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  • 02-03-2011, 11:28 PM

    Re: BMW In-Dash Business CD Player - Info Needed

    The CD players are ALL interchangeable, electronically, no matter where, no matter when. A 2000 and earlier model (august 1999 or earlier) will have round pins; a 2001 and later (august 2000 or later) version will have flat pins and you will need all three cable adapters for this. I wouldn't worry about S/W numbers, H/W numbers unless you are getting a 2003 or later verion that will play CDRWs and MP3s. The smaller 12 pin adapters are for the CD player/SAT and telephone. You should have pre wiring for the CD changer only in your car.

    2001 530i 5sp
  • 01-31-2011, 08:49 PM
    NJ Dave

    Wow, is that eBay CD player old!

    Looking at the labeling, it is an older Blaupunkt CD Player, made in
    Portugal no less.

    I have never seen this model on eBay or even mentioned in on-line forums
    Especially having been made in Portugal ... of all places.

    I'm sure that particular CD player is WAY over priced for what it is
    and for it's age and usage!

  • 01-31-2011, 08:40 PM
    NJ Dave

    Some Info Came From These Sources

    I originally read, awhile ago some where on this E39 Roadfly forum,
    a member putting up a post in regards to the following:

    (I'd have to search back for the original post, but this is
    what I have text saved from that post)

    " posting (date unknown) ... In my 1999 E39 (Cassette,
    6-CD changer, non-DSP equipped), I replaced the original cassette
    head unit (BMW Part: 65 12 8 375 947) with a newer, 2005 Business
    CD head unit (BMW Part: 65 12 6 943 433 ).

    __________________________________________________ ____________________________

    Also, this is an interesting part of a text conversation posting
    on [Oops!].com, regarding fitting an in-dash CD player into the E39:

    "[Oops!].com (dated Jan. 17, 2010 ) ... "The e39 never had MP3 or
    WMA capabilities, this was added to the X5 in 2005. However, the 2005+
    radio can be installed to your 5-series as long as the PlugPak is used.
    Since you have Business Cassette (not many 01 e39s did), you still
    have the round pins within the connector.

    Yes, I understand that the Business CD I have was from an X5. Supposedly
    should work fine in an E39, as you say.

    Actually, the 2001 E39 cars did have the new R40 (flat pin harness)
    regardless of whether they had the CD or cassette. This makes sense that
    BMW would use the same harness in their 2001 cars, rather than have some
    that had round pins (R17) for the cassette and some that had flat pins (R40)
    for the CD. The switchover was at the beginning of the 2001 model year.

    Any unit with a date of 9/2003 or later will work with the aux cable. There
    are many part numbers so look for the date. My understanding is that the
    last production series of E53 X5 head units (same as the E39 units) in 2005
    will also play CDRWs/MP3s. The part numbers for these were:
    65-12-6-943-433 and 65-12-6-961-218.

    I bought a -218 model and can confirm that Aux and CDRW/MP3 works.

    I can verify that OEM business CD players P/N: 65 12 6 943 433 and
    65 12 6 943 433 will support the auxiliary input kit which is
    P/N 82 11 0 149 390. Your dealer should have the list of compatible
    units for the aux input kit. Kit is usually around $39"

    The site address for this posting is:

  • 01-31-2011, 07:49 PM

    Have you subsequently tested it after >>

    getting it back?

    BTW, the item on ebaY has the round pins, and just one 12-pin connector, just like my tape deck. It's just not worth $500 to me. 5908576QQptZCarQ5fAudioQ5fVideo
    Ed in San Jose. BMW CCA member since 1987 (Nr. 62319). Golden Gate Chapter. '97 540i 6 speed. Build Date 3/97. Aspensilber over Aubergine leather.
  • 01-31-2011, 07:46 PM

    And where did this info come from?

    Ed in San Jose. BMW CCA member since 1987 (Nr. 62319). Golden Gate Chapter. '97 540i 6 speed. Build Date 3/97. Aspensilber over Aubergine leather.
  • 01-31-2011, 07:06 PM

    Euro version?

    By your mentioning "... unless there is a Euro version", are you referring
    to one that possibly be manufactured in Hungary?

