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  • 12-03-2010, 04:31 PM

    Fair comments but England now has proper winters

    IMHO, got it!

    You are right about the deterioration yes and for a couple months of slight winter, not worth it. However, in UK we have been getting colder every year recently. Most of UK hasn't seen above zero in quite a while already. Was less than -20 the other day. It is snowing sooo much here, even if you can get around your town, any moderate distance and you'll be in snow.

    Depends on your life, I walk to work...I won't get winter tyres. Unless global warming starts to hurry up over here though we will need to prepare our cars better because as you probably know, public transport in England isn't very good in Summer, let alone winter!

    Interesting to hear of your view and thoughts from the Netherlands though, thanks.

  • 12-01-2010, 03:30 PM

    Well, kind of...

    IMHO is just another online acronym: In My Humble Opinion ;-)

    Winter tires do work and do make sense in areas where snow is plenty and temperatures are below 0C most of the winter time. E.g. in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, The Alps etc etc. There is a reason that winter tires are becoming mandatory by law in Germany during the winter season.

    In countries with moderate winters that hardly experience real frost and/or snow (like the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Denmark, most of France), it is simply not worth the expense and effort to buy, store, mount and dismount an extra pair of rims and winter tires. And winter tires do age after a few years to such an extent that their grip deteriorates that that of a decent summer tire during winter.

    The marketing guys from most tire manufacturers have found out that there is an untapped source of extra turnover in above mentioned countries by heavily promoting winter tires accompanied with suggestive scary stories. In the Netherlands (where I'm from), this started around 2 years ago: many ads suddenly popping up everywhere convincing people they need winter tires. I don't buy it, having based my opinion on facts that I've found so far regarding the use and benefit of winter tires. But others might/will disagree with me so it is up to each how to decide.

    E39 2002 525iT
  • 11-30-2010, 05:00 PM

    Winter Tyres Do Work!

    IMHO? Not sure what that stands for but none the less, winter tyres do work. I was in the Alps the other day in my summer slippers and had no grip, there were cars of far lesser handling ability flying past at speeds where I definitely would have crashed. Even on cold water I notice grip levels less than normal and winter tyres avoid this. Where are you from Gadjo?
  • 11-30-2010, 09:08 AM

    Re: Winter Tyres from BMW

    IMHO, winter tires are just another rnarketing invention for countries where most often the driving conditions do not justify the use of winter tires. The tire marketing machine started the winter tire scare about two years ago here in the Nethrlands. I guess the UK is another country where extra money can be made on this.

  • 11-26-2010, 06:42 PM

    Winter Tyres from BMW

    Hello All,

    I read in the last copy of BMW magazine that BMW are doing winter tyres for the first time in UK (last winter has scared us all!). They are a bit more expensive and people usually get a whole new set of alloys with the tyres on.

    Does anyone know the best place to get these from. Is it not cheaper to buy a set from USA and import them over? Any info on winter tyres would be appreciated.

    I realise that they are not just better on snow/ice but work in the dry and wet better from 7 degrees centigrade or lower (according to BMW magazine). They have more waste heat which warms them up in the cold so they are sticky and not brittle...I do find this kind of thing interesting!


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