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  • 12-09-2008, 11:18 PM

    Re: X5 4.8 vs 650 Convertibile - Need help Please!

    I LOVE the 650i conv. I just bought it myself. I have 2900 miles on it and i am still figuring out all the gadgets. BUT.....i have had probably the same number of different issues as you have had with the x5.....he is a copy of the post i just made....

    So i just bought the new 2008 650i convertable and has about 2600 miles on it. I was driving home one day on the highway doing about 80. I feel the car start to slow down and i lightly press the gas....nothing.....then put the pedal all the way to the floor and still nothing.....i pull over turn off the car and restart it and it works fine. It happened about 5 other times before finally the car started to buck. Had it towed in for serve they claim it was a faulty wire harness which was sending extra voltage thru the wires and causing the computer to lose its "mind". After having the car 3 weeks they finally told me it was fixed. The next weekend i am driving again and sure as hell it happens again. This time it only happened once. So back to BMW service and they say they did a full diagnoses on the car and everything came back normal and they test drove it (who wouldn't want to drive the 650i conv even at 16 degrees outside) and they couldn't replicate the problem. Anyone have any similar problems with the 650 or any other BMW???

    If it happens again i am going to drive the carup the dealers butt and demand a replacement. How did you get them to offer you a trade in? Did they offer it as an exchange like you would return clothes to the GAP, full credit for the price you paid less the price of the 650?
  • 12-09-2008, 09:07 PM

    Re: X5 4.8 vs 650 Convertibile - Need help Please!

    Looks like you have already received some good responses to your question but I'll chime in as my wife has an 07 X5 4.8 and I have an 07 650 Convertible.

    Let me start by saying I absolutely love both cars for different reasons and I drive both on a daily basis.

    1) Impressions of the 650 - I think it is a stunning car. I have two M3's in the past and a 330 convertible and I have to say this car in my opinion is much more enjoyable and an all around driving machine in regards to comfort, luxury, and power than my previous BMWs. It does feel like a heavy car, in comparison to the M3, Porsche, etc. but it is way more comfortable and has plently of power with the V8 engine. Great touring car for the open road with some twisties.

    2) Winter performance - Unfortunately I can't answer your winter question as I'm in Southern, CA and we do not experience much winter here.

    3) Top down impression - I keep my top down constantly. As someone else stated, the wind screen is a necessity. With the wind screen up, even with the windows down I do not experience much wind inside the car at all until I get around 50 MPH. Then I simply put the windows up and at 80MPH still practically no wind inside the car at all. I've had the top down in 40 degree weather with the heater on and the heated seats and have been comfortable.

    4) Anything else worth noting - I think you will be happy with your decision assuming winter performance is decent and it sounds like it is based upon the other responses you received. I'm just leasing my car (it has been a year and half almost), but at this point I would not hesitate to lease another one or buy my car out at the end of the lease. I smile every time I get into the car.

    Of note...I also love our X5. I haven't had any issues and as far as SUVs go it drives like a sports car. Tight steering, good acceleration out of the 4.8, and great interior. Crappy gas mileage but that's too be expected from a heavy SUV with a V8.

    Good luck with your decision.Current:
    '07 BMW X5 - Titanium Silver / Gray
    '07 BMW 650 Convertible - Black / Black

    1999 M3
    2003 M3
    2006 330 Convertible
  • 12-01-2008, 02:07 AM

    Re: X5 4.8 vs 650 Convertibile - Need help Please!

    Also, the wind screen is a can't-live-without accessory. With it and the windows up and the seat heaters on and temp up, you can drive comfortably in temps down to the low 40's.
  • 06-25-2008, 08:07 AM

    Re: X5 4.8 vs 650 Convertibile - Need help Please!