    It seems to me, that all the In-Dash CD Players that are recommended, by
    others (on-line) who have shown a successful installation for the '97 528i,
    have mentioned doing so with the Alpine BMW Part No. 65 12 6 943 433,
    which was manufactured in Hungary (around 2005).

    The only other manufactured source for the later model BMW In-Dash CD
    Players, that I have seen, are those manufactured in Japan.

    Although, I have seen on eBay one or two very early Blaupunkt BMW in-Dash CD
    Players. These all seemed to date back to the late 90's ... and I would be more
    leery about putting that late a model CD player in with my Alpine MID/Radio unit.
    I've been told it's best to stick with Alpine to Alpine.

    Note: I have had a trunk Alpine 6-CD Changer in the 528i since 2000, and
    it stills plays flawlessly. It's just that I would like to upgrade the dash unit as well.
  • 01-31-2011, 06:53 PM

    To Clarify CD Labeling Info

    What I meant when I said in the earlier post ... was that the
    following CD player label spec's were said to be the best
    combination for the '97 528i.

    __________________________________________________ ___

    BMW Business CD Player

    BMW Part No. 65 12 6 909 881 (US Version)
    or, BMW 65 12 6 943 433 (Euro Version)

    Made in Hungary
    (Manufactured anytime in 2005 =/-)

    CD53 E39/53

    (Software) SW/No. 42
    (Hardware) HD/No. 41

    __________________________________________________ ___

    Also, when I'm mentioning "SW/No." and "HD/No.", etc.,
    I'm referencing the top side label info on the Business CD unit.

    (see link below for label sample - not particularly the
    one I'm looking for, but just to show how the label spec's look)
  • 01-31-2011, 01:58 PM

    Actually the player was an '01+ unit >>

    I had it in my '99 car. I didn't think the CD player was available until the 01 cars, unless there is a Euro version. That is probably the one you mention seeing on ebay.

    It did work in my car with the adapter cables...still confused why it didn't work in your car.
  • 01-31-2011, 01:21 PM

    I tried a '99 CD player, with the correct adapter>

    cable, and it did not work. The seller swore that it worked when it came out of the car, which also had the DSP system.

    The seller supplied the $135 adapter cables. The cable in my car had only one 12-pin connector, whereas the adapter (and the CD player) had two connectors. The player was the flat-pin version.

    Luckily, he refunded my money after I returned the unit.

    I would be very suspicious of any CD player that was not specifically for your MY and equipment; there seems to be a lot of variation in audio equipment. The only real test is to connect it and see if it works, assuming a return privilege.

    Someone on ebaY was selling a round-pin CD player, but he wanted $495 for it!
    Ed in San Jose. BMW CCA member since 1987 (Nr. 62319). Golden Gate Chapter. '97 540i 6 speed. Build Date 3/97. Aspensilber over Aubergine leather.
  • 01-31-2011, 05:14 AM

    BMW In-Dash Business CD Player - Info Needed

    So I'm looking at in-dash BMW Business CD Players for a '97 E39
    and have a few questions to those in the know:

    1. How important is it to get the right BMW part number for an
    in-dash CD player (considering that the round to flat pin conversion
    cables are available to fit all E39 models?

    2. How important is it that the "SW/No., HD/No., KW and AI" , on the
    CD Player label, match up to a particular E39 model or Alpine MID/Radio model?

    I have been told to watch out for a combination of the
    following for a replacement in-dash CD for a '97 528i:

    __________________________________________________ ___

    BMW Part No. 65 12 6 909 881 (US Version)
    or, BMW 65 12 6 943 433 (Euro Version)

    (Software) SW/No. 42
    (Hardware) HD/No. 41

    __________________________________________________ ___

    Does it matter that many BMW (Alpine Made), CD players have different
    labeling info on them ... even if they are either round or flat pin models,
    seeing that they can all be hooked up with either of the following available
    BMW conversion hardware?

    BMW Part No. : 61 12 6 913 954 (CD Changer Adapter Cable) $20.00
    BMW Part No. : 61 12 6 913 955 (Antenna Adapter Tubing) $34.00
    BMW Part No. : 61 12 6 913 957 (Radio Cable Adapter) $58.00

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