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  • 02-13-2008, 10:56 PM

    Re: Installing the S38 into E28 535is

  • 02-12-2008, 12:50 PM

    Re: Installing the S38 into E28 535is


  • 02-12-2008, 12:44 PM

    Re: Installing the S38 into E28 535is

    I've done it before!! all brackets r the same.
    U have to gettta complete S38B35(including ECU & MAF), connecting + for the red thick wire nearby the ECU,and some modification on the radiator hoses.
    If u have a S3.07 diff,overdrive gearbox (fifth 1:0.81),after 6 hours of installing ,u'll get:
    First gear: ~ 72 km/h
    2nd: ~ 120 km/h
    3rd: ~ 190 km/h

    Have a nice job
  • 11-01-2007, 08:18 AM

    agreed -- think turbo

    There is a lot of bang for the buck there. I love the S38b35, but it is irrational...almost any way I look at the spread sheets I see that I have spent a bunch of money on this. Be prepared to having to do all of your own work on an S38b35.
  • 10-07-2007, 11:23 PM

    Isn't there a better/cheaper option?

    Maybe a S52/S54? Those engines are absolute bargains compared to a S38. Stock, they don't have quite the power/torque of a S38, but upgraded software & a set of headers will put it fairly close.

    All I know, the parts cost for my M88 timing chain were about $1800-1900 (plus the Frank Fahey hardened crank hub). A S38 rebuild will run a minimum of $12K.

    If the M30 is still in good shape, the best option is probably a turbo.

    85 M635CSi
    86 657CSi
    88 M3
  • 10-06-2007, 11:21 AM

    Re: Installing the S38 into E28 535is

    Hi Rick.., the swap is straight forward and has been done many many time. Although I don't think you'll find anyone here who has done this.., need to go to the non M5 section of roadfly, or better yet There's several on that board who have done the swap.

    Regarding engines.., I saw a parts car on email, owned by Bavarian Auto Exchange.., they might want to sell the engine to you, Also, ck with TCD from the other board.., he's got leads s38 engines. Lasly, If I were you I'd put in the 3.6 liter engine. It will fit as easily as the 3.5 liter engine but you'll get more power and some engine management refinements not available on the 3.5 electronics. Or.., put in a 3.5 and go with a MAF conversion and dump the Motronic altogether. Look for a write up from Scottie Sharp regarding the Miller MAF conversion for E28 M5s.

  • 10-04-2007, 01:57 AM

    Installing the S38 into E28 535is

    Seeking commments about putting the M5 motor into a 535is. Also not in a hurry but does anyone have leads on purchasing such a motor complete with everything necessary to swap?

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