMW dealer Rug Cunningham raced two M6 and his personal M5 in the La Carrera Classic in Mexico back in the early 90's. This was a legal open road race just like the Silver State Classic in NV. In the video Rug's cars finished in the top ten of over 135+ cars that entered the race. He claimed that the only modifications made to the cars were the installation of a header. Everyone has assumed he was talking about the OEM euro headers already in euro Ms. Rug apparently commissioned Schlossnegel Racing here in San Diego to develop custom headers for the S38 with bigger logs and longer primaries. There were 20 documented sets made but only 5 were ever used in racing events. The rest of the headers were sold to his "best customers" There was no definite price put on them but members I have spoken to say they were about $3,800.00 for the set! A lot more expensive than the factory units. As far as performance goes that is a subject that will only cause more fighting in the forums so I won't go there. I can only assume these headers were designed for sustained high speed driving since longer primaries and larger tubing decreases torque at lower rpms. I will let you guys argue over their merits.

    Just wanted to set the record please don't pick on anyone who has these rare and special headers. Just tell them they are not OEM but they are a custom limited set from
    Schlossnegel Racing.

    oem euro headers:


    Custom Schlossnegel Racing headers (only 20 made)

    La Carrera headers AKA Racing Dynamics headers temporarily in my car

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