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  • 08-27-2010, 11:15 AM

    Re: MP3 - Capability -

    Obviously your asking since you have an early build MY06 or a MY04/05. Otherwise it came standard in late MY06 and later models. For those early builds it is a SIMPLE upgrade. By simple I mean it is a standard software upgrade that requires the dealer to indicate a "retrofit" for MP3. No hardware is involved. Some dealers, however, are certainly aware through bad expereinces that sometimes one of the modules getting upgraded (eeprom or eprom) may fail in the process. If you are out of warranty or not getting the software upgrade as part of a known defect that is fixed by getting a "free" upgrade, then yes, you would be asked to pay for the modula replacement. In that sense, yes, there is risk. I have no way of knowing the failure rate, other than saying by in reviewing the antedotal experience of the E60 (5 series has same exact electronics) and E63/54 (6 series) forums around the world I have seem perhaps less than 2-5 persent reported module failures.

    My MP3 retrofit went well when I did it in March 2006. BUT and this could be a big BUT, I had a bad iDrive display and CCC cooling fan replaced just in February 06 so that may have replaced the CCC that is listed as "unstable" in the service bulletin I reference below.

    The actual first instance of the retrofit came with version 20.00.00 released in December of 2005. In the bulletin (65 18 05) for this release it did include this statement: "The stability of earlier CCC (Car Communication Computer) software did not allow for proper MP3 functionality." so I am sure this is what your dealer is hedging his bet on. All software since continues to have the same upgrade capability. I doubt that a BMW independant service would have the software upgrade hardware and software but they could. But your risk is the same. These CCC and labor are not cheap so you have to consider the risk.
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  • 08-26-2010, 04:23 PM

    MP3 - Capability -

    Hi Forum

    I understand that MP3 capability is available on teh E63/E64 cars, with the use of the centre CD player - however i also understand it may be a Software Update.

    If this is the case, How do I go about getting this update - now before I get blasted by stating that I should take it to the dealers - I have tried, and they told me that it is a very risky process, and I would have to sign a disclaimer that if in the process it fails, then BMW would not be held liable for any damage.

    Now I am sure that I am not the first or the last asking such a question.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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