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  • 02-21-2011, 09:55 AM

    Not really, I'd rather work on V8's than on I6's(m

    Almost everything is easier to get at. More room up front too.
  • 02-21-2011, 09:24 AM

    wow, that looks so much more complex than my I6

  • 02-21-2011, 08:46 AM

    Correct, here is a pic (m)

    The other screw that you mentioned for the battery post on the front of the VC, I'd put some liquid metal in the screw hole and then screw the screw back in.
    For filling the cooling system there is a procedure, you need to bleed the air out of the engine, if you don't get all of it out the engine will overheat due to an air lock preventing coolant from circulating. The clue will be you have no heat from the cabin heater.
    There are many posts on doing this if you "search".

  • 02-21-2011, 01:16 AM

    Bracket location -- left rear of engine (more)

    If memory serves, that bracket belongs at the left rear of the manifold, under the nut that holds the injector wiring box to the fuel rail. The plastic clips hold 2 vacuum lines that originate at a y-shaped piece of plastic called the "sucking jet valve" which in turn is plumbed into the back of the intake manifold:
    --the brake booster vacuum line
    --a vacuum line that runs to the air intake, downstream of the MAF.

  • 02-21-2011, 12:57 AM

    Update to VCG and Upper Timing Cover gasket...

    I spent the last two days putting my M62 back together. This took much longer than I would have liked but I not only had to wait for the BWM special tools to arrive but I also caught Pneumonia that kept me down for the last month.

    This is the first DIY I've done on my 540i and overall it went quite well. I ended up replacing many vacuum hoses due to age break down and and have one remaining bracket I cannot find a home for. I posted a photo of it in hopes someone can help me figure out where it gets installed.

    When performing the upper timing cover gasket replacement I ended up having to remove the upper/lower radiator hoses and caught all the draining coolant I could which seems to be about 2 or 3 gallons.

    Is there a procedure for pouring that back into the radiator?

    When I installed the VCG's with their new gaskets I was quite surprised and proud of myself to get them with the first try on the passenger side. The driver side was a bit more cumbersome and I had to have someone hold the fuel line up and back a bit for install. However both gaskets seated good the first pass as I used my hands with no gloves to feel the half moons seated correctly.

    Oh another issue I encountered was reinstalling the positive battery terminal atop the VCG on driver side. I was able to tighten up one of the two screw as one of them stripped out. What can I do to remedy that or is it even necessary. One of them holds it in place quite well.

    I also attached photographs of my completed project. I haven't started her up yet so I'm praying to have no leaks.

    I really want to thank everyone on this board for their invaluable information and willingness to provide the information so quickly and accurately. I could not have done this job without the assistance provided by our members. Thank you and hats off to you!

    David'06 BMW X5 4.8is Sapphire Black/Black mfg 10/2005 58k
    '01 BMW 540i Sport Jet Black/Black mfg 11/2000 90k
    '00 Jeep Wrangler Sport White/Tan cloth 82k
    '06 BMW Z3 Rider Green/Tan Seat (daughters push car)

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