    I also have the MY2006 - 650i Convertible and live in the NYC area. The car is great. I've driven it during the mild winter conditions that we have had in NY and never had any problems with the OEM Bridgestone Potenza run flats. One thing to keep in mind is that the run flats do not last as much as other tires. My car now has 39,000 miles and I had to replace both rear tires. The tires were so worn out in the inside edge that I actually felt the steel belts. Luckily, I noticed this before a return trip back to NYC from Toronto. I ended replacing both tires in Toronto and it was pretty pricey. Aside from this, I never had any electrical, engine related or otherwise any issues to report. I highly recommend it. I also modified this car greatly by using the Dinan S-Series kit which gives an additional 40HP over the stock 360HP. In addition, I've also added an exhaust upgrade that really brings out the beast in this car. Good luck and may you choose wisely!!!!!
  • 06-21-2008, 08:21 AM

    Re: X5 4.8 vs 650 Convertibile - Need help Please!

    I had a major issue with the DME unit that needed to be replaced - part had to come from Germany. It's a command module that essentially controls the car's functions. Also had AWD issues, oil sensor, to name a few.

    Thanks for the feedback.
  • 06-20-2008, 08:21 PM

    Re: X5 4.8 vs 650 Convertibile - Need help Please!

    And if you are like my wife the cabrio becomes a pickup truck - she can put ANYTHING into our vert. 6er verts are pretty quiet top up or down (I am in a coupe however - our vert is an Audi) so my input is just from riding in friends 6er verts.

    Yes, you will need snow tires. But that should be adequate but for teh most extreme situations. Some are afraid and park'em but many others use daily in NE and midwest.

    650 implies new or at least MY06 or newer. Should be rock solid with no lingering issues. Drive trains of 550 and 650 are identical (except rear end gear ratio) so there are alot out there and I do not see many issues. I have to assume your X5 issue is not the engine or tranny. But even if it was it couls just be that is a lemon but those items have been excellent overall in general.
    US '05 645 Coupe|Silver Grey|Chateau|Sport|Logic 7|HUD|Cold Pkg|SAT|AUX|BT w/ snap-in adapter|MP3|V1|CIP 25.02
  • 06-20-2008, 08:10 PM

    Re: X5 4.8 vs 650 Convertibile - Need help Please!

    What issue did you have with the X-5 as they have the same engine 4.8? So far I love my 650 also fully loaded. Has many technology gadgets that most people that are not technical care for. I do use them though. Very responsive car. Perfect blend of sport and luxury.

    2008 BMW 135I Alpine White Coupe: Black Leatherette, dark birch wood trim, Sport Package, Automatic w/ paddle shifters, Navigation, Heated Seats, and USB iPod adapter.
    2008 BMW 650I Alpine White Cabrio: Saddle Brown Pearl Leather, Maple Wood Trim, Sport, Cold, Premium Sound Package, HUD, Night Vision, Active Cruise Control, Active Stearing, Lane Departure Warning, and High Beam Assist.

  • 06-20-2008, 08:01 AM

    X5 4.8 vs 650 Convertibile - Need help Please!

    I'll try to be brief. I'm a 25 year BMW driver - I've had every car......for the past 10 years I've been driving 3 different 7s. Three months ago I purchased a fully loaded X5 4.8 - I live in snow country in New England and ski in the winters - plus my kids are very active in sports. So I thought it was time to go SUV and all-wheel drive. I love the car, but it is basically a lemon. It's been in the shop 3 times with the same issue for a total of 3 weeks. The last trip in was for two straight weeks. I won't bore you with all the details.

    When I finally got the car back I spotted a fully load black 650 convertible - I was taken back to say the lease. The car was beautiful. My dealer is offering to switch me out of the X5 and into this car. I'm very tempted to do the deal. Just wanted get some feedback on this from anyone on the board, specifically:

    1 - Your impressions on this car?
    2- How's it in the winter time - I'm guessing I'll need snow tires?
    3- What's the ride like with the top down? Is it noisy?
    4 - Anything else worth noting?

    Thanks in advance!!!!!

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