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  • 10-19-2004, 08:20 PM
    Mark B


  • 10-19-2004, 06:42 PM

    Bertha, I like that Mark! ...

    One of our local radio stations has "The Dead Zone" Sunday nights, 9-10p.m, this past week were live tunes from 1971, Fillmore East..Bertha was one of them. At one time I had almost 30 Dead albums., still listen to them regularly. Well, the 2000cs will run very nice with the rebuilt motor, man, the '69 2000 runs very nice since the motor rebuild. Good hearing from ya,

    '69 2000
  • 10-19-2004, 06:30 PM
    Mark B

    Ahh, the CS is under wraps for the Winter

    I just washed and waxed it and covered it up with tarps outside. I have a one car garage with the 2000 CS, '67 Austin Healey 3000, and a '99 M3 cabriolet vying for space. They can't all fit in there!

    Here's my plan:
    Finish up the suspension work on the Healey, install carpet and sell in the spring.
    Start working on the CS with the goal of finishing by July which will be 3 years from the last time I drove it! Over the Winter I plan to finish putting the engine together.
    Continue to raise my four month old and four year old boys and placate my wonderful wife for car time to do the above. Bold plan!

    I did just finish saying goodbye to my 13 year ownership of Bertha, my '74 2002...I had to let go of two Grateful Dead stickers on that car!
  • 10-19-2004, 06:19 PM
    Mark B

    What size horns do you have for your webbers?

    My horns are about 3 inches long overall if I remember. I have looked long and hard for a good solution. What is needed is some rubber fitting to go over the lip of the airhorn so that the stock aircleaner bellows can clamp to it. I finally settled on some filters from pierce manifolds. See link. About 1/3 way down you'll see the pod filters. I'm actually going to stuff the filter into the bellows which will mount around the rubber end. We'll see how it works....I gather that your horns are too short. One possibility is to try to adapt the Solex horns, but as I recall it didn't seem too intuitve.
    I also understand the desire to stay away from an electric fuel pump. The Bavaria one sounds interesting.

  • 10-19-2004, 07:10 AM

    Neil, if it has the extension pieces on both ends.

    with a threaded hole let me know, I'd be interested ( maybe send a photo if you can ). That's the type of rear center bumper section I have on my 2000. There is a protrusion at each end, with a threaded hole for a bolt. Well, I can understand about the electric fuel pump. I bought a 2002 many years ago, a 1971, and the prior owner put an electric fuel pump on it, mounted in the trunk; I would have stayed with the mechanical, myself, the car still had the one barrel Solex on it, don't get why he put in an electric fuel pump. Well, something has to work then if you stay with the mechanical, maybe Carl also has the Bavaria type,

  • 10-18-2004, 06:47 PM

    Tim, still looking for a rear bumper section?

    I just bought a brandy new one on German eBay. Let me know if you are interested.
  • 10-18-2004, 06:44 PM

    Not so keen on the electric fuel pump...

    First, I hate to wire stuff.

    Second, It runs as long as the key is on, even in a crash.

    Third, They're loud and buzzy. I have a Facet solid state low-pressure pump, but in no hurry to install it.

    My old Tisa ran on it's mechanical pump for as long has I had it and the mighty ti runs fine on it's rebuilt pump, except it won't clear the dcoe's! I think my brother has an NOS pump I can use, maybe or maybe not.

    I definitely want to use the TI airbox with the webers. I am pondering how to make up the difference between the dcoe horns and the ti boots. The tisa had some rubber spacers that sealed the gap nicely but having trouble figuring out how to do this cleanly on the mighty ti. Suggestions, anyone?
  • 10-18-2004, 06:35 PM

    Mark, now that sounds familiar..the Malpassi

    Filter King. I remember my '68 2000ti possibly having this., it was a glass type unit put on by the prior owner. The prior owner of the 2000ti I had at one time was Hondo Layes, he's on the Neue Range Register and has been into NK's for a very long time, has a couple NK cars. I called Hondo after I bought the car, from a guy in W. Virginia and we talked about 1800ti's and 2000ti's for a bit, Hondo is in Olympia, Washington. He's a very nice guy and is a regular customer of Carl Nelson. The 2000ti I once owned had the ITG filter unit., Hondo did a very nice job with the car, recent rebuilt cylinder head also, very quick/responsive car with the DCOE 40's; she'll come together for you Neil. Mark, what's the latest with the 2000CS?

