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  • 08-07-2009, 09:46 AM

    Re: Used Z4 buying dilemma: '03 v. '04 v. 2.5 v. 3

    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for the responses. I ended up buying a s.5, since I couldn't find a 3 with low enough miles to fit into my tiny budget. It's gorgeous (wine with beige interior), but you are right, it is in dire need of a 6th gear, I don't mind the relative lack of bells & whistles (I have the premium package), less things to replace. But otherwise, its a ball to drive.

    Long term, I'm on the fence. Although its a beautiful car, I may keep my eye out & upgrade to a 3 should one become available. The gas mileage & noise at speed are a bit annoying. Thanks again for your help. Jen
  • 08-06-2009, 11:06 AM

    Re: Used Z4 buying dilemma: '03 v. '04 v. 2.5 v. 3.0??

    Our 2003 3.0 has been trouble free so far, only 40,000 miles.

    My main reason for choosing the 3.0 over the 2.5 was the torque. The larger motor makes more torque at 2000 rpm than the smaller one does at its peak. This means that you always have accelleration available.

    It's also more relaxed at highway speeds with the overdrive 6th gear and the taller final drive ratio.

    One thing that I've found is that car purchases are 90% emotional and 10% logical (if that). Pick the one you fall in love with!

    Bill2003 3.0 6spd perf prem xenon
  • 08-05-2009, 12:28 PM

    Re: Used Z4 buying dilemma: '03 v. '04 v. 2.5 v. 3

    i remember a white 2004 2.5i going for $16k in houston.

    i drive the 2004 2.5i sport with a five speed; all year round; in philly. it will be five years old this month with 64k miles. sure, there were problems, mostly electrical, and they were all addressed during the warrantee program. i guess if you only drive a few miles annually then problems will not show up. but this machine has taken its lumps/abuse, and i am amazed at how strong it still feels.
    never driven the 3.0i, but i know those models come with more options as standard at the higher price tag. i think the difference is [email protected] or 15hp more at 3000? the 2005 models came with more stuff for the same price (plus a dipstick.) my only regret is not getting the six speed tranny w/overdrive. at first i couldn't figure out how the bigger engine got better fuel economy than the smaller one!?!
    at 70k i am ready to replace the cooling system's radi, thermo, water pump, hoses and belts.
    still gambling on the original battery.
  • 08-04-2009, 05:29 PM

    Used Z4 buying dilemma: '03 v. '04 v. 2.5 v. 3.0??


    I'm interested in purchasing a used Z4 in the very near future. I've test driven the '03 z4 3.0 manual and LOVED it. Grew up with cars, am an aggressive driver, will be used as 3 season vehicle for both city & country driving here in New England, want a manual.

    Since a new winter car is, unfortunately, also on my plate in the near future, my price range is pretty limited ($14k to $18k) for my summer fun. I'm looking mostly single owner, private party, to get the most bang for my buck. Challenge is, I don't know which car I should be my first choice.

    My budget leans towards a 2003. However, I've read (somewhere) that the 2004s have fewer issues. Is this true? And, I love the feeling of the 3.0, but my budget would require a higher mileage model...and I'm concerned about a higher mileage car's dreaded 'midlife crisis' at 60k to 80k.

    Any thoughts, from a mechanical perspective, which is the 'sounder' of these car options? And is the lesser engine really that noticeable if you're not racing?

    Thanks in advance...

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