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  • 03-13-2011, 04:09 PM

    Re: No need for preload for balljoint bolt?


    AFAIK (I did it that way), that is correct. That long bolt requires no preloading (or, putting the car down on its weight and tightening). Will look forward to your writeup (maybe i will snap some pics of that oem rear window shade on mine and see what you think about if I am dismantling it correctly....I feel like, lol, I am going to bust it every time I remove it and am relieved as heck when I don't).

    Good luck w/ everything!
  • 03-12-2011, 10:16 PM

    No need for preload for balljoint bolt?

    I understand that there is a need to preload the control arms' nuts/bolts on the subframe side, but:

    for the long bolt that holds the balljoint: no need to preload before tightening it, correct?

    PS: EuroDavid, if you can wait until after April, then I would have completed the REAR suspension and do a write-up @ that time, either here or bimmerf-est.

  • 03-11-2011, 04:14 PM

    Re: REAR suspension hardware (nuts and botls)


    I am completely re-doing the rear on my 528i this summer, new lowering springs, new shocks, new m5 sway bar, new ball jts, new control arms, new links, etc, etc...also putting lowering springs on front, but everything else is new there). I chickened out and bought all new bolts for most of what I am going to be replacing. Only reason I did this is because of safety issues, or maybe it is more correct to say "perceived-peace-of-mind-safety-issues". What I mean is, when I'm barreling down through Germany doing 200kmph on my way to Kaiserslautern, and I have the family in the car, I want to be damn sure every component under my arse is something I did the work on and/or I replaced it new (and not with the cheap stuff). I've seen too many after visuals of autobahn accidents, or what's left of them, and it changes you & your outlook when DIYing your car.

    To be honest, even though my 528i is a 1996, when I re-did everything on the front end a few years ago, most of the original oem bolts were perfectly fine and could have been re-used if I had chose too. Only thing you might want to consider is to use new nuts on everything, not just on some of the stuff, but on "everything". I was told this by more than a few BMW fanatic gearheads and also by the guys down the street from me who used to race BMWs across Europe.

    If you do your big project before I do mine, let me know how the rear ball jts go. I've fooled with those things once, and I had to go through some gymnastics (using my own home-made tool) to get them things out and off. I'm too cheap to buy the rear ball jt tool, and I have no option for renting one over here. Interested to see what you do and go through. Also, if you have the OEM rear window shade, tell me how you got that thing disconnected before you pulled the seats and rear shelf out (I'll be damned if I still don't struggle with that thing, not knowing if I am removing it correctly or just slowly destroying it).

    Also, if you replace the rear wheel bearings (I am also doing those), I have a homemade tool (Jimlev made one for me and one for him) that will help you get that wheel bearing assembly (drive flange & wheel bearing) back onto the drive splines nice & smooth, with no hammering and/or futile tapping.

    I'll be doing all my work between June and August if all goes according to plan. You're welcome to use that wheel bearing/flange tool after and/or before that.

  • 03-10-2011, 05:37 PM

    Unless the parts I'm replacing come with new (m)

    hardware I usually reuse the old stuff if it is in decent condition.
    If you are concerned you could put a dab of thread-loc on them.
    The only hardware I would replace are ones that are used on rotating assy's in the engine, nuts/bolts for the rods, main bearing caps, etc.
    I've had my driveshaft and 1/2 shafts out 2 or 3 times, used the original nuts/bolts, no problems.
  • 03-10-2011, 12:37 PM

    REAR suspension hardware (nuts and botls)

    I am doing the whole REAR suspension soon (shocks, upper controls arms, guide links, ball joints etc etc).

    The new Lemforder control arms come with new nuts.

    I plan on re-using the bolts.

    What is everyone's opinion on re-using the various bolts in the REAR suspension?

    In the DIY, Bentley people re-used the bolt for the REAR balljoint:

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