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  • 11-22-2004, 04:57 PM

    Re: Your shaved E3

    The place I found the rear light was, I don't know if they specialize in imports but I know they have the majority of a 73 bav there. It is in NC though so I wouldn't figure on finding a rust free body or anything.

    Usually I just go the the normal o2 yards, for other bmw part. Bavarian auto sport ( used to keep some old stuff lying around, though you need to ask, and I don't think 2002ad can halp but have somthing.

    Another site I kinda like is they put some sort of apb out on the part you'r looking for and in the case of that tail light I got 4 responces. The palo alta place had the best price.
  • 11-21-2004, 11:46 PM

    Re: Your shaved E3

    Hi Stapler .... Ihave a 73 Bav ...LUV it...where are those junkyards ??? Im in LA.....There are some in sunvalley but where??I know it is hard to get parts Andy
  • 11-11-2004, 06:42 PM

    Re: Your shaved E3

    I havn't drivin it around the street much annoying people yet, as I am slightly embarrased of the pos that hangs off the back of it.

    Before I take it off my friend wants to see how far we can shoot a pumpkin out of it. So i'm in the market for a good muffler too.

    Thank you everybody for the replies. I will look into joining the real e3 club later this wee. It looks as though i'll be making my own trunk... thingy out of metal, and I did manage to locate 4 door handles and a rear taillight for a good price at junk yards.
  • 11-10-2004, 11:07 PM

    Re: Your shaved E3

    Just wondering how many people you tick off because you don't have any front turn signals, at least none I can see in the picture?

    Even if you do find a cardboard cover for the rear trunk panel, you might have issues with the trunk light switch because it is not pushing in far enough. Often an additional "button" of some kind is needed due to flex in the panel.

  • 11-09-2004, 08:44 PM

    You have not joined the club

    Until you have joined the club... Go to and join the Senior Six mailing list, the home of Bavaria misery and the company it loves.
  • 11-09-2004, 12:33 PM
    Dave Beddows

    Re: Trunk Light

    There is a pressboard rear panel that is held across the back by a bunch of phillips screws. Good luck finding a good used one. Usually they are trashed in junk yards. Once they get soaked they become soft. Last time I checked they were still available new but I bet the price is high now.

    If you want the luxury of a trunk light you can fab something for the switch to hit or perhaps look at replacing the switch with a mercury switch that comes on when the trunk tilts open.

    Have fun! Sounds like you have your work cut out for you literally.

    Perhaps it is time to look for a cheap parts car.
  • 11-09-2004, 01:00 AM

    I think i just joined the club

    Rambling (scroll down if rambling isn't your style)

    Hi, I have been working non stop on my 02's since what seems to be the beggining of time (i'm only 21 so thats a relative date). Anywho just as i'm begining to see light at the end of the rusty tunnel. I fell in love, or into some sort of affair with this e3.

    It is pretty heavilly modified, not all good work either. One of the p.o's shaved everything with the liberal use of bondo. Now i have nothing against the stuff, but if its not done right it starts to pop off. This is precisely what it's doing.

    The good thing about it is it has a 3.5 litter from a 85 535i, which motivates the car fairly well, okay, very well. It is lowered within an inch of its' like which kinda looks neat, but I have a feeling the tire are gonna wear verry rapidly. Also the interior is fairly well sorted with some honda seats and new apolstry, though, It looks like it was done by the same guy who did the paint.

    The actual questions. (I still tend to ramble)

    Anywho Top upon my list of things to do is to put new or used door handles on. The electric actuator thing is just about the most anoying thing to try and work around. I was wondering if sombody could inform me as to wether the door handles are all the same, differ from door to door, or differ from side to side.

    My trunk light switch doesnt go anywhere near the sheet metal when closed, so I had to take the light out to keep the battery from draining. Is there a bump stop or a shim that is supposed to go under the switch?

    I have looked at the usuall o2 parts sorces, and found that not nearly as many baveria parts are still bing produced. Is it a safe bet that my best luck will be found at salvage yards such as la jolla independant, and double o2 salvage? I'm not that interested in NOS as it is usually a little more expensive, and this car isn't quite that calliber.

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