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  • 10-16-2010, 01:59 AM

    Re: My 2 cents

    Learn about the M20 its basically the m10. Build one. 84-86 325e block (2.7) use a 88 325i head (2.5). but a 323i euro e21 front engine cradle. Build the m20 with a cam ect. nice pistons. The m20 will fit perfectly without any crazy mods. It will bolt up to the getrag 5 speed 245 or 265 series. Get a 3.91 pozi from 320is. you will be blowing the doors off of a turbo 320i. Naturally. Mild build 170hp easy up to 190ish with good headers. Have fun!

  • 09-10-2010, 11:25 PM

    My 2 cents

    Reliability.....M10 Mine has over 300k on it, have a 125k spare sitting in garage, but it isnt fast as a 6 cyl. I personally had a coupla 6s timing belt break....bent rods, fried everything, cost me way over a grand for rebuild.....I dont care what anyone says....if you sense something wrong in the engine on the highway..shut it down immideately. Bull, once the timing belt breaks, by the time you reach for the key to turn it off, it is junk. a lot of dollars later, all was I am anti belt drive, pro chain drive.
    I really dont know how these higher milage engines hold up if you introduce a turbo to it, alot of tinkering and "dialing in" is not my cup of tea. If I want speed, I would buy back my 88 635csi, or buy an early 325 the year they went to chain drive.
    Dont mean to pop a bubble, but unless you are an exceptional BMW mechanic, as I am not..............I wouldnt have the time or $$ to get it right as I am a perfectionist. Dont enjoy keeping my fingers crossed, nor enjoy something I am always worring about.
  • 09-06-2010, 04:00 PM

    Which to go with, need m10 help

    ok heres the issue. I currently own a 1984 318i, automatic, and an extra M10. I also own a 1989 325i manual with rotted shell and m20 with low compression..

    Choice A
    keep m10 with 220,000km in 318i, buy 5 speed swap for $450 and turbo. I already have turbo manifold, 2 ihi turbos and intercooler, parts i have just collected over time.

    Choice B
    Keep 318i, swap in the 5 speed from the 1989 325i and buy an m20 with approx. 200,000km for sale for $200, which doesn't have wiring harness, but i would be able to use the one from the m20 i already have.

    Which engine is more reliable? What would you do and why? I also have H&R sport springs and bilstein sport shocks installed on the 318i which have about 500km on them, so if i swap in the m20 they would need to be what i use because i cant afford to buy new suspension again. This is a huge choice for me, and whatever i decide to do i want to get on with it soon.
    I am posting a poll with the options above, keep m10, turbo and get 5 speed or swap in m20 and use parts from 325i I already have.
    This is taking forever to decide, i just know either one will be a lot of work and i want to make sure i pick the most logical and best in the long run decision.
    cheers guys, please help me out.

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