    '69 2000
  • 10-18-2004, 05:37 PM
    Mark B

    I agree Timmer electric fuel pump

    Congrats on going for the webbers. I would second the electric fuel pump. My 2000 CS came with an electric fuel pump, and I have previously had a ti setup on my 2002 with the electric fuel pump. By the way, I swapped out the solex carbs for a set of 45 DCOE's I had from the previous 2002 ti setup. The car ran fine, so hang in there. You definitely need to have a pump that only produces ~3 pounds of pressure, or put in a pressure regulator.

    I found a sweet period looking pressure regulator/fuel filter called the "Malpassi Filter King". It is the inverted glass jar type with replaceable filter, and adjusts the fuel pressure. It was original equipment for Maseratis. They are ~$50 they sometimes pop up on ebay.

    Good luck getting those webbers tuned up. Are you going to try to run the original air filter?

    Mark Buggy
  • 10-17-2004, 07:15 PM

    Neil, maybe electric fuel pump after all..

    my '68 2000ti ran very smooth with the electric fuel pump the prior owner put in. I don't know what manufacturer it was but it was actually mounted in the engine bay, driver side. I had a 2002 with an electric fuel pump and that was mounted in the trunk. I do remember reading a post though one time from Andrey, he mentioned if staying with a mechanical fuel pump with sidedrafts that the one used on the Bavaria type BMW's was the way to go.

  • 10-17-2004, 07:09 PM


  • 10-17-2004, 10:14 AM

    Thanks for the encouragement!

  • 10-17-2004, 09:47 AM

    I had 40DCOE'S on my '68 2000ti...

    they were on the car when I bought it, drove very nice on the 7 hour drive back home. The prior owner did put in an electric fuel pump though but how about the Bavaria type mechanical fuel pump Neil? I hear that with sidedrafts on a 2002, that the Bavaria fuel pump is the ticket, maybe the same with NK cars (?). Well, I'm sure you'll be up and runnin' soon. I've had the '69 2000 in the garage the past 2 weeks, been driving the newly acquired '93 Toyota Corolla around. I know, boring car and it doesn't have that nice big wood steering wheel and the feel of an NK bimmer! I'll get her out this week though; been a cool wet weekend, only in the low 40's and drizzly so far today but getting nicer this week.

  • 10-16-2004, 08:13 PM

    I amaze myself!

    I put off installing a pair of 40 dcoe's because I worried that I would never get the mighty ti running again and it would just sit in my driveway and mock me all winter.

    Finally pulled off the old solex 40phh's and screwed on the dcoe's I have been hoarding. Found a guy in belgium that had a set of proper linkage arms, same as the tisa style. Bought some adjustable push rods from Pierce manifolds and now have a nice, clean throttle linkage.

    The original fuel pump wouldn't clear the weber's, so I turned the top section 180 degrees and screwed it back together. Now have hoses going everywhere but delivering fuel.

    I pulled coil wire and cranked the motor a bit to get the fuel up. Plugged the wire back in and hoped for the best. Cranked a while, nothing. Cranked some, still nothing. Having visions of self telling wife car broken, must send to specialist. Stomp on gas pedal, crank more, continued nothing.

    Then.. a hiccup. More frantic stomping on pedal and cranking. More hiccuping, than actual nearly running, more stomping and cranking... AND IT'S RUNNING. It's very chuggy and shaking all over but I can get out of the seat and look in the engine compartment. Still running!

    Twist the idle set screws, pull on the linkage, still chuggy but STILL RUNNING! I notice white smoke out the tailpipe, not good, I'm thinking and shut the car off.

    Seems like I might get it out of the driveway yet!

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