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  • 05-06-2007, 09:32 PM

    Re: 645ci SMG feedback...

    Dinan has upgraded software - but the M6 should shift at 150 ms
  • 05-06-2007, 07:57 PM

    M6 shifting speed - obviously you were not in S6

    or S5 or even S4 mode. Any of those would be under 150 ms with S6 approximately 60 ms under hard acceleration. You need some training on an M5 or M6 that has been broke in.
    US '05 645 Coupe, Silver Grey, Chateau, Sport, Logic 7, HUD, Cold Pkg, SIRIUS Sat Radio, Aux, BT w/ snap-in adapter, V1, CIP 21.03 w/MP3 enabled
  • 05-06-2007, 02:31 PM

    Re: 645ci SMG feedback...

    Regarding 2007 M6 Cab.Does anyone know if there is a company out there or software that can decrease the amount of time it takes for the SMG to shift.I am interested in buying an M6 Cab and I drove one with SMG yesterday and I was extreamly dissappointed with the amount of time it takes to shift. Eight tenths of a second is WAY WAY too long.I was expecting it to shift like the Lambo's or Ferrari F430 and It couldn't have been worse.The others cars shift in 2 tenths of a second,that 4 times faster then BMW.I really want the M6 cab but if there is no software kit that can speed it up I will wind up with a CL55 Please HELP ANYONE!!
  • 10-19-2004, 01:14 AM

    Re: 645ci SMG feedback...

    We've had our 645ci SMG since June. It's something you have to get a feel for and IMHO it's no better/worse in manual mode than any other 5- or 6-speed I've ever driven or owned. You have to get the feel for how much or little to ease off the gas in the shift. I'd agree with others that Sport Mode is snappier and more responsive, but after this time I have no quibbles with SMG. You just have to DRIVE the thing, and not let it drive you.

    Auto mode requires more learning about what your car does. Normal Auto mode can feel "laggy" in lower ranges if you don't have the feel for when to ease off, but once you get it it's pretty decent. Sport is actually pretty good at lower ranges. In all cases from 3 to 6 it's very good.

    Final analysis; I like the SMG a lot, and it's really nice to have the flexibility of an Auto mode when you just can't be as focused on your driving as you'd ideally like to be. (not that you should ever be in that position but well, sometimes that's life). We have an auto in our 5 and while it's very very good I wouldn't want it in the 6. And I wasn't really crazy about the responsiveness of the 6spd clutch anyway (in these forums apparently some users have modified the clutch).

    Oh and SMG's downshifts (double-clutching automatically) are SUPERB.
  • 10-14-2004, 10:47 AM

    Z4 SMG with 28K km.

    First of all, yes the SMG can be jerky! And it can be slow in normal mode.
    But! No more clutching with your foot, a real relief in city traffic! In Sport mode, there is none of the lazy feeling you can have with the Step.

    I have used all the modes:
    1. Normal manual. (30% of time) To let the car (and me) warm up. If I am on the Motorway before the engine is really warm, I tend to let in normal mode. When I am in normal traffic with little need or possibility to overtake, I let it in normal too.

    2. Sport manual. (60%) For more active driving, overtaking. Nice and instant gearchanges here. Perfect! Switch back to normal when you get stuck in heavy stop and go traffic.

    3. Normal Auto. (9-10%) When you are sick of the constant gearchanging in heavy traffic. When you get a phonecall in the city. To learn how to drive and change gears economicaly. Also good on the Motorway, driving back home after a day of playing with the car. It uses 6th gear on the Motorway, but when you want to dive in a gap fast, it shifts back to 5th or 4th. It's no good for normal driving though, because it can change gear unwanted, like from 4th to 5th just when you wanted to get ready to brake or slow down for a situation.

    4. Sport Auto (<1%) The fastest mode possible. Only if you want to go as fast as possible. Don't try it at 60% throttle. I experienced the speed of this mode in the mithical Dawn Run in Wales last month. You could never be in the right gear ALL the time in these curvy, narrow roads like this mode can. I never drove faster...

    Simply the best gearbox for a dayly drivven Z4. It is a hard car and it can use this hard gearbox.
    For the 6-Series, it depends on how you drive. The 6 has a better ride than the Z4, so it will attrackt different clientele than the Z4. Always test the combination before signing the order...

    "I travel not to go anywhere, but to go.
    I travel for travel's sake: the great affair is to move." (Stevenson 1850-1894)

    3.0 SMG Sterling/Black/Black/107/Xenon/Nav/Handy:Bluetooth Nokia 6310i
    Big foam removed for extra horny sound...
    I love my SMG! But maybe it's not for everybody...yet.

  • 10-14-2004, 09:15 AM

    Re: 645ci SMG feedback...

    Dunno if your name means you've got an M3 but the 645's SMG is nothing like as good as the M3's and I got sick of the SMG on my M3. Additionally the 645's V8 is better suited to an Auto box and the new six speed one they fit to the 645 is sweet. I'm very glad I didn't go for SMG and went for the Auto/Step box.

    My advice.. Test drive an SMG 5 series or Z4 if you can, then try an Auto on the V8 4.5 engine.
  • 10-13-2004, 09:05 PM

    Lots of comments available

    Try SEARCHing on the SMG discussions in the archive - here and in the E60 forum (lots of E60 owners, and a lot of comments on the hardware and software that we largely share with the 5 series platform).

    I feel that the SMG shifts well in Sport mode, but I'm a new 645Ci SMG owner and am learning how to use it.

    MY2004 645Ci Mystic Blue and CreamBeige
  • 10-13-2004, 09:59 AM

    I agree with most of D's comments. I have about 5k

    miles on my SMG but I do drive in auto non-sport mode mainly becuase of my short 10 minute commute. I seem to spend as much as 35-40 minutes waiting in traffic now and that is another reason for me to use auto non-sport. I enjoy the shifting of the sport mode more overall but seems to waste more gas etc while in traffic and hanging on at lower gears in town. I DO enjoy the SMG for playing when I get out and about and simply want to play but if you want a true automatic, go for the steptronic. Go for the SMG if you want to keep the "FUN" option available.
  • 10-13-2004, 09:52 AM

    I have 7,000 miles on my April deliv SMG 645

    but don't like it . I would not say it is jerky, primarily because BMW has dumbed down the shift program to eliminate the jekiness. The tradeoff is that shifts in std manual mode are lazy and slow. Sport mode manual shifting is better, but can be a little jerky if proper throttle lift technique isn't used - and it takes a while to figure it out as it is not the same as a manual. I never, ever use the automatic D mode.

    My advice is to purchase either the Step or the manual and pass on the SMG. This all said, I dislike it less than I did when I first got the car, so maybe in say, oh, 187,000 miles I might find it okay.

  • 10-13-2004, 09:33 AM

    645ci SMG feedback...

    Can someone with extensive SMG use shed some light to the press claims that the SMG is jerky? How does it drive in auto/manual? I am a 6speed guy and thinking of ordering an SMG for the fun and also to deal with traffic. Any input is appreciated. Thanks!

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