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  • 03-06-2011, 11:25 PM

    Re: 2000 BMW - Making me cry

    Man. I wish I had spent so much money on my last wife. I still might get some warm meals now and then :)

    Since I last posted, I took the car out without any work. The car worked for few days and then died again. Took it back, the guy told me the alternator is toast, and most probably due to the leaking PSF. Also, the noise that is coming out is due to a leaking Power Steering Pump. So I replaced the Power Steering Pump, and the two hoses that are attached to the PSF reservoir and the following
    -Oil Pan Gasket
    -Valve Cover Gasket

    Got the car back few days ago and the battery/alternator/power steering issue seems to have been taken care off.

    BUT, now when I start driving, the car seems to rev higher and make a whining sound as the rpm is going higher. It feels a little like when the clutch was about to give ways from my olden days, this car is automatic.

    I am just loosing it. Any DIYers in the Metro DC area I can hook up with. I just blew my tax refund and I have knots in my stomach :(
  • 02-09-2011, 08:59 PM

    Re: 2000 BMW - Making me cry

    Sounds about normal for a 10 year old 5 series. The steering fluid leak is probably the hoses/hose clamps. The alternator is also due and may indeed be going out but I'd double check the battery again first (if the alternator light isn't on). You still have the CCV, secondary air pump, fan clutch, oil fiter gasket, valve cover gasket, etc, waiting in the wind before you're clear for another 30k or so.


    2001 530i 5sp
  • 02-08-2011, 11:40 AM

    +1 and another possible cause

    Premature alternator failure in my case (80k miles) was caused by the cooling housing being completely clogged up with dead leaves. There is no screen preventing leaves from entering the cooling duct.
    '03 525i Sapphire Blu/Grey, SP, Nav
    '02 325it Orient Blu./Grey, SP, Nav
    '98 323is Arctic Sil./Blk, SP
    '95 M3 Cosmos Blk./Blk
  • 02-08-2011, 08:24 AM

    Re: Sounds like the alt is not charging the battery.

    Same car, same symptoms, my alternator was intermittent for about a week before giving up completely, On the last night I ran with it, I was many miles from home headlights and dash dim, battery light on, my fortunate luck it all came back on just before dieing, made it home.
    Replaced the alternator, all was good. My guess is the brushes were worn to the point of just touching sometimes. That was at about 160K miles though. Yours could be contaminated brushed from PSF causing intermittent contact.
  • 02-08-2011, 02:44 AM


    Im a meathead--completely missed your other post about the output.
  • 02-08-2011, 02:36 AM

    Alternator Wet?

    If the steering fluid is all over the alternator (on the 6 it sits right under the fluid reservoir) I would expect that to be the source of your charging problem. You didnt say anything about the output voltage when running..?
  • 02-08-2011, 12:48 AM


  • 02-07-2011, 11:17 PM

    Yes, check it at the battery (m)

    14.53 is a bit on the high side possibly because you may have a bad connection somewhere, or an alternator is only working part time which could explain why your battery dies.
    When the alt light comes on it's not charging the battery either because the alt is bad or the fuse for it is bad. Since it works most of the time I would have to guess the fuse is OK.
    Next time the alt light comes on, shut off everything you can that uses electricty. You should be able to drive ~30 miles before the battery dies.

  • 02-07-2011, 10:55 PM

    Re: Sounds like the alt is not charging the battery.

    The indy did attach the voltmeter (opened the hood and tested while the car was running, it showed 14.53V) and said the alternator is fine!
    Should I be asking him to do something else??
  • 02-07-2011, 10:26 PM


    Queens NY
    BMWCCA# 186796
    86 325es (wrecked by careless driver)
    87 325 300k (project for life)
    00 540is 6spd 180k (daily driver)
  • 02-07-2011, 09:59 PM

    Sounds like the alt is not charging the battery.

    2002 540 6 speed, Steel Blue/Black interior, totally loaded with every option, and now with built in Stealth One/Valentine 1. 18" Staggered Privat wheels. I am loving the power again!

    2003 525iT, Silver/Black, non-sport, 18" Staggered BBS RC wheels. T boned and traded away.

    2000 540 6 speed, Biarritz Blue/Sand, M5 shifter, XM Radio Valentine One/Stealth One hardwired in, 17" style 5 wheels
    Sold but never forgotten.

    2001 525i, stock, great car that got me hooked, sold

  • 02-07-2011, 08:54 PM

    2000 BMW - Making me cry

    I have a 2000 130K miles 528, purchased at 60K miles. I have been through my set of pains water pump, radiator, maf, leaks etc etc. Now this problem has come up and I am clueless.
    My car has been leaking oil for a month or so. Week ago, I open the hood and the steering fluid reservoir is nearly empty. I top it up and decide to look into it in when I get tax refund.
    Then on Friday evening driving home from work the battery light comes on. On Saturday morning the car wouldn't start and I needed to jump it. I drive for 20 miles or so and slowly all electrical system begin to shut down, wipers went slower and slower and the instrmentation panel dimmed till it was all dead, and then car shuts down.
    Call my friend and take out the battery to take it to AutoZone (the battery is only 2yrs or so old). They check the battery it is totally drained. They charge it for an 2 hours and test it again and tell me all is well with battery. Put it in car, drive and again in around 10 miles the car dies. The battery is totally drained.
    Funny thing is today morning the car starts in one turn and I take it to a local indy, he tells me he can't tell what is wrong. No check engine code. Nothing. And again this evening the car dies :(
    While at the mechnanic shop he tell me the steering pump is leaking crazy and he needs to replace it.
    What do I do? Since the alternator is near the steering pump , could it have caused problems? What else?
    I am loosing sleep. I just don't need car agony with all thats going on in my life.

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