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  • 03-08-2011, 01:49 AM

    The electric fan on a 750 is for the AC unit and

    the unit should have cut out if the fan didn't work. Radiators on these cars do go out because of the plastic parts. They rarely last 100k. I have never heard of a timing chain going at your milage. The work you described has nothing to do with the chain.
  • 03-07-2011, 09:47 AM

    Re: 2001 740 il from hell

    If you have a warranty on this vehicle why didn't you go to the dealer? This is one of the only instances when I would reccomend going there for an out of warranty car!Matt
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  • 03-07-2011, 12:44 AM
    Austen K

    Re: 2001 740 il from hell

    If the repair company said the warranty company would ship certain parts, then how did they end up with a used electric fan that was supposed to be new?
  • 03-05-2011, 03:59 PM

    2001 740 il from hell

    Sorry this post is so longÖI purchased a 2001 750 IL BMW from a local used car business in Nov 2010. The car had 171,000. miles on it. Since the miles were high I purchased an extended warranty for three years unlimited miles. In January my car broke down as the temp gauge went to red .I pulled over immediately. I called a tow truck and had the car told to an independent repair facility. This facility strictly works on BMW's... Well the repair shop opened up a claim with the warranty company and a repair quote was faxed to the warranty co. The repair faculty called me and said the warranty co. had said they would ship certain parts. Therefore not allowing the repair facility to profit off any parts. Neither here nor there I certainly do not agree with this tactic but the repair facility did not challenge the warranty co. Instead the repair facility called me complaining about how they were not going to make any money off of the parts and basically they were not in the business not to make money. However, he said he felt sorry for me since I had just purchased the car and he would agree to do the repairs as negotiated by the warranty company. Then he went over certain parts and labor and sales taxes I would be responsible for. The work that was authorized was to replace the radiator, thermostat, electric fan motor, replace the intake manifold gasket also throttle cover plate and gasket and replace vacuum pipe below. Replace and repair rear ball joints and arms. Well it took almost a month for the repairs to be negotiated by the warranty co. and the repair facility to complete the work. I paid 844.00 out of pocket and the warranty co paid 1141.00. Making this a total of almost 2000.00.
    After the repairs were completed I picked up my vehicle and I drove it and 150 miles later the low coolant light comes on along with the check engine light. I continued to drive it a mile to the next exit off the freeway which did not end up happening cause a huge clanging noise happened and I lost power. Well to say the least I called a tow truck to have the car towed back to the repair facility that just had made the repairs. I was very professional told them what happened and then the gentleman says to me we will look at your car but I don't think I want to work on your vehicle anymore. So I asked him why he would say this especially when he was just paid for work that he did on my car. This man stated as I told you before we are in the business to make money and I didnít make any money off your car last time cause of the warranty co. So I said well I don't think you lost money on the repairs you made and I would like to know what currently is wrong with my car so he said he would look at the car. I immediately contacted my bank and put a stop payment on my 844.00 check. Then I contacted the warranty company and asked them if they had paid this claim. The warranty adjustor said yes they paid by American express so I explained my concerns with the adjustor and he said well let the guy look at the vehicle and see what he says. It took several phone calls and one week to hear back from the repair facility and I was told the timing chain broke and burnt valves open. Then the repair facility told me that he just did not want to do anymore work on my car because he did not want to deal with the warranty company. At this time I asked him why did the low coolant light come on and the car also seemed like it had a higher idle or rpm after I picked the car up. He said he didnít know it could be several reasons and then said again I don't want to work on your car anymore. Well I asked him if he had talked with the warranty company and he said yes and they wanted him to fax over and estimate to repair the car and that he agreed he would do that however he did not want to work on the car. I said ok well can you fax me a copy of your estimate when youíre done which he did comply. I then contacted the warranty company with several concerns I addressed the concern that I felt like red flags were being thrown out do to the repair facility not wanting to continue to work on my car and I asked the adjustor if he would fax over a copy of the original work that was submitted for payment so I could see it and compare with mine to make sure they matched. Well the adjustor called the repair facility and they faxed him the originals of my copies that I signed and then the adjustor phoned me and said I needed to remove my vehicle from this repair facility as they had committed fraud and the warranty company will no longer do business with this shop. I asked the adjustor what they had found he stated that the shopped billed the warranty company for a new electric fan which was what was approved for and the shop charged and installed a used one...about a 300.00 difference. Well I told the adjustor how am I suppose to handle getting my car out when I stopped payment on his check. The adjustor stated that I would need to pay the facility and have my car towed to another shop. I asked the adjustor for a referral but he stated they don't have a preferred list. The adjustor also stated that he had not made this repair facility aware of what they had found and would not do so until my car was off their premises. I immediately that day within the hour found another repair shop and went and paid this facility 844.00 in cash to replace the stopped payment check. The car was towed to another facility. The new facility stated that the electric fan was used and the valley pan and plate were never touched as stated on the repair bill. I asked the new repair tech if he thought there was anything the prior mechanic had done or could have not done to create the timing chain to break. Such as throttle cover plate/gasket or any thing that had to do with the replacement of the radiator or intake manifold he stated he really didnít know... This tells me he really did not want to get involved. In the meantime the warranty company sent out an adjustor who took pictures and they have approved the claim to replace the engine which gets more complicated....At this point: Can anyone tell me the answer to the following questions?
    1) Is it possible for the timing chain to break due to the repairs that were completed by the original repairs?
    2) What is the most common way the mechanics charge their hours by Chilton's, All Data or Mitchell.?
    ...Any Help advise suggestions PLEASE

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